18 uses of brown kraft paper bags

After shopping in the supermarket, many people will take home goods in paper bags. Most people will reuse these paper bags in accordance with the principle of environmental protection. So what are the uses of paper bags in daily life?

Kraft paper bags are strong and durable and are generally used to take out and hold food. After using it, we can reuse the used paper bags many times.

What are the uses of Kraft paper bags?

1. It can ripen fruit quickly.

Put the unripe fruit in a Kraft paper bag and seal it for 1-2 days, and you will find that the fruit is ripe.

You can put bananas, tomatoes, pears, peaches, avocados and other fruits in the brown kraft paper bags to help them ripen.

The principle is that the fruit releases ethylene gas in the paper bag, which ripens the fruit inside the paper bag.

2.Clean the window.

Tear open the paper bag and tie it into a bundle to wipe the mirror, glass window, or glass door. It will be very clean. Kraft paper dipped in white vinegar to wipe the glass, the effect will be better.

3.Used to hold rubbish to be recycled.

(1) Collect recyclable garbage: at that time, just lift the paper bag into the waste recycling bin and put it in it.

(2) Collect compostable waste: take it directly to the compost pile.

4. Gift wrapping:

Cut the paper bag, put the gift on top, then wrap the gift, and then tie the decorative rope. Gifts wrapped in Kraft paper will look simple and beautiful.

5. To use as a filling material:

Break the paper bag with a shredder, which can be used as a filling or packaging material for a gift. It can also be put in the packing box of fragile items as a filler to prevent the product from breaking.

6. Used to make shading curtains:

If the family needs to rest during the day, they can cut open the Kraft paper bag and stick the Kraft paper on the window to keep the light out of the window, which is more conducive to sleep.

7. Make the cover of the book:

Cut open the paper bag, Kraft paper is used to make the cover of the book, which can better protect the books.

8. To season food:

Mix the spices and other seasonings in the paper bag, then put the chicken or beef in the paper bag, so that the food is evenly covered with seasoning, and then cook in the pot.

9. Drain the fried food.

After cooking, the fried food is placed on top of a Kraft paper bag to help remove grease. Suitable for draining fat from bacon or fried chicken.

10. Making popcorn:

Put the corn kernels that have been soaked for 5 minutes in a Kraft paper bag, tighten the mouth of the paper bag and place it upright in the microwave oven. after turning on the switch for 3 minutes, turn off the microwave oven, add melted butter and salt to the paper bag, add seasoning according to your taste, shake well, and you can enjoy the delicious popcorn.

11. Protect plants from frostbite:

In the cold weather in winter, cover the plants with a paper bag at night, the handle of the paper bag is tied to the bottom of the flowerpot, and remove the paper bag when you wake up in the morning.

12. Protect the windshield from snow and ice:

On a cold and icy day, cut the Kraft paper bag and put it on the windshield and take it off the next morning.

13. Make paper bag kites:

Make personalized graffiti on the paper bag, then tie a rope to the top of the bag, when the kite is ready, you can take your children and friends to explore outdoors.

14. Making handicrafts:

Develop children’s brains, doodle on paper bags, make handicrafts, and show creativity.

15. Support boots:

Roll up the paper bag and put it inside the high-top boots to keep the boots upright to prevent deformation.

16. Remove wax stains:

If the candle at home has wax stains on the tablecloth, carpet or wood, cover the wax stains with Kraft paper, and then use the hot air of the hair dryer against the Kraft paper, and the wax stains will reach the Kraft paper soon.

17. Packing flowers:

Cut the paper bag, use it to wrap the flowers, and tie it with ribbon.

18. Make indoor football:

Use paper bags to make indoor safety football. You don’t have to worry about breaking things at home. It’s fun and healthy.


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