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Custom paper gift bags are a very affordable and elegant option for your customer purchases!


Does wepaperbag custom paper bags?


Yes, we can custom different kinds of paper bags for you.



The benefits of custom 3 kinds of paper bags:


1. Customized paper bags can help your company complete its product promotion plan.


2. Customized paper bags can help you increase your daily sales and communication plans.


3. Mass customization of paper bags can help spread the company’s good reputation and brand.


4. Custom paper bags can help you stand out from other companies.



Customizing paper bags for your products can make consumers feel special when buying products and promote your brand. Every time customers pass by with your custom printed bags, people will see these paper bags. So when your paper bag contains printing company information and logo, the person who buys your product holds the paper bag and will briefly help you promote and spread your company and brand information.


Which three styles can paper bags be customized into?


You can use three types of paper to make paper bags: Kraft paper bags (including yellow Kraft paper bags and white Kraft paper bags), bright film coated paper, and sub-film white cardboard. Art paper with gloss lamination, ivory paper with matt lamination.


1. Kraft paper:


Kraft paper bags are made of 100% recycled paper.

Kraft paper has yellow and white, white Kraft paper can do full-page color printing, can be printed into a variety of colors. When consumers choose and buy goods, they can match their products with colored Kraft paper bags, which can win customers’ good impression of the product brand.


This biodegradable paper bag can be recycled and recycled and environmentally friendly, so the corporate brand image is friendly, and your customers will repeatedly use Kraft paper bags to make Kraft paper bags appear in front of the public countless times. indirectly help you promote your brand and company.


2. Art paper with gloss lamination:


cover the coated paper with a layer of bright film, which can increase the service life of the paper bag and make the printing pattern on the paper bag more bright and beautiful.


3. Ivory paper with matt lamination:


cover the white card with a sub-film to make the paper bag look more high-end and three-dimensional.


We can help you design paper bags of different sizes according to the size of your products. We have everything.


From small paper bags for decorations to large paper bags for celebrating festivals and large items, we can help you make them. We can also help you improve your existing logo, or we can help you design a logo that matches your brand positioning for free. If you need customized paper bags, please feel free to contact us (



Check out our paper bags: see our full collection of custom paper bags.





How to design a suitable logo for your brand?


  1. We will design paper bags with matching colors and styles according to the positioning and image of your product brand, as well as the audience.


Companies that sell Barbie dolls, for example, design pink packaging for their products, rather than black or gray packaging. Because the audience who will buy Barbie dolls must be young girls, they generally have a penchant for pink.


The common method of designing a brand logo is to design neutral paper shopping bags without offending some consumers with special requirements.



  1. By designing a contagious logo, you can make consumers feel confident and serious about your brand.


  1. You should know what you want: design a concise logo that consumers trust.


  1. Design a consistent logo, and then leave your company information and logo, as well as valuable content, on various social networks. Just like stamping on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and other platforms, leaving the logo of the enterprise. Let potential consumers on each of the different social platforms recognize you at a glance so that the designed logo can increase your corporate identity, build a corporate reputation, and create a good corporate image.


  1. Corporate logo is not only a corporate image but also a way for consumers to find you easily on the Internet. When they search your logo on google, they can see all the pictures, videos, and text messages related to your logo on the Internet. They can even go directly to the website with your logo, find your contact information, and then call or email to establish a preliminary sales contact with you.


Therefore, the role of the brand logo should not be underestimated. A small logo can bring a steady stream of customers and money to the enterprise and help you take your business to a new level.


So, are you ready to design a loud logo for yourself? Come to us (, we can help you customize paper bags of different sizes and materials, help you push the brand out, and start your business.


We can help you print all kinds of logos and design paper bags, and we can help you print 4 colors. According to your product audience choose the appropriate main tone to design paper bags, to provide different styles of handle choice. You can also add labels, ribbons, bronzing, or screen printing effects to the paper bags according to your needs.


Let’s turn your every sale into a new marketing opportunity by customizing paper bags.




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