Foreign trade website to promote Google SEO ranking, how deep is the water?

Find a website company to build an English website, do a small language website together, and then ask the station company to help me do SEO optimization and Google promotion ranking. I just have to sit at home and wait for the inquiry.

Is it really that simple?

Many foreign trade and start-up companies may hold this dream and buy packages from many online marketing promotion companies on the market. Tens of thousands of money were spent, and as a result, there was no effect for more than half a year. Why on earth is it?

I have to say, when it comes to building a website, Google promotion, SEO ranking optimization and so on, the water is too deep. In the foreign trade industry, there are too few people who understand online marketing and technology, and there are too many lazy cancers waiting for inquiries if they want to spend some money, so the result is that they can’t avoid jumping from one pit to another.

What is SEO?

SEO definition: search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the site’s exposure to search engine users. (refer to Wikipedia).

To put it simply, through some optimization means, your site can improve its ranking in the (SERP) of Google’s search results pages for some keywords, get more attention from search users, and then get more clicks and site visits. The flow can then be converted into inquiries. SEO is also a very important link in network marketing.

The general process of SEO.

SEO can basically be divided into two parts: on-site SEO (On-page SEO) and off-site SEO (Off-page SEO). On-site optimization is mainly based on all kinds of optimization of the website itself, such as website directory structure, page content, site map, anchor text, keyword distribution, page title and description, weight distribution, inner chain, speed optimization and so on. Off-site optimization is mainly outside the chain construction.

In terms of the basic process, it is necessary to do a good website style design in the early stage, study target keywords and long-tail keywords, and then do a good job in keyword distribution and frequency control when building a station, plan the structure of the website, and strengthen internal links.

Do as much research on market and industry information as possible, and collect sufficient content to fill the site. Show the company’s strength, credibility, differentiation and so on in many ways. And you can also dig more from the point of view of the value you can provide, what aspects of content to show, and the reasonable matching of the form, text, pictures and videos.

After doing a good job of the website, we need to constantly add fresh and unique content and update it regularly and regularly.

The follow-up process is website maintenance. Through Google Analytics access analysis to understand the source of traffic, visitors’ stay time on the site, bounce rate, and page inclusion, such as which pages have problems, and so on.

What I have said above is a general SEO process. SEO is a long-term, systematic and slowly cultivated work, just like planting a seedling. Careful care, watering and fertilizing from time to time, observe the growth situation, it can naturally grow slowly and healthily.

On the other hand, if you leave it alone and expect it to survive on its own, it is a fantasy.

So, what deep puddles are there in the field of promoting Google SEO services on foreign trade websites?

Pit 1: lack of professionalism.

At present, the foreign trade marketing service market is still quite chaotic. There are some Internet companies that originally optimize and promote the SEO of domestic Chinese websites, but the domestic Chinese website Baidu SEO has fierce competition and low profits. Baidu also has its own family bucket in the ranking of various products occupy the ranking position, the algorithm is often changing, the difficulty is not small. It is said that foreign trade industry website optimization and Google promotion are easy to do, just fool some company bosses. Most of the bosses do not understand, only care about what is the use, ask how much to pay?

As a result, these service companies, which were originally optimized for Chinese SEO, have transformed into the foreign trade industry. The employees inside are still the employees who used to do Baidu SEO ranking, have some basic English, and learned a little about Google SEO. Then the company begins to recruit telemarketing, prepare the purchased business directory and company registration information, and make sales calls every day. Caught a customer seems to be a little interested, bluffing, we have a foreign trade customer, bought our service, now there are more than ten inquiries on the website every month. no, no, no.

The problem is that these people don’t know enough about Google, the English search engine, and their knowledge is not up-to-date and even stale. Every day pseudo-original, send out the chain, do all is mechanical work.

Being an SEO requires rich technical experience and keeping pace with the times. Google SEO development and change is very fast, feature summary and Quan A come out directly can let you directly overstep the ranking, service providers have to go in-depth study to understand it?

There are also many service providers who do Google SEO in China, but many so-called professional service providers give customers the same old set of optimized Chinese SEO. However, the industry is a mixture of fish and dragons, exaggerating the effect, false promises, and making up the number account for the majority. Professional SEO service provider I think at least should have enough convincing English network marketing ability or background, after all, English network world SEO is obviously different from Chinese.

The first is the language difference, which is particularly obvious. At this point, English reading ability and strong learning ability are the primary requirements.

This is not the most important, the most important thing is to realize the mining of high-quality English resources on the basis of certain English proficiency and continuous learning ability. This requires practitioners to constantly accumulate and explore, and gradually accumulate the way of thinking of English writing. All these require you to read English websites frequently, wander in the world of English information and knowledge, and absorb nutrients.

Service providers with a low degree of specialization are absolutely unable to achieve this standard.

Pit 2: black hat SEO is still in use.

To sum up, the method of SEO is nothing more than a white hat (white hat) and black hat (black hat), and the content of optimization is also divided into two aspects, on-site and off-site.

White hat and black hat are two completely different strategies for SEO. The purpose is the same, in order to improve the ranking of search engines, but the specific methods used are quite different.

Generally speaking, White Hat SEO is a way to get more weight and improve the ranking of search engines through a formal and reasonable way, which is supported and recognized by mainstream search engines. To put it simply, Black Hat SEO cheats on search engines and optimizes website rankings in ways that are not allowed by search engines, including but not limited to: keyword stacking, hidden text, link transactions, visitor deception, misleading, camouflage, traffic hijacking and other cheating ways to get more weight.

Black hat SEO does not really consider the reasonable content of the site, as well as the real needs of search users, but speculates to seize some loopholes in search engine rankings and want to directly “take shortcuts” to complete ranking promotion. The most common is to accumulate a lot of garbage outside the chain to improve the weight to get ranking.

For example, a domestic SEO service company has used a large number of spam links (in some unrelated messy sites to add spam links to customers’ English websites. Even under some Chinese stations, second-level items are set up to generate up to thousands of garbage chains), which is called outer chain construction. In fact, it is in pursuit of short-term results, to improve the weight and ranking of customers’ websites, so take the risk to adopt this outdated SEO black hat technology. Take a look at these tricks with Ahrefs and SEMrush. Oh, my God! What do you do outside the chain!

The final result is that the website is punished by Google, the ranking is gone, and the pages included are also canceled by Google.

There is an old saying in the SEO industry: content is king, the outer chain is king. Content creation is too tired, Chinese can also be pseudo-original, the English content is not enough to service in-depth service providers will not help you to find a way to do, so many still want to add a variety of external chains, can quickly improve the website weight and ranking. It may bring some garbage flow occasionally, but it has no effect on Google ranking, and it is easy to be hit and punished with precision.

Google’s algorithmic rules for SERP on search results pages have long been user-centric. Google will judge the user’s search intention and show the results that best match the customer’s search intent, rather than piling up weighted sites through a large number of external links.

For foreign trade industry websites, if you want long-term development, you should stay away from the black hat and take a safe white hat SEO is the right way. Qualified service providers must have a real and deep understanding of Google’s official optimization guidelines. Then the unity of knowledge and practice, to practice!

Pit 3: ensure ranking, ensure traffic, ensure the number of inquiries, and promote quick results.

Google’s SEO service is in deep water because there are so many tricks in the industry that outsiders are easily deceived.

The most common routine used by all kinds of SEO companies is “guaranteed ranking”. This guarantee can achieve the ranking on the first page of Google, which is indeed very attractive and attractive to outsiders. It is important to note that the ranking on Google has always been dynamic and extremely competitive. It is not that you can get to the first page if you work hard. In many cases, the optimization work done by the website ranked on the first page may be several times larger than yours.

Promoting the so-called “guaranteed ranking” is just to better sell and make customers feel safe to choose this service provider, which is worth the money.

There are several tricks for the so-called guaranteed ranking:

Trick 1: do the ranking of words with a low degree of competition (or even no competition) and little meaning.

Make some meaningless words and finally use the Google rankings of these words to forcibly explain and defend them. As long as these words are ranked, the promise is fulfilled. After all, some words with no practical meaning, there is no competition at all, add some more pages and add a little more content, and you can do the ranking with a little outside the chain.

Before a foreign trade salesman consulted me, he wanted to buy a service package of a marketing promotion company and sent me information that the company said to do Google promotion. I probably took a look, build a site plus Google SEO promotion, the cost is not low, a year service cost of nearly 30,000.

There is a case in which Google ranks on the first page, with screenshots. As soon as I looked at the search term, I instantly understood what the routine was, the long-tail keyword of five English words (the search volume was very low). If you take a look at the title of the web page of that website, you can see that there are also these five words in it. A five-word long-tail word was placed on page 1 of Google and then advertised to fool Xiaobai.

Who gave you the courage to put it on the promotional material?! It’s clear that it’s going to trick rookies who don’t understand.

What is the concept of a 5-word long-tailed search word? Such as facial mask, he can’t rank big words. All right, rehydration mask, there is still no ranking. So cosmetic tonic film? Still no ranking. So beauty moisturizing and whitening mask? Still no ranking.

So ice muscle cosmetic moisturizing and whitening mask? All right, it’s finally on the first page.

Then I asked him to ask the service provider that such a word with such a low degree of competition with a long tail would count. The other party says that the nouns are arranged on the first page of Google, and those with a long tail are counted, and the right of interpretation belongs to them.

Hehe, we can only say that there are so many rich people in foreign trade.

Routine 2: specify the ranking of certain words and promise a refund if invalid.

Generally speaking, the more difficult the word optimization is, the higher the corresponding charge will be. Some companies or individuals charge with specific keywords and promise to be on the home page, so they need to have an in-depth understanding of strength. We can’t cooperate casually just because of such a so-called invalid refund promise. After all, there are companies in this industry where there is no professionalization.

Many SEO service companies do not have a complete, transparent and credible customer case because they have no strength at all. There are also many service companies that advertise themselves as white hat SEO, showing some so-called customer cases. Some are empty and solid, the content is not detailed enough, and some specific aspects of how to complete the optimization are passed by.

A little bit of strength, at least enumerate what optimization work has been done, how to find ways to increase some high-quality outside the chain, and finally improve the ranking of the site, to achieve more ideal results. Some have indeed done cases so seriously, but only as an image project to do a good job, is a means to gain trust in order to take orders. After really receiving a lot of other orders, the quality of service is completely different from the case presented.

We should know that the service industry, especially the service industry, which is highly professional and competitive, as well as a lot of uncertainty, will not be able to maintain the original service quality once the number of customers is large, and it will be averaged in the end. Without increasing the number of professional staff, the order has doubled and there is no time to digest it. Friends who have run their own companies know that labor costs are the highest part of management costs. And once the staffing is not timely or professional, it is impossible for so many customers to do it patiently one by one.

Who gave you the honest construction of the outer chain? No! I believe that almost 90% of the service providers in the foreign trade SEO service circle will not do so. To understand your industry, to study the good websites in the industry, but also to find ways to get outside the chain from these sites, this kind of effort and time is not just for you to spend an average package price. You can really do this to this extent. All need high-end customized services. Fei that old god, may not be able to get high-quality outside the chain, with the inquiry order profit band share?

Anyway, the cost of brushing outside the chain is low, and there is no loss if it is not successful. If Google hasn’t detected some results yet, I’ll talk to you about the upgrade package as soon as possible. Look, it worked!

Then after you paid the money, Google detected cheating, then beat hard, the pat name plummeted, and the number of included pages dropped sharply. You want your money back? The money is in your pocket. Can you get it back so easily?

Many Google SEO service providers on the market offer guaranteed or fast ranking services, especially the so-called fast, are basically using black hat SEO techniques, or more or less vaguely mixed with some black hat techniques to obtain rankings. Even if it has a temporary effect, it will not last.

In fact, the effect given to you by SEO service providers is lagging behind in time, and it will be at least three or four months after you finish it. So promoting fast is deceptive in itself.

And to ensure that there is traffic, this is the easiest. It is cheap to buy traffic directly from the traffic platform. I know a friend who makes money on the English website. He mainly does media buy, that is, to buy paid traffic (such as FB advertising traffic, as well as traffic from various traffic trading platforms) to go to the offer provided by foreign advertisers to earn US dollars. Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of foreign IP visits are easy to do with a small amount of money.

As a matter of fact, it is also simple to guarantee an inquiry. The direct software simulates the distribution of the group disk. There are a large number of free mailboxes in foreign countries, as well as a variety of enterprise email accounts with different domain names sold in bulk, which does not cost much money. With so many spare mailboxes, even if you have any doubts, there is no substantial evidence of fraud by the service company. Anyway, the number of inquiries is guaranteed to you, you did not receive the order, that is your own problem.

Pit 4: don’t know your product and industry.

There are many SEO service companies whose optimization is from a purely technical point of view and more and more pipeline. Lack of understanding and communication with you, so do not understand your product, industry, specific application areas, or even the peer competitors you face when ranking.

Of course, we should choose the ones that are technically excellent, but the most important thing is to be able to really devote ourselves to understanding your industry, studying your products, your keywords, and giving detailed suggestions on the layout and optimization of keywords in the site. you even need to know about the research on some of the competitor websites you want to rank.

In other words, the work must be carefully landed. It is necessary to consider not only the optimization of SEO on the site but also the effect of different keywords, the degree of competition, opportunities and so on.

Pit 5:AI marketing and AI development customers.

In the circle of foreign trade services this year, a large number of AI artificial intelligence gimmicks suddenly broke out. Many people dare to promote the use of AI technology after realizing some functions of automated automatic at best. It’s really thick-skinned when it blows.

If so, then countless well-known foreign marketing tool companies can say that they use AI, such as Buffer or HootSuite. To put it simply, any products or services are nothing more than a vest with a hot and bluffing heat label.

The main elements that AI needs to have are massive data, continuously optimized algorithms, powerful computing power, the autonomous learning ability of machines, and so on. What AI needs to accomplish is to collect all kinds of data from a large number of different users, constantly carry out machine learning and self-correction, and deeply mine and analyze customers’ behavior (what they are looking for), scenarios (in what specific application scenarios) and requirements (what they need), and so on. Through a large number of calculations and algorithm optimization, a large number of user portraits with rich data are established, and obvious individual differentiation information and suggestions are provided.

And the so-called AI marketing hyped in the foreign trade circle is essentially a fixed modular program written in advance. These functional modules have improved a little more than before, achieving automation, and then service providers will confuse the concept of artificial intelligence.

In fact, 108000 miles away from artificial intelligence, other people’s leading application system service providers in the foreign industry have not yet publicized that they have applied AI technology, but you are still in the rhythm of catching up with foreign countries. You have just achieved some automation functions, and you are so excited that you are ahead of your domestic counterparts in the software system.

Isn’t it all about getting a good-looking user interface, adding some automation modules, and setting up the concept of AI to promote and attract business?

Has it upended the industry? No. As for AI development customers, there is one truth.

Pit 6: bundling websites in small languages.

The service company says to do a promotion plan for you and a small language website for you, in fact, it is a waste of money for most foreign trade customers. For service providers, it’s just another way to overcharge you.

The service provider told me to provide me with 5 websites in small languages. It is said that to increase the inclusion of Google, it will cost an extra 8000 yuan.

Often encounter students to ask me these questions, whether it is necessary to choose a package with small languages.

In fact, I think, whether it is a small language station in 3 languages or a small language station in 5 languages, or a small language station in 10 different languages, it is of no use to most foreign trade users.

Let me give you an analogy, it’s like you just installed WordPress, and just built more than a dozen simple pages, then translated them into many small languages, copied the content and added some web pages. What’s the use? Increase the number of English pages? No.

You may say that at least there are web pages in Japanese, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Alas, these small language pages, you do not continue to update to increase the number of pages, in most cases, there is no ranking at all. Because it’s too weak! If you don’t do content marketing, the order of magnitude of keywords is too small.

For example, you can’t beat others in the rankings of English websites, let alone in the rankings of websites in small languages. There are so many Spanish websites in the world, and you have so few pages, how do you compare with others?

In addition to the high quality outside the chain, the key to SEO also attaches great importance to content. Creating a certain amount of high-quality content is very helpful for ranking. The development direction of Google is to understand the search intent of the searcher more clearly, analyze what the searcher is looking for, and provide the highest quality information.

If you have only one site with very few pages, it won’t attract traffic at all in highly competitive areas, even in low-competitive areas. (there may be rankings only in keyword areas where there is no competition).

The content of a website in other people’s native language is like a thick book, while your website in a small language is like two pieces of paper, where the wind blows.

So the company said to build a small language for you, purely for the combination of packaging packages, price increases.

Small language station, it looks like a high-end station, you put forward a request, I can not do without it. For example, you want foreign girls, some Russian, Spanish, Japanese and Korean, but I don’t care if you can handle it yourself. Anyway, I’ll give it to you if you want me to. You don’t have the energy, so just look at it every day.

In fact, in addition to the intentional promotion and guidance of service providers, sometimes the needs of small languages are also put forward by many customers who are not serious. The service provider said: it is not that I deliberately want to increase this to make money, but that’s what the customer wants. You still think your skills are not good without him.

I am not saying that the small language websites in the site package must not be effective, this is not a generalization. There are a small number of foreign trade industries due to unpopular products, or product professionalism is relatively high, it is effective to do a small language; another situation is that the service company to build a small language website, customers understand that SEO, can be their own or the company has a dedicated person to do follow-up small language website optimization, content update and maintenance, this is another matter.

Apart from these situations, I don’t think it is necessary to pursue multilingual websites. Why on earth do much foreign trade SOHO, websites that do not even know much about SEO need so many small language versions of the website? Many people think that if they build a station, they will be able to receive as many inquiries as they can, and daydream, right? Expect an inquiry? How about building a website in ten small languages for you? The inquiry is 10 times more popular?

In addition, to be clear, small languages are independent sub-stations, or are they translated by plug-ins? If it is the former, the site-building company will indeed spend some time and effort, and accordingly, your site’s Google ranking in various small language countries will also play a role. If it is the latter, then it can only be hehe. Any free Gtranslate WP plug-in can do that.

Suggestion: first do a good job of the English website SEO is the king, and then slowly add it, or learn to use a WordPress multilingual plug-in to try.

Pit 7: you don’t own the copyright of the content.

Before signing a contract with a service provider, be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to make sure you own the copyright in the website and SEO content, not the service provider.

This is similar to setting up a website that only gives you the password of your backstage login account but not your FTP account. You can only use it, but you can’t get and modify the program without downloading the source files of the whole site. So holding you back, you can only renew the fee and pay the maintenance fee in the construction company year after year. After all, you can only use it, but you don’t really have complete control of your site.

Pit 8: strong technology, unique skills of Google SEO.

If the service company tells you that, it’s basically a 90% chance of lying to you. No matter how skilled Google SEO professionals are, they have to constantly adjust and improve their strategies and skills to adapt to the Google algorithm, which is constantly improving on a regular basis.

In addition, there are basically no tricks in this circle. Powerful strategies and techniques have long been shared by foreign SEO gods. In China, there are a few who have published some English articles on foreign professional SEO websites, and they have not seen any new and powerful optimization strategies.

Due to the lack of differences, SEO service providers or operators may try some “techniques” to try to make the site get a better ranking. Some of these techniques and techniques may work for a while, but SEO is like an arms race. If you rank better than others, others will study you carefully and soon surpass you again.

Therefore, honestly read thoroughly, understand Google’s official optimization guide, and do a good job of SEO, inside and outside the station is the right way.

Pit 9: for you to use a domestic domain name and host business.

In fact, I have received so many consultations from foreign trade people and answered hundreds of questions about the optimization and promotion of the construction of the station. But what still makes me unbelievable is that many foreign trade websites still register and buy domain names and hosts in China. This is obviously very inappropriate, which will directly affect the speed at which visitors can open your site. In terms of DNS parsing speed, line access bandwidth and stability, it is obviously far behind that of foreign countries.

Allowing foreign visitors to open your website quickly is a very important part of SEO. No matter how beautiful and attractive your site is, if you haven’t loaded it in 8 seconds, your visitors may be impatient. Moreover, Google also attaches great importance to website speed among the ranking factors. Fast websites can give visitors a better experience and have an advantage in the ranking.

Pit 10: service providers have no awareness of copyright.

With regard to copyright awareness, this is a special reminder.

Before, there was a foreign trade student looking for an optimized service provider for building a station, and this service provider is completely imitating the station thinking. That is, what kind of website do you like? give it to a reference website to help you copy the same style. As a result, not only the page design, layout and so on of the service provider are the same as the reference website, but also the Banner pictures and some text of the other website is COPY. Maybe it’s because I used to be used to building a Chinese station, so I’m always looking for a style to imitate the website.

Foreigners will have a strong awareness of copyright. If you copy wantonly and intentionally infringe on the interests of other people’s brand trademarks, the other party will complain to your host company, will complain to Google, and you will be warned or punished to a certain extent. in serious cases, Google does not include your website, and the hosting service provider shuts down your host.

The quality of the service provider is very important. Although this may seem like a small matter, mature and responsible service providers will not put you at potential risk.

The above explained to you why it involves the construction of foreign trade stations, website Google promotion, SEO ranking optimization and so on, the water is too deep, there are too many holes. As a matter of fact, there are still many aspects. I may not think about it all at the moment, so I can write it wherever I want.

After reading this article, please don’t ask me to recommend a reliable service provider or something. I’m sorry I really can’t recommend it! I can only tell you what to pay attention to, how to choose, this is your own business.

Next, let’s talk about the misunderstandings of foreign trade people.

Just spend money to find someone to do it, and be the shopkeeper yourself.

The idea of many people is that I gave you this bag. You’re a professional. I don’t understand. I’m just responsible for paying. Help me solve this problem, do a good job in this project, other things I do not have time to take care of, also do not want to take care of.

A very important thing to do SEO is that you must participate in person and fully communicate with service providers in many aspects. If there is not enough communication, and there is no dedicated person responsible for tracking and confirming the progress of the entire project, then it will be very difficult for the project to be effective in the future.

If you don’t care, I’ll give you 90 points? A 60-point pass is enough, no more, there are other customers to serve.

It’s urgent to see the effect.

Many people feel that they have spent money, so they must see the results quickly. In fact, some SEO work is very complicated, maybe the website you built there before, the structure of the site is unreasonable, or there are all kinds of problems, service providers need to help you slowly modify and optimize. Usually on the first page of Google, unless the degree of competition is really low, it is rarely a new site that has just been set up.

There are also some foreign trade people who understand that white hat SEO takes time, but they are impatient, so they can’t help but urge the service provider to achieve the effect, which also gives the service provider a lot of operational pressure.

“how come the ranking hasn’t come up yet? I’ve been waiting for half a month.”

“Sorry, it will take time for Google to include the new website. In addition, it will take time to do White Hat SEO if you rank it.” It’s not that fast. “

“then give me an exact time limit. When can I see the ranking?”


It is recommended that you lower your expectations on the statute of limitations, and don’t pin your hopes entirely on the website SEO, and have the dream of lying down and collecting inquiries every day.

Your website is your virtual asset, it needs to be managed carefully, and the things that can quickly increase the value of assets with money will not last long. To understand one thing: haste makes waste.

No matter what industry is suitable for content marketing.

I wrote an article earlier that: Industrial Use products will be easier to do Google SEO and content marketing. In most cases, Residential use civilian products (daily necessities, household goods, FMCG, etc.) are more difficult to compete on Google because the first page is almost full of e-commerce platforms.

While the latter industrial use products, because it is difficult to compete in the rankings, it is easier to compete for product words or product category words to rank than daily necessities. And some products are very specialized, the application field is very specific, people who do not know the industry do not understand it at all, so it is more like a small subdivision area. It can be said that Industrial use products are relatively more suitable for optimization and content marketing to get better quality traffic, which can be converted into effective inquiries.

This is not to say that all Residential use products are difficult to convert natural traffic into inquiries through SEO content marketing. I think some products are like this. For example, most daily necessities, low value and no experience, social platform Enterprise products do not rise slowly, and end-users are not very keen to search products, the SEO rely on content marketing to pull traffic into inquiry, the effect is not very satisfactory.

Of course, there are still many kinds of products suitable for, Residential use. For example, digital products, smart homes, electronic products, itself is very experienced, but also easy to spread on social platforms, so it is possible to set up a station to drain and transform inquiries. There are many good examples, so I won’t enumerate them.

But content marketing is not easy to do. Because:

If you write it yourself, you can’t write more than 10 high-quality English articles without a certain amount of skill and sufficient time.

Second, finding a writer on your outsourced platform will take a lot of time and effort just to test the writer and select the writer. the quality of the writing may completely disappoint you, and the quality of the content is not as good as the articles on the well-ranked sites on Google.

In addition, the direction of written content is also very important, you need to do keyword research and search demand analysis, and then consider what content can generate search traffic. If you write a lot of articles that no one is interested in and no one searches for, it will be in vain.

Basically, what I know about content marketing on English B2B websites is basically what I insist on doing, and many of them are in the machinery industry. Most of the articles are written by themselves and a small part of them are outsourced. The article I wrote asked foreigners to revise and embellish it and spent a lot of energy on content creation. At least adhere to do more than one or two, gradually see a steady increase in website traffic, the number of inquiries naturally generated every month is also gradually more.

Why do you want to do content marketing?

First of all, there should be a sufficient number of keywords and a sufficient number of high-quality pages to strive for ranking. And this kind of FMCG imports in large quantities, professional buyers find suppliers in addition to through exhibitions, B2B platforms, social platforms, independent stations and so on. These platforms can attract potential customers with a lot of valuable content.

Do not actively drain yourself.

Now there are many social platforms, Facebook groups, Instagram, Quora and many other platforms that can be drained. If you don’t understand it yourself, do you expect the service provider to release the content for you? Although there may be a small number of private or small studio service providers may help you to do such a specific service, but 99% of the service providers will not do it for you.

You need to pay attention to the traffic on the social platform, use copywriting, pictures, creative videos, and cooperate with content marketing to actively channel traffic into your site.

Although off-site drainage and content marketing are very difficult, if you are determined, you can still do it slowly, that is, you need to study hard and stick to it.

Of course, there is an opportunity cost. You can also spend the same amount of time and energy on expanding your business and increasing the number of salespeople. Therefore, if you are determined to make efforts at the marketing level, it is better to recruit individuals to specifically do promotion optimization.

Although the high-quality outer chain is difficult to obtain, it is not necessarily unobtainable.

Enterprise website this type of site, the number of pages is too small, plus product pages, a total of only dozens of pages, the order of magnitude of page inclusion is too low, page quality is relatively low. Because many page structures are similar, such as product pages.

So we can only find ways to do more content marketing, around their own products, industries, services, technical points and other aspects to writing long and in-depth articles. All articles should be written around your product, industry, or service content.

Then the part outside the station is to constantly dig for valuable external links, of course, this is a very difficult step, high-quality websites are generally impossible for you to give links, or even ignore you. This social value needs to be exchanged, and development also needs a win-win situation. What value did you add to each other? Why should the other party give you an external link? So these aspects are worth thinking about.

If you want to stand out among the many competitors in Google’s rankings, you can’t rely on keywords alone. It can only ensure that you are optimized in the right direction, and it is not enough to rely on on-site SEO, because many of the SEO competitors in the same station do better, so it is difficult for you to directly open the gap in these areas. And if you have a few more high-quality chains, it is tantamount to applying for a job, and a few more letters of recommendation from industry celebrities are likely to allow you to surpass other competitors directly.

But of course, it’s very difficult, but if you can write a high-quality and full-length Killer Post to contribute to the industry’s highly weighted websites and get the outer chain of the inside page of the article, it’s also away. In addition, content marketing is often used to guide and forward content from social media to get an evaluation.

Pay little attention to the output of video resources.

Video has become a very important content in the optimization of foreign trade website SEO in recent years. Statistics on the number of videos played on Youtube, YouTube and Facebook by 1.3 billion people around the world have grown rapidly in the past two years.

Google also pays more attention to the video and puts it on the search results page (SERPs). If you are already planning to do some online marketing promotion, then youtube videos should not be ignored.

You can try to record some short videos, such as company introductions, product demos, production processes, quality control, product selection suggestions, and even a collection of clips from customers visiting the company. Then share videos on other sharing social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to get traffic and links to the company’s website.

Comparing the price, I want a cheaper service provider.

The Chinese have to say that they do believe in the word value for money.

You know, companies that provide really useful SEO services can never do it for a few thousand yuan. Because this is a very labor-intensive process, it needs continuous management, and the labor cost will not below.

So, if you are sure that the service provider you find has good technology, sufficient English optimization background, and very good customer care, you have also known that the customers who have bought the service have known the true evaluation. If the price is really much more expensive than other service providers, I can only say that the expensive one is reasonable. And if you choose a service provider more cheaply than ordinary goods, you may lose the most in the end. Because you paid a lot of money, there was nothing of value in the end.

Another common question is whether to outsource SEO to foreigners. Like Indians.

Outsourced to Indians to do SEO.

I often receive development letters from Indians in my mailbox, most of which is to help you improve your SEO ranking.

Indians are indeed world-famous in the software outsourcing industry because they have low costs, which are only 1/3 of the labor costs in Europe and the United States, and generally speak English and communicate easily. There are good Indian SEO teams, technology is not bad, and the price will not be very cheap.

But what you can find, most of them are cheap, basically, the service and quality are very average, and do things like procrastination, not too meticulous. You know, there is no such thing as cheap and affordable professional services.

However, Indians still have a lot more conscience than their domestic conscience in terms of quotations. At least what domestic Chinese enterprise power, casually build an ordinary enterprise website to quote tens of thousands of yuan, really TM drunk.

If you get up the rankings, you’ll be comfortable.

I believe that with all that has been said above, you should not have such an idea once and for all, should you? The ranking is dynamic, just because it is on the first page these days does not mean it has been on the first page all the time. It is possible that as soon as Google’s algorithm is updated, your ranking has fallen sharply, or there are other websites that have done a lot of optimization work and surpassed you.

Therefore, to do Google SEO needs to stick to it and do it for a long time. There is a correct optimization thinking, there is a certain technical basis, pay enough efforts, there may be a return. Instead of making a little effort, I think it should be rewarded.

Well, the above is a common misunderstanding. Let’s talk about some of the more important aspects.

Specialized in SEO books and training.

In fact, I have recommended basic introductory books. Of course, sometimes you don’t take the initiative to learn, so you may need to apply for some high-quality training. There are many such Google SEO training, the level of training according to the level of the lecturer, whether the actual combat, but also the good and the bad. If you are not clear, take a look at the book for a while. If basic English is good, then there are a lot of text and videos on Google and Youtube that you can learn by yourself.

I know some basic SEO so that at least I can communicate with service providers more efficiently and judge the quality of service locally.

What else should you pay for besides SEO services?

SEO analysis tool.

You may need to use professional SEO tools to check the site’s indicators, such as inclusion, outside the chain, ranking, competition is difficult, and so on. Then you need to know about the following professional analysis tools.









I believe the specific user will be introduced on Google. There are not many tools, so it is OK to have two handy ones.

Professional WordPress SEO plug-in.

The Yoast SEO plug-in is the most popular SEO professional plug-in in the WordPress world. Of course, it can be used for free, free for half a year to a year, after proficiency, you can consider upgrading to a paid version. The paid enhanced version has a lot of very useful additional features.

Part-time or full-time staff in online marketing.

If you plan to do some SEO work on your own, such as finding a writer to write content for you. It takes a lot of time and energy to find a writer, select a writer, try a service, outsource the task management of the platform, communicate with the writer, confirm the details, manage multiple writers, and so on. If you have someone to help you with this work, although there are some more labor costs, it is still very worthwhile.

Apart from SEO, wanting to get an inquiry, what other options are there?

Google Adwords keyword bidding advertising and Facebook advertising. These advertisements can be delivered accurately, and you can control the budget yourself.

Google Adwords is to obtain traffic directly in the form of keyword advertising exposure, which is a more direct way. Of course, the effect, different products and industries, can not be the same effect. To do this, the most important thing is to study what keywords to put. If you choose the key words well, if you choose them incorrectly, you will feel like you are wasting money.

So in the beginning, it is OK to invest some small budget, such as a few thousand yuan, to try it a few times. However, I would like to emphasize that it is very important to choose which keywords to put in which market. You need to do your own research or ask a professional service company to give you advice or operation.

The other is the advertisement for Facebook. It can be said that at present, besides Google, the second-largest advertiser is Facebook, but it is basically based on C-end products.

If you want to know about the Facebook ads, you can first Google some information to see if it is suitable for your own advertising.

Okay. That’s all for this article. I’m just telling you what I know as much as I can. I hope you don’t take detours or step in holes on this road.


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