Consumption of light industry: solid demand for good, must-have consumer spending toughness highlighted

Daily necessities April social zero year-on-year growth of 8.3% to 47.1 billion yuan, an increase of 8pct, residents’ awareness of personal hygiene is expected to pull the demand for household paper, the cost side of the 20Q1 needle/broadleaf pulp average price fell 20% / 31% year-on-year, the release of profitability. Cultural and office supply retail sales in April rose 6.5% year-on-year to 26.1 billion yuan, an increase of 0.4pct, we believe that the epidemic has a limited impact on the total annual purchases of enterprises, increased demand for protective equipment is expected to become a new growth point in revenue, the retail side of the stationery retail demand is expected to be marginal recovery as schools and colleges and universities continue to open.

–Information from Snowball

Voith and PTS Heidenau develop a new test standard for adhesives

Voith, in collaboration with the PTS Heidenau Institute for Research and Service, has introduced a new measurement method to detect viscous contaminants in the paper-making process known as glues. This measurement method uses a near-infrared (NIR) camera to reliably detect contaminants in paper-making processes and offers higher measurement accuracy and a wider range of applications than conventional methods. The relevant technical regulations were recently published as DIN specification 6745.

The technique uses near-infrared spectroscopy for a more comprehensive determination of contaminants with a higher measurement accuracy compared to existing measurement methods in the paper industry. The spectroscopic measurements obtained are compared and assigned to the values of known contaminants. This allows for further classification of the contaminants based on their chemical composition. In addition, the use of NIR measurements allows the identification and classification of adherent and non-adherent contaminants.

In addition, the new NIR measurement method can be used for the evaluation of final paper samples in addition to stock samples.

Due to its technical advantages, the NIR measurement technique has the potential to replace existing methods for measuring adhesives. The publication of a technical rule on sample preparation and measurement performance creates the basic conditions for the development of new standards in the paper industry.

–Information from PULPAPER

Indian Paper Industry Association demands higher duty on paper imports

The Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA) is concerned about the competitiveness of domestic paper mills in the face of cheap imports from China and other Asian countries and has proposed measures to provide a level playing field.

The Indian Paper Manufacturers Association IPMA said that with the increase in paper and board imports, especially since the coronavirus outbreak, Indian paper manufacturers have come under greater pressure. Accordingly, the association has written to the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry urging an increase in the basic duty on paper imports from the current 10 percent to 25 percent.

IPMA also requested that paper be included in the negative list of all existing and future Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and therefore be included in the “restricted” category. IPMA further supported a provision to allow imports only by end consumers. paper to better monitor imports.

IPMA has proposed these measures to prevent the import of cheap products from countries like China and Indonesia. For the business year 2019/2020, India’s Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCI&S) identified 289,000 tonnes of paper imported from China, an increase of 14 percent over the previous year. Imports from ASEAN countries increased by an even higher 18% year-on-year to 343,000 tonnes. During the year under review, India’s total paper imports were around 1.6 million tonnes, 11 percent higher than the previous year. This growth has been steady over the last decade. Statistics show that paper imports have grown by an average of 13 percent per annum over the last nine years.

–Information from EUWID

The first high-speed paper machine of Changde Dexin Paper Industry Co.

On July 8, the first high-speed household paper machine of the first phase project of Hunan Changde Dexin Paper Co. The machine is a new moon model high-speed household paper machine supplied by Xi’an Via Paper Making Machinery Co., with a net paper width of 3500mm, a design speed of 1000m/min and a daily capacity of 50 tons.

Ltd. was founded in July 2017, is located in Hunan Province, Changde National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, West Dongting Biological Science and Technology Park, Yuan River Avenue No. 629, the company’s high-grade household paper project planning annual output of 100,000 tons of household paper, with a total investment of 150 million yuan, divided into three phases of construction. The first phase of the project was held on September 13, 2017, the groundbreaking ceremony, plans to build two household paper base paper production line and a finished household paper packaging line within three years, the first phase of the project after reaching production can achieve sales revenue of 400 million yuan, tax revenue of 8 million yuan, while solving at least 100 people employment.

–Information from China Paper Network

A total investment of $8.6 billion! Mountain Hawk International’s Jilin Project Surfaces

Recently, with the announcement of the environmental impact assessment report, has been preparing for more than three years of mountain eagle international Jilin project finally surfaced. From 2020 to 2026, Mountain Hawk International will invest 8.6 billion yuan in three phases to build an annual output of 1 million tons of packaging paper production and 1 million tons of pulp project in Tao Lai Zhao Industrial Park, Song-Yuan City, Jilin Province. From the EIA report, it can be seen that sufficient wood and straw are the raw material advantages of the Jilin project, but the local supply of waste paper will be relatively tight, and the annual demand for domestic waste paper after the project reaches production will exceed the supply of the entire province of Jilin. Taking into account the local Jilin also like Baishan Qixiang paper such as the annual output of 500,000 tons of large paper mill, the future planning annual capacity will be more than 1 million tons, the local waste paper resources will be very intense competition.

–Information from the Sichuan Provincial Paper Association


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