Collect it, 50 free tools commonly used by foreign trade people!

If you are an e-commerce seller, you need to promote your products and services to build your own market and stay ahead of your competitors. Although your marketing budget is not very large, fortunately, there are many free marketing tools that small businesses can use, such as the following 50!

Free marketing tools.

1.Portent  (

Portent is a simple free content marketing tool that you can use to come up with unique and shareable ideas for your content marketing. With one click, Portent can generate some compelling content titles for you.

Yoast’s advanced services are not free, but the company does offer some free value-added services, including a free version of the SEO tool. You can use Yoast to optimize your business website as much as possible. From providing SEO software to helping you write description tags, (Meta Description), Yoast will provide you with tools to improve your website.

Chat robot (Chatbot) is a marketing tool that enterprises can not ignore. You can create a Messenger chatbot, and push promotions to customers and run seamlessly with Facebook by using Chattypeople.  With Chattypeople, you can build a Facebook robot without coding.

  • 4.YouTube  (

The demand for video content has grown dramatically in recent years, and if your business is not already active on YouTube, it’s time to put your video marketing content on this very popular video sharing site.

5.Siteliner  (

Look for duplicate content, broken links, etc., to improve the content on your site and your marketing channels.

6.Help a Reporter Out  (

Even if you are not a journalist, you can use “Help a Reporter Out” to get more publicity and promotion. Let your content be quoted by some magazines, newspapers and websites to attract some valuable publicity.

7.Buffer  (

Social media should play an important role in your marketing campaign. You can use Buffer to simplify your social media distribution task, a social media management tool that can help small businesses increase their fans and build their own brands.

8.Facebook Audience Insights  (

Facebook Audience Insights is a good free marketing tool that companies can use to view audience-specific demographic information.

9.Hotjar  (

Understanding the performance of a website is an important part of modern marketing. Hotjar allows you to evaluate the performance of the site and what needs to be improved.

10.Hemingway App  (

The purpose of the Hemingway App is to clean up the content. When you use complex and lengthy sentences, passive voices and unnecessary adverbs, it will analyze your content and display simple color warnings.

11.Pablo by Buffer  (

Pablo by Buffer aims to highlight your content and increase participation by creating eye-catching photos.

12.Screaming Frog  (

Screaming Frog is a website crawling tool that allows enterprises to crawl URLs and collect online factors used to evaluate SEO. Users can download Screaming Frog for free.

13.Scraper  (

You can use the data collection tool Scraper to extract content from the Internet, such as contact information, and export it to an Excel spreadsheet.

14.Followerwonk  (

With Followerwonk, you can dig deeper into your Twitter analysis and explore and expand your social media marketing channels.

15.SurveyMonkey  (

SurveyMonkey is hailed as one of the most popular free marketing tools, and it also offers a paid service. By collecting important consumer data and information through SurveyMonkey, you can learn more about which of your marketing efforts are working and which are not.

16.Hello Bar  (

Hello Bar is a tool that displays a message banner at the top of a website that can be designed to attract a company’s major products and services, which will help them turn visitors into customers.

17.Shopify Logo Maker  (

If you don’t already have your own corporate logo, you can use Shopify Logo Maker to design an eye-catching logo for your business, even if you don’t have any design skills.

18.CoSchedule  (

CoSchedule can help your site write headlines and online content that are more conducive to diversion, sharing and ranking of search results.

19.Post Creator  (

Post Creator provides some free basic features to help users easily create social media content with branded content. You can use Post Creator on any device and share it with multiple social networks.

20.Feedly  (

Feedly is a marketing tool that provides businesses with the content they need to accelerate marketing, research and sales. Through the “voice of the crowd” function of Feedly, you can see which posts are the most popular.

21.Optimize Book  (

Use “Optimize Book” to create high-quality, editable calendars that can include information about target audiences, themes, schedules, keywords, labels, and which marketing network to use.

22.Majestic  (

Majestic proudly claims to be “the world’s largest Link Index (linked index) database.” You can use Majestic to get valuable backlink depth data.

23.Google Keyword Planner(

If you want to improve your network exposure and digital channel coverage, it is important to use the right keywords. Google keyword planner can make you more adept at planning search online advertising series.

24.Google Alerts  (

The tool may have been around for some time, but Google Alerts is still a great free marketing tool that allows companies to check the number of times their brands have been mentioned online. You can also enter specific keywords into the system to receive the number of times competitors are mentioned.

25.Hootsuite  (

Hootsuite allows you to schedule the content and timing of social media posts in advance, and the free feature of the tool is ideal for those who want to centrally manage multiple social media to reach audiences.

26.Optimizely  (

Companies can use Optimizely for free to test everything from algorithms to design to layout to optimize their websites and online marketing efforts.

27.Sniply  (

All marketing content requires a call button to encourage the audience to take the next step. Sniply is a free marketing tool that can add your vocative words to any web page.

28.Headline Analyzer  (

Headline Analyzer is a free marketing tool that can help companies determine how much emotional marketing value a title can generate.

29.SumoMe  (

You can use SumoMe and its range of marketing tools to generate more efficient share buttons, track web traffic through heat maps, and attract more customers to your mailing list.

30.Canva  (

Making your content stand out and getting people’s attention is an important part of digital marketing, and you can do it with Canva. This free graphic design tool allows companies to create shocking visual content and attract more audience attention.

31.PromoRepublic  (

PromoRepublic has more than 100000 visual templates that allow users to create amazing visual effects and post them on social media platforms. PromoRepublic is a social media publishing tool for enterprises (free trial).

32.Due  (

Due allows small businesses to keep track of how much time they spend on a marketing project for free. Once you understand the marketing time constraints, you will be able to make informed decisions and budgets for your marketing tasks.

33.Edit Flow  (

Edit Flow is a WordPress plug-in that provides enterprises with functions such as calendar, custom status, editing comments, and so on, making it easier for teams to collaborate in WordPress.

34.Evernote  (

You can use Evernote to record, organize notes related to marketing strategies, and share them with your employees, suppliers, and customers. Users can create an account for free and start managing the business more efficiently.

35.Layout  (

Layout is a free Instagram app, that allows users to combine multiple photos into a single image. The app is designed to help users create more enlightening visual content.

36.PicMonkey  (

From graphic design to collage production, from photo editing to image retouching, PicMonkey can help companies make their marketing activities more dynamic.

37.MailChimp  (

MailChimp is a valuable free marketing tool that can efficiently create effective email marketing advertisements. Through MailChimp, companies can connect email ads directly to their websites.

38.Ubersuggest  (

Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool, which can help enterprises to compile, find and improve the keywords most related to the brand.

Companies can create attractive and shareable videos for free through Boomerang’s app and share them on Instagram.

40.Recite This  (

Recite this is an easy-to-use marketing gadget that allows companies to create pictures with specific phrases in a very short period of time. Just enter a phrase and select the template provided by the site to generate a picture.

41.Answer the Public  (

Answer the Public is an effective free marketing tool that allows enterprises to identify issues and topics related to keywords. With this knowledge, companies can better produce content, get higher rankings and improve conversion rates.

Use WeVideo to create and share unforgettable and enlightening videos. It allows you to produce professional, high-quality videos, impress your audience, increase interaction, and improve your business.

43.Tweetdeck  (

Tweetdeck is a social media panel management app, that allows companies to view relevant tweets and social media content more quickly.

44.WordPress  (

If you don’t already have a commercial website, you may miss out on a lot of customers. You can use WordPress to create a free website and introduce your business to a global audience.

45.Windows Movie Maker  (

This is a free video editor that professionals can use to create more compelling video content.

46.Ad Parlour  (

You can use Ad Parlour to create ad models for free on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and preview the display of ads.

Uprank is an effective tool to help entrepreneurs and marketers analyze websites and build effective marketing strategies based on website evaluation.

48.CrowdRiff  (

CrowdRiff is a visual marketing platform designed for the tourism industry. Professionals in the tourism industry can use Crowdriff to create amazing visual marketing campaigns.

49.Mawai  (

Mawai users can select the video clip they want and download it for commercial use, but they must sign the producer of the video.

50.New Old Stock  (

If you are looking for copyright-free, enlightening images to enhance your marketing content, check out New Old Stock, where you can find some retro photos and add them to your visual content.


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