How to choose a paper bag factory with good printing quality?

Nowadays, there is a great demand for box printing in the market, not only because the packaging paper bag plays an external role in packaging goods, making the goods more beautiful, but also as an external decoration of goods. It also plays a very effective role in attracting the attention of customers and better showing the advantages of packaged goods.

Therefore, at the present stage, there is a large demand for good packaging paper bag printing in the market. At the present stage, the paper bag printing production of paper bag printing enterprises is also in further development. Then, how to better carry out paper bag printing, so as to make paper bag printing better, is a paper bag factory is very concerned about.

1. What should paper bag manufacturers do in order to have a good printing effect and attract customers more, so as to better sell paper bag printing products?

gift paper bag
gift paper bag

One of the issues that enterprises need to pay attention to is the choice of materials for external packaging, which involves the quality of external packaging paper bags.

In order to make the paper bag print well, we should start with the quality, which is the foundation. At the same time, for paper bag printing, we should choose popular ink, that is, the ink odor concentration is relatively small. At the same time, printing ink outdoor exposure time is relatively long, not easy to fade, and other characteristics, so as to better carry out the production of paper bag printing. I believe that doing a good job in these two steps will be of great help to the production of paper bag printing.

2. How to choose the packaging printing factory correctly?

wrapping paper-Shopping-Bags
wrapping paper-Shopping-Bags

More and more enterprises have higher and higher requirements for product packaging, in the face of the endless emergence of printing enterprises, what kind of packaging printing factory is more reliable, and how to choose?

(1) Firstly, to make a correct analysis of the requirements.

When choosing a packaging and printing factory, enterprises must pay attention to understand what their real needs are. These requirements include the delivery date, price, printing quality, etc., so that we can choose according to our own needs.

(2) Secondly, is the price control.

When choosing a packaging printing factory, many enterprises always hope that others can give a price first, and then choose. In fact, the packaging printing factory is unable to give the price before getting the exact needs of customers, such as the data of gift packaging paper bags, so we should determine the data and consult the price.

These data include the size of the paper bag, which kind of paper is selected, what color the paper bag is printed, the choice of handle style, the material and weight of the bottom card of the paper bag, the number of paper bags, whether the paper bag needs to be gilded, emboss & deboss, and so on.

(3) Thirdly, the printing factory is different, and the direction it is good at is also different.

We often say that each has its own advantages, although they are all packaging and printing plants, we should also pay attention to their expertise in making choices, and their expertise is also different, and the decisive factor is equipment, so we have to consider this aspect.

Some factories are very strong, with very perfect paper bag production equipment, in time to face the complex process of customized paper bags, even if the quantity is large, it can also ensure quality and delivery.

Some factories are not very strong, but can flexibly adapt to the customized needs of customers. For example, the number of individual models is small, but the printing requirements are complex, the process is tedious, the packaging is complex, and so on.

(4) Fourthly, it is to find the method of the enterprise.

Many companies don’t know how to find a suitable company, so just find something similar. In fact, there are many information channels in modern society, we can not only find in the real society but there are also many professional paper bag manufacturers on the network, even if these enterprises are far away from us, the logistics have been very perfect today, none of this is a problem.

You can find the right paper bag maker on Google or social platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Tiktok, etc.

3. How to choose the handheld rope of paper bag.

Cartoon gift paper bag
Cartoon gift paper bag

After each paper handbag is made, it needs to be punched, buttoned and corded, in which the choice of handheld rope is a key step. There are many kinds of handheld rope in paper bags. Now let’s take a look at several common paper bag handheld ropes and their respective characteristics.

(1) Three strands of rope.

The three-strand rope is made of polyester, nylon, polypropylene, and other products, which have the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and so on. Its price is more expensive than similar multi-strand rope.

(2) Flat ribbon.

Plain and twill are two classical weaving methods of cloth. Plain ribbon lines are very smooth, warp and weft yarns are intertwined according to the law of one up and down, there are many interweaving points, the surface is smooth, and there is little difference between positive and negative sides, but the density is not high.

(3) Rib belt.

Rib ribbon is the most commonly used ribbon, the surface is a stripe (Leng Leng), with a sense of concavity and convexity, directly touch with the hand, there is a sense of rugged, the market is mainly made of polyester Luowen belt, other man-made silk can also be made, but the scope of use is not wide.

(4) Paper rope.

As the name implies, the paper rope is a rope made of paper. The paper rope is often used as a paper bag hand rope. The load-bearing capacity of the paper rope is stronger, but compared with the cloth rope, the paper rope is easier to break at the interface of the bag body. Therefore, paper rope handbags are often used to pack small handicrafts, trinkets, and so on.

(5) Hemp rope.

Hemp rope refers to all kinds of hemp plant fiber rope, hemp rope is washable, wear-resistant, sun-resistant, with its own literary and artistic retro temperament, often matched with Kraft paper bags, the two seem to be perfect match.

I believe that after reading the introduction of the above several kinds of paper bags hand rope, you also have a preliminary understanding of the common paper bag handbag. If you need to custom paper bag, welcome to contact Wepaperbag( I believe our professional quality and attitude will make you have an unforgettable paper bag customization trip.

4. Notes on handbag printing.

ivory paper bag with silver hot stamping
ivory paper bag with silver hot stamping

(1) The size of a handbag usually depends on the size of the package.

The general standard size of paper is divided into three, four, or the opposite. Each is divided into two types: positive or magnanimous. The size of the paper bag consists of length X width X height.

(2) After printing, the paper bag needs to be covered with film or rope.

The rope of a paper bag can be a nylon rope, cotton rope, or paper rope. If the size of the handbag is large, it is necessary to strengthen the rivets at the rope hole to resist tension.

157g and 200g coated paper can be used for paper bags. If you need to match with heavier packaging, you can choose 300g coated paper or more than 300g paper jam printing. If you choose coated paper or cardboard printing, generally need to cover bright film or sub-film to increase its strength. In addition, white Kraft paper is more and more used in paper bag production recently because of its strong toughness and environmental protection. 120g or 140g white Kraft paper or yellow Kraft paper is usually available. After printing, oil is needed to protect the ink from getting dirty when making paper bags.

(3) The size of the handbag usually depends on the size of the package.

The general standard size is divided into three, four, or the opposite. Each is divided into two types: positive or magnanimous. Its net size consists of length × width × height. For more detailed dimensions, please refer to the attached drawings.

The handbag needs to be covered with film or rope before it can be formed after printing. The handbag rope can be made of nylon rope, cotton rope, or paper rope. If the size of the handbag is large, it is necessary to strengthen the rivets at the rope hole to resist tension.

5. What are the materials of the paper bag?

square paper bag
square paper bag

At present, the main printing papers for making handheld paper bags in the industry are newsprint, offset paper, coated paper, embossed paper, letterpress paper, gravure paper, dictionary paper, and white cardboard paper, of which coated paper is the most commonly used type of paper in handbag printing. for some handbags with high thickness requirements, we can also choose white cardboard paper for printing.

The most widely used paper for making paper bags are White cardboard, Kraft paper, black cardboard, copper paper, and special paper.

(1) Ivory paper

The advantages of ivory paper: solid, durable, good smoothness, printing out of the color is very rich and full, paper bags commonly used 210-300 grams of ivory paper, often used 230 grams of ivory paper.

Ivory paper has a certain thickness and is used for printing handbags. Ivory paper handbags can give people a steady, thick feeling. Ivory paper can also print patterns on its smooth surface.

(2) Art paper

The material characteristics of art paper: whiteness and glossiness are very good, printing can make pictures and pictures show a three-dimensional sense, but its firmness is not as strong as ivory paper. The thickness of art paper commonly used in paper bags is 128-300 grams.

Art paper can be said to be the first choice for hand-held paper bags! Art paper is deeply processed based on the base paper, the smoothness and whiteness are relatively high, regardless of its thickness, or its inking performance, which are also very excellent. It also has good elasticity and water resistance, which adds a lot of points to the performance of the handbag. At the same time, its surface can print very exquisite patterns, making it the most commonly used type of paper in handbag printing.

(3) Kraft paper

The advantages of Kraft paper: it has high toughness and firmness and is not easy to tear. Kraft paper is generally suitable for printing two-color paper bags with monochrome or non-rich colors.

(4) Black cardboard

The advantages of Black cardboard: solid and durable, the color is black because the black card itself is black, its biggest disadvantage is that it can not be printed in color, but can be used for gold hot stamping and silver hot stamping, and other processes.

For customers who want to customize paper bags, if they want to find a factory to customize their own personalized brand paper bags, the first thing to think about is whether the process of making paper bags is advanced, whether the product is of high quality and efficiency, whether the service is professional, and how the printing quality is.

All these determine the overall appearance of the paper bag. According to the design, a good paper bag printing factory can completely restore the original idea and intention of the designer, make use of the advantages of its factory and use imported printing equipment at the same time, advanced technology can effectively reduce the color difference so that more fashionable shopping bags into people’s daily life!

If you happen to need to customize paper bags for your brand or products, please give priority to Wepaperbag ( As a paper bag manufacturer, we can provide you with raw materials from the source to help you reduce costs, control the quality and delivery of paper bags, and one-stop service to deliver paper bags to the address you need.


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