Good packaging printing helps your products to market successful

Why is packaging printing important? This is because consumers see your outer package first before they come into contact with your product,  so in addition to the good-looking design, printing is also very important.

Especially for the majority of food companies, packaging printing should be paid more attention. According to psychological research, food color is very critical to appetite, and reasonable color matching can enhance people’s appetite.

Relevant research shows that in the red environment, it can speed up people’s pulse,  and the blood pressure of the human body will rise under the stimulation of red color, so red food can more stimulate people’s appetite and eat happier when eating in a red environment. At the same time, red also gives people a sense of vitality, so in the food packaging design. We must learn to flexibly apply red to our paper bag design, which can increase people’s desire to buy,  and this is why the decoration colors of restaurants are mainly warm.

In packaging printing, it is also necessary to use the influence of color on people’s appetite to increase people’s desire to buy, so the research and application of color began to enter the food industry and applied to paper bag packaging and printing.

Red, not only represents festive, more importantly, it can give people a sense of sweetness and convey a sense of sweetness, so if your food belongs to the sweet system, then you should use red packaging.

Yellow is the color of fire, so yellow gives people the feeling of baking, just like freshly baked cake and fried chicken legs, emitting an attractive feeling, so it should be mainly yellow in this series of foods, which is in line with the characteristics of the food itself. it can also show the color and taste of the food. And fresh, tender, crisp, sour and other food and paper bag packaging are mainly green series, which can be better expressed, and different colors show different feelings, so if you want to package and print well, you should pay attention to the reasonable collocation and use of colors, which can successfully help enterprises to create a brand image, from the association of color to food, to the temptation of food. If you want to be unique, you must use it properly. This is also the unique feature of Wepaperbag. We can help you do it together.

The application of color in food packaging printing is very fastidious, and the color collocation is reasonable, which can not only make food packaging eye-catching, but also enhance the impression of consumers, but also increase the desire to buy, to promote purchase. Therefore, product packaging printing is not only the role of beautifying food, at the same time reasonable color matching, but also can increase the purchase behavior of food, play a promotional role.

Good food packaging, but also reflect the characteristics of food itself, while taking care of consumers’ emotions, as well as consumers’ psychological needs, appreciation of food packaging design, consumer choice habits. Through rational use, it shows the excellent taste of food and arouses people’s desire for food consumption, thus prompting consumers to buy our goods. Therefore, to make our commodity sales to a higher level, the application of food packaging design is an important link that can not be ignored. With years of rich experience, Wepaperbag has first-class printing equipment and skilled workers in Zhejiang packaging and printing industry. Now we are willing to give you a helping hand.

If your enterprise has the need of packaging and printing, you are welcome to call. I believe Wepaperbag ( can do its best to serve you and give you a helping hand in the market launch of your products!


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