Gold hot stamping of paper bag

Why did you choose the the hot stamping lamination?

With the improvement of the economic level of the whole world, the skills of the printing industry have been improved, and the printing and process of paper bags tend to be high-grade, environmentally friendly, and personalized.

In order to highlight the high-end positioning of their brands, many companies will choose gold hot stamping, silver hot stamping, or color hot stamping on paper bags, coupled with the embossing lamination, to make paper bags look more beautiful and three-dimensional, attracting many consumers.

Gold hot stamping, silver hot stamping, or color hot stamping on paper bags and decorating paper bags are liked by many consumers. Therefore, many paper bag manufacturers and paper bag trading companies can provide personalized paper bag printing services for paper bag wholesalers and paper bag retailers.

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The hot stamping of paper bags is widely used in the packaging paper bags of high-end goods such as jewelry, cosmetics, clothing and so on.

What is the hot stamping?

The main material of hot stamping is anodized aluminum foil. The hot stamping process uses the principle of hot pressing transfer to transfer the aluminum layer of anodized aluminum to the surface of the paper to form a special metal effect. There are many different colors of  anodized aluminum foil. The following picture shows several commonly used colors.

The hot stamping for paper bags is that anodized aluminum is heated under pressure, resulting in the melting of the hot silicone resin layer and adhesive. At this time, the viscosity of the silicone resin becomes smaller, allowing the aluminum layer and anodized to be transferred to the paper. With the relief of the pressure of the stamping machine, the adhesive will cool quickly.

There are mainly two kinds of hot stamping: The first is used as the surface decoration of paper bags, and the second is to add anti-counterfeiting function to the goods. Among them, the first  is most often used for decoration on paper bags.

The first is to decorate the surface of the paper bag.

Decorate the surface of the paper bag, mainly to improve the added value of the product, so that the product looks festive or resplendent, clear design, bright colors, wear resistance, high resolution. The hot stamping is sometimes used together with the embossing process, which makes the three-dimensional effect of the hot stamping lamination more beautiful.

The hot stamping lamination is designed on the custom paper bag, which can play the finishing point and highlight the effect of advertising paper bag theme. The hot stamping is generally used in the paper bag on the trademark, brand name, company name and other locations.

The second is to give the product anti-counterfeiting functions, such as trademark marks and so on.

How to make the hot stamping lamination?

Because of the improvement of the material level, hot stamping naturally has the difference between the high quality and the traditional version. At present, the main hot stamping lamination is mainly high-quality. Therefore, we mainly adopt the photographic etching process and electronic carving technology in the production of hot stamping plate, and the materials commonly used are copper plate or zinc plate. Because the copper plate is delicate in material, the surface finish and heat transfer effect are better than the zinc plate, so the use of high-quality copper plate can improve the glossiness and outline clarity of the gilded picture and text. However, the traditional photographic etching technology has the advantages of simple process and low cost, which is mainly used for text, thick lines and general images; for the more fine and uneven thickness of picture and text, the gilding version needs to use secondary rotten depth or electric carving technology.

Anyone who has made the hot stamping will like the rich and delicate changes in the production process. Among them, the hot stamping made by electric carving is particularly good-looking. Not only that, the process is also conducive to environmental protection, but the disadvantage is that the investment in equipment is too high for normal printing enterprises to bear, and even if the process is not in place, there will be a “paste version”.

Hot Stamping Lamination of paper bag:

Step 1: Place anodized between the paper and the gilded version

Step 2: Heat the bronzing plate to 100-150 degrees, press it down, and apply the pressure to the paper after contacting the anodized aluminum.

Step 3: The content of the picture and text on the gilded version fits perfectly with the paper.

Step 4: The gilded version is lifted and left.

Step 5: Affected by the temperature of the gilded metal plate, when anodized contact with the picture and text on the gilded plate, the colored layer will be peeled off and transferred to the paper.

Step 6: Removal of anodized scrap that has been stripped off.

Step 7: Finish the hot stamping effect on the paper.

The gilded version needs to mirror and carve the content so that the hot image on the paper is positive.

If the font is too fine, it is difficult to make a gilding effect on the gilded version.

The precision of copper plate carving is different from that of zinc plate, and the hot stamping effect of the hot stamping version is also different.

Different stroke thickness, different paper, the temperature and anodized material requirements are not the same.

What problems do you need to pay attention to in the bronzing process?

Gilding is mainly divided into paper hot stamping and plastic hot stamping. What is introduced here is paper hot stamping, that is, hot stamping on paper bags.


The stamping process looks simple, but it needs to be operated by a skilled designer.

In order to do the gilding process of paper bags, we also need to pay attention to the following situations:

1. Hot stamping is not firm:

  • In the process of hot stamping of paper bags, the position of hot stamping is not firm due to low hot stamping temperature or low pressure of hot stamping machine.

The solution is to adjust the temperature and pressure of the hot stamping machine.

(2) In the printing process of the paper bag, due to the excessive printing ink, the surface of the part of the paper with ink dries too fast, which makes the surface of the paper crystallize, so the hot stamping machine can not be used to do the hot stamping effect.

The solution is to try to print the paper with four colors on the press, do not add too much ink to prevent the surface of the paper from crystallizing.

If the surface of the paper has crystallized, in the case of no aluminum foil in the hot stamping machine, use the hot stamping machine to empty the paper and destroy the crystallization layer on the surface of the paper, and then add aluminum foil to the hot stamping machine for hot stamping process.

  • If the ink contains waxy anti-adhesive or non-dry oily substances, it will also lead to unstable hot stamping.

The solution is to first stick a layer of absorbent paper on the printing plate and press it again, adsorb the wax on the background ink layer, and then carry out hot stamping operation.

2. Hot stamping pictures and texts are virtual and overlap.

Hot stamping machine on the paper to do hot stamping process, if there are hot stamping patterns and text out of the virtual, dizzy, this is because the hot stamping temperature adjustment is too high, hot stamping paper film beyond the limit, will expand around, causing hot stamping paper coking, resulting in dizziness and emptiness.

The coking of hot stamping paper means that the stamping machine stops for too long in the hot stamping process, so that a part of the stamping paper is in contact with the electrothermal high temperature printing plate for a long time, resulting in coking of the hot stamping paper. Lead to hot stamping out of the text and patterns of the phenomenon of dizziness.

The solution is to adjust the appropriate temperature of the stamping machine according to the characteristics of the stamping paper.

In the production process, if you need to stop the stamping machine, you should lower the temperature of the machine, or move the stamping paper away and put a piece of paper in front of the hot printing plate to separate the stamping paper from the printing plate.

3. The handwriting is blurred.

Hot stamping will appear its own blur, mainly because the temperature setting of the hot stamping machine is too high, the coating of hot stamping paper is too thick, the pressure of hot stamping paper is too high, and the installation of hot stamping paper is loose.

In order to avoid blurred handwriting and paste version, we need to take corresponding solutions according to the specific situation. Properly adjust the temperature of the hot stamping machine, select the thin coated hot stamping paper, adjust the appropriate pressure of the hot stamping machine, adjust the pressure of the reel drum and the tension of the reel drum.

4. The edge of the picture and text is uneven and unclear.

When the pressure of the printing plate of the hot stamping machine is uneven, the layout is uneven, which causes the pressure of the layout to be different. When doing the bronzing process, the edge of the picture and text will occur rough edge phenomenon.

The surface of the gilded paper should be kept clean and tidy so that the adhesion between the gilded paper and the surface of the paper is the same.

Hot stamping plate must be flat and solid, to ensure that the pressure of hot stamping is uniform, in order to ensure that the printing pattern and text are clear.

In the process of hot stamping, it is necessary to adjust the hot stamping pressure to an appropriate degree. To ensure that the pad of the printing press should be accurately fitted according to the area of the pattern, do not shift, do not move. In this way, in order to ensure that the picture and text coincide with the cushion layer when hot stamping, and avoid hair around the picture and text. Also, the pressure of the same plate is uneven after hot stamping. This is because there is a great disparity in the size of the picture and text area, so the pressure of the large area should be increased, and the pressure of the size area can be corrected and adjusted by the paper cushion method to make it equal. Finally, if the hot stamping temperature is too high, it will also cause uneven imprinting. Therefore, according to the characteristics of the gilding paper, the hot stamping temperature of the printing plate should be reasonably controlled

in order to ensure that the four sides of the picture and text are smooth, smooth and hairless.

5. The pattern of hot stamping is incomplete.

Gilding paper delivery speed, printing plate damage or deformation, will cause patterns and text incomplete.

If the plate is found to be damaged, repair or replace the plate immediately. Because if the hot stamping machine plate deformation, will make the printing plate can not bear the pressure of the hot stamping machine, affecting the hot stamping effect.

If the gilding paper cutting and conveying deviation, the gilding paper horizontal cutting edge is too small or cutting skew when conveying deviation, it will make the gilding paper and printing plate picture and text does not match, part of the picture and text exposed, resulting in incomplete. In order to prevent such problems, when cutting the ironing paper, make it neat and smooth, and appropriately increase the size of the edge. Gilding paper conveying speed and tightness improper will also produce this kind of fault. The gilding paper receiving device is loosened or loosened between the core and the reel, the unwinding speed changes, and the tightness of the gilding paper changes, which deviates the position of the picture and text and causes the picture and text to be incomplete. At this time, to adjust the winding and unwinding position, the hot paper is too tight, then the pressure and tension of the reel should be properly adjusted to ensure a suitable speed and tightness. Hot stamping materials and hot stamping materials are uncomfortable or too much powder spraying during printing will also occur this kind of fault, we should pay attention to adjustment. In addition, the part of the printing plate moves and falls in the position of the base plate, and the gasket of the imprinting mechanism shifts, which changes the normal hot stamping pressure, which is uneven, which will cause incomplete imprinting of picture and text. If the pressure is too light, the pressure can be increased. Therefore, in the hot stamping process of hot stamping paper, the hot stamping quality should be inspected frequently, the quality problems should be analyzed immediately, and the printing plate and backing should be checked. If you find that the printing plate moves or the backing shifts, adjust it in time and put the printing plate and backing back in place.

6. I can’t get the hot stamping.

When hot stamping, the picture and text show the bottom of the hair or cannot be hot stamped at all, the main reasons are:

(1) The hot stamping temperature is too low, and the hot stamping temperature of the printing plate is too low to reach the minimum temperature required for the anodized aluminum foil to be separated from the film base and transferred to the substrate. During hot stamping, the hot stamping paper is not completely transferred, so that the picture and text can not be blossomed, exposed or hot stamped.

If you find this kind of quality problem, you should increase the temperature of the electric hot plate in time until the intact print is printed.

(2) The hot stamping pressure is low. In the process of hot stamping, if the hot stamping pressure of the printing plate is too small and the pressure applied to the anodized aluminum foil is too light, the hot stamping paper can not be transferred smoothly, making the hot stamping picture and text incomplete. Found that this situation should first analyze whether the hot stamping pressure is small, external observation of the weight of imprint marks, if the hot stamping pressure is small, hot stamping pressure should be increased.

(3) The background color is too dry and the surface is crystallized, so that the hot stamping paper can not be hot stamped. When hot stamping, the dryness of the background color can be printed immediately within the printable range. When printing background color, the ink layer should not be too thick, when the printing volume is large, it is necessary to print in batches and appropriately shorten the production cycle. Once crystallization is found, printing should be stopped immediately, and the printing should be continued after finding and troubleshooting.

(4) The gilding paper is of the wrong type or poor quality. When the hot stamping paper model is wrong or the quality is not good, it also makes the hot stamping quality problems. At this time, the gilding paper with appropriate model, good quality and strong adhesion should be replaced. Hot stamping area of a larger substrate, can be hot stamped twice in a row, can avoid hair, exposure and hot stamping


6. Hot stamping without luster.

Most of this is because the hot stamping temperature is too high or the hot stamping pressure is too high or the hot stamping speed is too slow, so we should appropriately reduce the temperature of the electric hot plate, reduce the pressure and adjust the hot stamping speed. In addition, it is necessary to make as few empty cars as possible and reduce unnecessary parking, because empty cars and parking will raise the temperature of the electric hot plate.

7. The quality of hot stamping is unstable.

Use the same material, but the hot stamping quality is good and bad. The main reasons are unstable material quality, problems with temperature control of electric hot plate or loose pressure adjusting nut. Can change the material first, if the fault remains, it may be the problem of temperature or pressure, the temperature and pressure should be adjusted and controlled successively.

8. Leakage after hot stamping

The main reason is that the pattern of the scalded object is too deep, so the pattern should be replaced; if the pressure is too small and the temperature is too low, the pressure can be increased and the temperature can be increased.

In short, hot stamping paper hot stamping failure, there are many reasons, in addition to hot stamping temperature, pressure and speed, but also pay attention to printing materials or replacement of hot stamping paper and other problems, careful analysis, in order to prescribe the right medicine, better eliminate all kinds of problems.


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