How is the paper bag business?

With the strengthening of people’s awareness of environmental protection, people pay more attention to protecting the environment. There are international calls to reduce the use of plastic bags. As a result, paper bag production enterprises and trading companies were born.

Paper bags are environmentally friendly, recyclable and sustainable, making paper bags needed in many life scenes. The demand for paper bags is increasing.

How’s the paper bag business? Is the paper bag business easy? Here’s how to start the paper bag business at a low cost:

1. In which consumer markets can paper bags be used?

(1) Gift packaging.

(2) Shopping and packaging.

(3) Food packaging.

(4) Medical use.

(5) Jewelry packaging.

(6) General purpose.

(7) for advertising purposes, printing your own company LOGO, on paper bags is conducive to brand communication.

2. What are the market potential and opportunities of paper bags?

With the establishment of more and more specialty stores and shopping malls, the demand for paper bags in stores is also increasing.

The paper bag manufacturing industry plays a very obvious role in brand communication for new companies and already famous companies. The more people see the brand printed on the paper bag, the more they will trust the brand. When they choose products on store shelves, if there is a brand they often see, they are more likely to choose a brand they are familiar with. Therefore, many companies want to advertise on paper bags and print their brands on paper bags.

3. What is the cost of making paper bags?

Paper bag manufacturing is a small-scale business, so it requires the least investment. The main areas of investment are the cost of machinery, labor, and workshop rent. Transportation and marketing costs are investments that can be adjusted according to your business needs.

Depending on the productivity of the machine, the price of a fully automatic bag-making machine is about $700-10k. A fully automatic bag-making machine with a productivity of about 15k pcs/Hour. Find the right paper bag manufacturer (you can find us to help you produce paper bags, and (Judy)), can also reduce the cost of paper bag advertising for brands.

4. Go to the local company to register.

Go to the local company to register the production of paper bags and obtain a business license. It can be registered as a company or self-employed.

5. Select the production site.

In order to reduce rental costs, you can find a suitable place in the suburbs to use as your own factory to produce paper bags.

Or choose the address near the market and reduce the distribution channel.

This reduces taxes, rents, labor and other costs.

6. What are the raw materials for making paper bags?

(1) Raw material paper.

(2) dumb film or bright film.

(3) Printing ink.

(4) Paper bag handle (ribbon, PP Rope, cotton rope, twisted paper handle).

(5) cartons (for packing paper bags).

These do not need to be stored in the warehouse first, when the order is placed, you can purchase the corresponding quantity from the supplier, as long as pay attention to increasing the quantity, as the expected wear and tear. The general wear and tear should be controlled at about 10%.

When the production is finished, if there are extra paper bags in the expected loss, you can also ask the customer if they need it, give it to the customer at a discount, or give it to the customer. Give the customer a good impression and strive for the next time the customer will place an order with him.

7. Find the workers.

In the early stage, if you do not have your own stable staff to make paper bags, you will find cheap local labor and send the materials to them for production. If you can’t find it, you can transport the material to the surrounding village and let experienced workers make paper bags.

In the later stage, if the paper bag order is stable, you can recruit long-term employees and train them. In this way, we will be able to control the quality of our own paper bags.

8. What are the points for attention in making paper bags?

(1) customized paper bags are very flexible, allowing their designers to customize the logo that meets customer expectations according to customer needs.

(2) the printer is very important. Experienced printers can print customers’ paper bags beautifully, which can bring you long-term orders.

(3) the full-automatic bag-making machine can complete all the processes of making paper bags. If it is a semi-automatic printing machine, the later processes, such as folding, pasting and cutting of the paper after printing, will be handed over to the workers to complete.

9. Promote your own company’s paper bag business:

If you want your paper bag business to develop healthily for a long time, you need to continue to promote your own business.

(1)Build a website

(you can take a look at my paper bag production website, which is very effective for advertising on Google Ad. I personally put it into practice, and it really worked, and I made a lot of friendly customers.

Of course, if you have just started your paper bag production business, you still need to do some promotion.

Advertising will be more efficient and, of course, spend the most money.

(2) Acquaintance introduction, acquaintance introduction is the most effective.

(3) Promote it on social networking sites.

Exposed and promoted on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest. Can rely on the release of paper bags of professional articles and paid advertising to promote exposure and promotion.

(4) Mail promotion.

The effect will be relatively slow, but it is also a long-term precipitation effect, which needs to be persisted for a long time.

10. What is the profit of the paper bag manufacturing industry?

The profit of the paper bag manufacturer depends on the sales chain of the customer.

If the customer is doing terminal small wholesale, when the minimum wholesale quantity is 5k pcs, the profit can be controlled at about 40%.

If the customer is a relatively large local wholesaler, the profit can achieve 20% is very good.

Of course, the specific situation still needs specific consideration.

It is also very important to strive to find high-quality customers at the end of the paper bag.

In the early stage, in order to win orders, it is also possible to reduce their own profits and strive for long-term cooperation with customers.

If you want high profits in the long run, build your own brand from the beginning. Brand premium can bring good initiative for future business pricing. For example, our company’s brand is Wepaperbag.

If we can effectively carry out the business of paper bags, it is also profitable to be a manufacturer of paper bags. People need consumption when they exist in this world, and consumption needs paper bags to help them hold the products they buy. In the future, there will always be a demand for paper bags, and there will be more and more demand for paper bags.

The paper bag manufacturing industry does not need a lot of money to start, nor does it need very complex machines. Just hire a technician who knows how to print.

If you are interested, you can start making a plan today to do a business that is profitable and accumulates for a long time.

If you want light assets to operate the paper bag business, you can also contact us (, you can rest assured to give us the order, we will help you produce. We are in China, specializing in manufacturing paper bags, we have our own design team, we can help you design any style you want. We have a Heidelberg printing press to make 1 color, 2 color, and 4 color printing effects for your paper bag. We have experienced workers to help you make packaging paper bags and control the production quality of paper bags. It can also help you affix your local price tag on the paper bag so that after you receive the goods, you can transport the paper bag directly to the supermarket shelf for sale. We can help you to go by sea (about 1 month to the United States, 2 months to the United Kingdom, and 1 month to Australia), or by air (about a week) to save you all your worries.

If you have any paper bag business or cooperation, please contact Judy ( We will give you a quotation to help you run your own paper bag sales business.


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