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As the oldest technology in digital marketing, SEO after years of development and adjustment, the comprehensive threshold is getting higher and higher, to achieve the extreme SEO really needs a team, once the effort can be said to be priceleThere are many divine-level KOL, in this industry abroad. You can take a look at their articles:

Brain Dean of Backlinco.

Founder of Neil Patel (crazy egg)

Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz



However, the underlying logic of SEM and SEO are the same, so today I will tell you about the ways of SEO from a layman’s point of view.

I. SEO faction.

White hat, black hat, gray hat.

SEO’s Jiangsu is divided into the white hat (the solid practice of basic skills), gray cat (quick ranking of edge ball), and black hat (opportunistic means banned by Google).

Let’s take a look at the definition of the white hat:

In SEO terms, White Hat SEO refers to user experience optimization, technologies and strategies that focus on audience and visitors, and are in full compliance with the rules and policies of search engines.

2.White hat SEO.

Why do we have to do white hat SEO?

Because White Hat is in the interests of Google and users.

I heard sharing once before, talking about the logic of this question:

(1). The cost of switching search engines is almost zero. I can use Google today, Baidu tomorrow, bing, and Sogou the day after tomorrow. A lot of spare tires. So, do you think Google has a sense of crisis? There must be.

(2). So why do we still use Google every day? Because Google can give users the information they want most in the shortest possible time. The above sentence has summed up Google and core competencies.

(3). So how to “give users the information they want most in the shortest possible time?” That is to say, for every keyword or question I enter, the first page of Google search results, or even the top three, have all the answers I want. This is the most efficient and beneficial to users. If Google can do it and other search engines can’t, then users will rely on Google instead of other search engines. (this is indeed the case at present.).

So if you use the gray hat and black hat to get the ranking, your content is very junk, it is harmful to the interests of Google and users. Even if you win the ranking opportunistically in the short term, it will not be sustainable in the long run.

Some of the black hat tactics may even make your site blocked by Google and can never be searched.

Black Hat SEO sometimes brings not only zero effect, but also negative effect: your site will no longer appear in Google search results, maybe you need to start all over again with a different domain name. Source of the article:

At present, Google is getting smarter and smarter, not only through AI to understand the content of web pages and intelligent algorithms to adjust rankings, but also a group of manual audit teams to catch fish out of the net. So if you are not a geek-level god, don’t try to use the black hat or gray hat, because these loopholes will only be less and less sustainable.

We can’t put the source of our business’s traffic in an unsustainable place.

I have always believed that the official website of foreign trade companies, as well as the manpower and money invested in SEO, are investments in online digital assets (just like buying bitcoin). If SEO is operated properly, the rate of return will be huge. Many SEOer companies that make money online have made a lot of money (especially 10 years ago), and there are still a lot of people lying around to make money in this profession. We won’t start talking about this here.

If you want to add value to your online digital assets and generate value, you must follow Google’s rules, be a good boy, and establish the right underlying logic and concept of SEO-everything comes first. Some people have already shouted out the idea of UX (User Experience)-the new SEO.

3.How to make a good white hat SEO.

High-quality content + high-quality outer chain.

Back to our topic, now that we have decided to take the road of white hat, how to do a good job of white hat SEO?

A good user experience (GOOD UX), is made up of high-quality content and a high-quality external chain. Let me analyze these two elements:

First, deep quality content:

Depth, picture and text, beautiful typesetting, fast opening speed, mobile phone/tablet/desktop side can adapt, can fully answer users’ questions about the content.

As mentioned above, Google’s goal is to give the top three positions in the search results: for his search questions, give the target page that answers all the users’ questions, and let the user experience very well and see it very well. will be sticky to Google (repeated use).

Let me give you an example, the relatively popular youtube SEO: recently.

Brain Dean can be said to be a great god of UX optimization. His content is friendly in-depth and design, and he is a copywriter himself, so he has a lot of ability to make users want to read his content.

They rank first in the word Youtube SEO. (the one above him is an advertisement.).

We can see that on the search results page, his web page title is already very attractive.: youtube SEO’s ultimate guidance document! It means that if I read it, I won’t have to look at anything else! There are only two levels of URL, and meta copywriters also have some keywords embedded. (details determine success or failure).

You can click on this article and have a look at the link at:

(you can see a lot of social sharing on the left, and he also left a lot of call to action, on the right and at the end of the article. As long as you are interested in SEO, it’s hard not to subscribe. ).

Including this article is not only very long but also embedded in 2 videos, more than ten minutes have passed. The length of stay on the page is not usually long. This is a good sign for Google: a longer page stay means the content is more attractive.

All of the above signals are very friendly to Google’s judgment. Coupled with a good outside chain construction, it is impossible not to take off.

Second, highly related quality outside the chain:

The difficulty of getting a high-quality external chain has a lot to do with the quality of your content, such as the example of BD above. The content of this quality will make many people cite it involuntarily because he does do-it-you should read this article if you want to know about youtube SEO.

If you have such content, it will be relatively easy to find outside the chain. Just like if your company’s products are good, then the salesman will be easier to sell, the same reason.

So what is the quality of the outer chain?

The first is relevance. For example, if my article is about youtube SEO, I should go to blogs and websites that talk about related topics to get links, instead of going to other places. For example, if you go to a blog of maternal and child products to get an external chain, you can pass some weights, but it is very abrupt from the user experience, and there will not be a lot of related traffic coming and transforming.

You know, the purpose of our online marketing is to transform! I want an audience interested in youtube SEO, not a bunch of moms.

In addition, a lot of spammy SEO external chain access channels are some news sites, PR article publishing platforms, online catalogs and so on. Google has the right to downlink these channels, and even if you submit a lot, the effect is minimal.

For example, this station: submit more than 5000 external chains, but the effect is minimal, and the flow is almost zero.

For example, this site has more than 2000 external chains and hundreds of keywords in the top 100 of Google, but the traffic is still very small:

Let’s take a look at the acquisition of his outer chain: the blue above is the acquired outer chain, and the lower orange is the lost outer chain. Many of the outer chains have been lost (that is, your ship is leaking, and the speed of entering the water is faster than your drainage…

Let’s take a look at backlinko’s data:

We can see that his ranking is very high: 6141 places, 100000 outer chains, distributed in 10, 000 different domain names (above, we see more than 5000 outer chains, distributed in 5000 domain names, each domain name has 50 links. Backlinko has 9 links for each domain name. It is obviously more widely distributed and healthier. ) and backlinko’s traffic is leveraged-more than 70, 000 a month. The value of traffic is $200000 (based on the price at which all the traffic comes from PPC).

A monthly income of more than one million RMB. (not including hidden income and opportunities such as brand influence).

Rumor has it that an article in Brain costs 2K for typesetting. I would like to say that if there is such a high income, it is worth spending 2K to design the typesetting of an article…

And we can see that the loss rate of his outer chain is very low-proving that the content is really excellent and irreplaceable.

The above is my understanding of high-quality content and the external chain.

Back to our foreign trade enterprises, my understanding is that deep industry insight + highly related outside the industry chain is the correct solution.

For example, you do 3C digital products. So when a new product comes out, you can write a review, introduce the features, and what advantages do you have compared to the products on the market, or shoot an out-of-the-box video.

Then post it to the blogs related to digital products abroad, which belongs to the white hat means. Because this content is not only valuable to users, but also the traffic brought by the outside chain will be transformed, or it may be good for your company’s popularity.

As for some industries that are more subdivided, unpopular, it is difficult to find the corresponding blog, then you can step back and write some more extensive, easier to get outside the chain, but also with your products and industry-related content, and then do outside the chain. Through this means to increase the overall weight of your site, it will also lead to the improvement of other page rankings.

4.SEO service market.

At present, overseas SEO services on the market have not seen a pure white hat technique.

At present, overseas SEO services on the market have not seen a pure white hat technique.

On the one hand, deep content is too difficult to create (unless you have years of experience in the industry). Excellent in-depth content is the transformation of sharp tools, good companies, such as rice classes, their content is the teachers’ own original-and only they can write such in-depth content, you can imagine the difficulty and importance of making high-quality content. If you pursue perfection, it is almost impossible to outsource. If you are patient, you also need good writers to cooperate with you for a long time, and you need constant education and guidance.

On the other hand, the white hat approach is too slow and expensive (but sustainable in the long run), so the solution for companies on the market is to the customer (just like every startup has a TO VC project-just to cater to the taste of investors to cheat investors out of money).

These solutions may be very cheap (probably similar to making an Alibaba package), but basically they all consider SEO, from a technical point of view, that is, no matter where the outer chain is obtained or not, as long as you can get it, you can do all the PR sites and directory sites. There are indeed a lot of keywords that will be ranked on Google’s home page.

But. There is no traffic.

Because most users do not understand this logic: ranking does not mean traffic, traffic does not mean transformation. But our goal is to convert the inquiry. ).

Finally, I will give you a look at the prices of SEO services abroad:

25% of foreign companies spend more than $2W a month on SEO as a marketing channel. Source:

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not try SEO, easily if you really want to do it, first lay the foundation of copywriting and prepare the in-depth content in the industry.

Although compared with SEM, making your own SEO is free, but it will cost you a lot of energy and time, and the SEO operation cycle is very long, if you are in the wrong direction, adjust, half a year has passed.

Real white hat SEO is very expensive!

But the most precious thing is not your time and window of opportunity?


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