How to choose raw material paper for a paper bag?

A paper handbag is a kind of environmentally friendly handbag. Commonly used handheld paper bags include white cardboard paper, coated paper, and Kraft paper. Generally speaking, environmentally friendly handbags refer to paper bags and non-woven bags. The handbags of these two kinds of paper not only have the function of environmental protection but also have the characteristics of easy degradation and recycling. It is an environmentally friendly material. Whether it is cosmetics, clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other industries, sales are booming. As a result, the demand for shopping handbags has also increased, and various enterprises have begun to order a large number of handbags. Often, companies want to make them cheaply.

So, high-end handbags, how can we realize the wishes of merchants? When choosing a custom paper bag, it is recommended to choose 157 grams or 200 grams of coated paper. This paper material is characterized by toughness and flatness, good appearance and feel, and moderate price. The bearing capacity of paper bags varies according to processing technology and thickness. If you need to match heavier packaging products, you can choose 190 grams of coated paper or 210 grams of white cardboard printing. In addition, when the coated paper or cardboard is printed into a paper bag, the strength can also be increased by lamination in the case of improving the load-bearing capacity and glossiness. In addition, because of its toughness and environmental protection, white Kraft paper has been more and more used in paper bag printing in recent years. You can usually use 120 grams or 140 grams of white or yellow Kraft paper. The price of this kind of paper is slightly higher, and after the toilet paper bag is printed, oil is needed to protect the paper bag from being soiled by ink.

Why are eco-friendly handbags so popular? In western countries, people use Kraft paper bags to store goods. Kraft paper bags can be seen everywhere from food to clothes. Western companies entering China still have a penchant for Kraft paper bags. Cosmetics brand Sephora has been using white cowhide to make paper bags to store skincare products that consumers buy. It adds a sense of fashion. Environmentally friendly handbags should choose appropriate paper according to customer requirements. There are many types of paper bag handles. Ordinary cotton rope, paper rope, and shoelace rope are very common in daily life. The material has a high utilization rate and good quality. It can also improve the quality of paper bags.

Paper handbag is not only an attitude towards environmental protection life but also a support for the cause of environmental protection in our country. Non-woven bag manufacturers start with a small environmentally friendly handbag, calling on everyone to care about the living environment, promote an environmentally friendly society, and use more reusable environmental bags to add a touch of green to your living environment. Wepaperbag pays attention to environmental protection from the beginning of paper bag production.

There are several kinds of raw materials for making paper bags:

1.Special paper:

For customers with higher requirements, it is suggested that you can contact us to recommend a special paper for you, the variety of special paper is also very many, can be decided according to your requirements.

2. Whiteboard:

Whiteboard is a kind of paperboard with a white and smooth front and gray bottom on the back. the commonly used thickness is 250g-350g. the whiteboard is white on one side and gray on the other, and the price is cheaper than the dialogue cardboard.

3. White Kraft paper:

White Kraft paper has high burst resistance, good toughness, high strength, and a stable color image of evenness and thickness. according to the relevant laws and regulations of the state, supermarkets restrict the use of plastic bags, as well as the trend of using environmentally friendly paper bags in foreign countries, Europe and the United States, and other countries. strictly control plastic pollution, plastic bags will be replaced by environmentally friendly paper bags, the market prospect of white Kraft paper is promising. 100% pure wood pulp manufacturing, environmental protection, non-toxic, environmentally friendly recycling, white Kraft paper toughness is very good, and no film, widely used in the production of environment-friendly clothing handbags, high-grade shopping bags, and so on. The commonly used thickness of 120 grams-200 grams of white Kraft paper, the paper has no brightness and glossiness, white Kraft paper is not suitable for printing ink too large content.

4. Coated paper:

Coated paper is characterized by a very smooth and smooth surface, high whiteness, high smoothness, and good glossiness, and it also makes the printed graphics and pictures have a three-dimensional feeling, with a commonly used thickness of 128g-300g. The printing effect of the copper board is the same as that of white cardboard, and the color is full and bright. Compared with white cardboard, its stiffness is not as good as that of white cardboard. Coated paper has high whiteness and glossiness, suitable for printing, designers can boldly use a variety of pictures and colors, advertising effect is good. Coated paper is divided into single copper paper and double copper paper. The stiffness of single copper paper is good, but the paper is brittle and has poor toughness. When used to make paper bags, it is necessary to cover the film in order to avoid the phenomenon of edge bursting.

5. Kraft paper:

Kraft paper has a high pulling force and high strength. Usually brownish yellow, with high tear strength, rupture work, and dynamic strength, it is widely used in shopping bags, envelopes, and so on. The commonly used thickness of 120 grams-300 grams of natural Kraft paper, Kraft paper is generally suitable for printing monochrome or two-color and color uncomplicated manuscripts, compared with white cardboard, white Kraft paper, and copper paper, the price of yellow Kraft paper is relatively low.

6. White cardboard: White cardboard is strong and thick, has high stiffness, breaking resistance, and smoothness, the paper surface is smooth, the commonly used thickness is 210-300 grams of white card, the most commonly used is 210 grams of white card. The paper bag printed with white cardboard is full of color and the texture of the paper is also very good! The strength of white cardboard paper is the highest of all paper bags and is generally used to make high-grade paper bags.

Paper bags are now the way of packaging for many goods, and it is also caused by the enhancement of environmental awareness of paper bag merchants and manufacturers. Paper bags have much less impact on the environment than plastic bags, and paper bag printing is easier to make than plastic printing, and it can also hold items and promote products.

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