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Where there is demand, there is supply. In this world, many companies or stores need to customize paper bags with their own brand or company name. So, how can we find a high-quality paper bag factory? Which paper bag factories can produce customized paper bags in large or small quantities?

First of all, in terms of the international market, China and Vietnam, as developing countries, have plenty of labor, so the cost of manual work will be much lower than that of many western countries. Therefore, many countries such as the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, South Africa, and so on will do ODM and ODM production in China and Vietnam.

China has now become the factory of the world because of its good raw material production, increasingly mature technology, and the emergence of a large number of designers who follow the world trend, with low labor costs.

There are many paper bag factories in China, with the development of logistics, we can quickly purchase paper bag materials from the origin of raw materials: raw paper, handle, glue, matt film, gloss film, knife plate.

We are wepaperbag, a leading paper bag manufacturer in China. We can provide you with high-quality printed gift bags. Our paper bags are 100% recyclable and can provide you with printing in up to 6 colors. We can help you customize paper bag handles of different colors, lengths, and materials. Our minimum order is 3000 paper bags. We can help you contact freight forwarders, deal with transportation problems, and also provide door-to-door services. We can offer you a huge discount on orders of 6,000Pcs, 10,000Pcs, 50,000Pcs, and 100,000Pcs respectively. Contact us for the best price (

Christmas is just around the corner, and we can also provide Christmas gift paper bags with vivid and interesting patterns for your mall promotions. Christmas paper bags are suitable for loading clothing, shoes, hats, stuffed animals, toys, electronics, and other unique Christmas gifts in shopping malls. Lovely Christmas paper bags with beautiful handles of different colors create a pleasant festive atmosphere. This kind of gift bag is suitable for adults and children to give gifts to each other to express their gratitude and blessing.

Custom-made high-end business paper bags are used to carry large and small items such as clothing accessories, home decoration items, watches, cosmetics, and so on. Our experienced staff can help you achieve any design you want through skilled skills.

Wepaperbag has a variety of custom paper bags to help you widely use in a variety of places, for a variety of purposes. Printing your company’s logo on the front and back sides of the paper bag, the side of the paper bag, and the bottom of the paper bag can impress your potential customers. The paper bag can also be equipped with a printed logo crane, which can be installed on the handle of the paper bag, which will make the paper bag look more high-end.

Putting your company’s products in beautifully printed paper bags and sending them to the customers who buy the goods will make the brand look professional and legal, and will make the customers have a strong sense of trust in the brand. It also enables customers to help spread and promote their own brands.

Customized paper bags need to be selected and customized from raw materials (raw paper, handle, bottom cardboard, matt film, gloss film), paper bag size, paper bag shape, paper bag design, paper bag color, and the number of paper bags according to customer needs. We can provide 210g Ivory paper, white Kraft paper, and brown Kraft paper into paper bags, which can be used as commodity paper bags and gift paper bags.

Our indentation machine can help you make a clear crease on the paper bag, make the paper bag easy to fold and pack and make the paper bag look smooth, high-grade, and neat. Customers will feel a feast for the eyes when they receive a gift.

We use high-quality raw materials to customize the packaging paper bags for you. For example, we will use good load-bearing Ivory paper or durable Kraft paper, tough pp rope handle, 250g cardboard paper on the bottom of the bag to strengthen the paper bag, we use imported high viscosity glue to make a paper bag, the paper bag will be strong.

If you pursue a concise style, we can help you choose white Kraft paper or brown Kraft paper, print it in monochrome or color, and match the twisted kraft paper rope made of dignified white or brown Kraft paper to greatly highlight your company’s brand.

If you pursue a high-end feeling and want your brand to show a variety of colors, we can use 210 g Ivory paper to help you make a colorful high-end color printing gift bag. We can help you to cover the paper bag with matt film or gloss film. Film mulching can protect the information printed on the paper bag from fading and wear. Moreover, the coated paper bag will look more high-end, not easy to tear, more durable. We can help you do gold hot stamping, silver hot stamping, silk-screen, glitter, Emboss&Deboss on paper bags.

We can help you customize personalized bulk paper bags and help you print your brand logo, company name, and promotional phrases. Wholesale and retail paper bags can play an important role in corporate and personal activities.

According to the size, quantity, and manufacturing technology of the paper bag, the unit price of the paper bag is also different. You can contact us ( to quote for you, which will definitely make you satisfied.

If you are looking for a way to sell with the lowest cost and the greatest profit, we suggest you start by customizing paper bags from us. You can help you increase your sales by choosing the unique brand and company information that you want to display on the paper bag. You can also refer to our design plan to find the perfect design pattern to meet the marketing needs at this stage.

Wepaperbag( is committed to helping you create an eye-catching brand image that can impress consumers so that consumers can trust your brand and company more and are willing to pay for your brand’s products. Our designers follow the trend and devote all their creative enthusiasm and creativity to help you design with market potential, help your customers trust your brands and products, and help your company increase sales and influence.

As people attach importance to the sustainable development of the environment, the raw paper we make paper bags are recyclable, reusable, and environmentally friendly, which helps your company or enterprise to establish an environmentally friendly image and is conducive to your company’s brand communication. We can create the image that paper bags are environmentally friendly, the products are beneficial to the environment, and the company is helpful to the sustainable development of society so that more customers can recognize you and consume your products.


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