How does the gift box develop?

Color box packaging refers to folding cartons and colored fine corrugated boxes made of plastic, cardboard, and fine corrugated board. It has the characteristics of lightweight, portability, wide source of raw materials, environmental protection, and exquisite printing.

So how much do you know about the development of color box packaging?

gift paper box

Today’s article will introduce to you my understanding of gift boxes.

In the past 10 years, the global consumption of color boxes has been increasing at a rate of 3%, 6%, every year. Judging from the improvement of the entire international color box industry, the growth rate of the carton market in developed countries is gradually slowing down, while the growth rate of the carton market in developing countries is rising rapidly. China, as a factory of all countries in the world, because it has to provide a lot of generation processing, China’s color box market has become the fastest-growing market in the world, with a growth rate of 15% to 20%. This rapid growth is exciting.

Of course, this growth liquid is accompanied by a crisis: the price of raw materials for packaging cartons has fallen; China’s color box processing plants lack brand awareness, while global competition intensifies, all of which dictate that China’s color box printing industry must innovate and layout well, from design and technology to printing and brand promotion.

In various forms of paper packaging, color box packaging is the most rapid development, it is widely used in tobacco, food, medicine, daily chemical, and other fields related to people’s life information, and the demand is still expanding. In the United States, 80% of packaging printing plants plan to switch to the field of packaging color box production, while in China, it is growing at a rapid rate of 18% a year. The high profit of color box packaging and the huge consumption potential of color box printing have produced great attraction to the global color box packaging manufacturers in China and even the world, and have rushed to enter the Chinese market as soon as possible to seize the first opportunity.

On the other hand, due to the fierce market competition, more and more enterprises realize the importance of color box packaging in brand marketing. Color box packaging is more and more favored by enterprises because of its advantages such as easy processing and exquisite printing effect, and it has become the best choice for commodity color box packaging. With the continuous progress of printing technology and color box manufacturing technology, there will be more exquisite and practical, colorful color box packaging in front of the public. We can believe that the color box packaging and printing industry will become a vibrant industry for a long time from now to the future.

With the continuous expansion of the demand for color boxes in the packaging industry and the gradual expansion of the production chain of color box packaging, not only did the packaging and printing enterprises in southern China have increased their investment in the operation of carton packaging, expanded their factories and purchased new equipment, many southern enterprises have also stepped out of the regional market and set their eyes on the capital, Shandong and other northern regions with great development potential.

The improvement of aesthetic requirements of modern people determines that color box packaging suppliers should think and innovate from the aspects of the choice of paper, the printing process, and the designer’s control of the trend, to design and produce style packaging in line with the taste of the public. This kind of carton packaging supplier can survive in the packaging field for a long time and be profitable.

If you need to design a popular carton package for your brand, please contact us. According to your market demand, consumer consumption level, and style preference, we will make packing cartons for you that can bring long-term benefits to the enterprise.


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