How to choose the wrapping paper of the product?

This is not only an era of looking at faces but also an era of looking at product packaging. If your product packaging is not good, even if your quality is particularly good, it is not easy for consumers to choose and buy.

custom paper bags
custom paper bags

So if you want to sell your products to more people, you should not only improve the quality of your products but also improve the packaging of your products so that your brand packaging image will be liked by more people.

The image of product packaging directly reflects the brand and corporate image, and it plays a vital role in promoting the brand and establishing a good corporate image. In the market competition, it is the bridge between enterprises and consumers. Therefore, product packaging competition plays an important role.

What kind of wrapping paper can be used to package the product?

wrapping paper-Shopping-Bags
wrapping paper-Shopping-Bags

The wrapping paper includes Kraft paper, parchment paper, paper bag paper, parchment paper, cellophane, tarmac paper, moisture-proof paper, gunpowder wrapping paper, neutral wrapping paper, translucent paper, rust-proof paper, oil-proof paper, food packaging paper, paraffin paper, tea bag paper, red electric cannon paper, vacuum aluminized paper, composite paper and so on.

Paper is used to packing all kinds of goods. Generally, it has high physical strength and certain water resistance.

According to the characteristics of the commodity, the packaging paper has corresponding special properties, the largest amount of packaging paper is the packaging of bulk powdery industrial and agricultural raw materials, such as cement, chemical fertilizer, and so on, which are generally made of more than 3 or 4 layers of paper, so it is also called multi-layer paper bag paper to distinguish it from other bag paper packaging light and fine goods.

This kind of packaging paper mainly requires high strength, heavy load resistance, impact resistance, and appropriate air permeability. Food wrapping paper has the most varieties and specifications. It is divided into two categories: inner packaging and outer packaging. Direct contact with food is called inner wrapping paper, which mainly requires cleaning, is free from germs, and has the characteristics of moisture-proof, oil-proof, stickproof, mildew-proof, and so on.

Outer packaging paper is mainly to beautify and protect goods, in addition to a certain physical strength, but also needs to be clean and beautiful, suitable for printing multi-color commodity patterns and text. The wrapping paper for milk, vegetable juice, and other liquid drinks must also be impervious. To meet the needs of long-term preservation and preservation, special soft beverage packaging paper (such as food packaging containers) has been developed. To meet the antirust needs of metal instruments and tools, the antirust paper has been developed. The vast majority of cardboard is also used for commodity packaging, mainly used in the manufacture of cartons, cartons, and packaging liners.

A class of paper used for packaging purposes is collectively referred to as wrapping paper. Packaging paper can be divided into ordinary packaging paper, special packaging paper, trademark paper, oil-proof packaging paper and moisture-proof packaging paper, and so on. It usually has high strength and toughness.

All kinds of packaging paper have different properties and use. For example, special fruit packaging paper is thin and soft. Photosensitive protective paper is opaque. Oil-proof wrapping paper (plant parchment, etc.) has the property of preventing oil penetration. Moisture-proof packaging paper (asphalt paper, oil paper, aluminum foil, etc.) is moisture-proof. Trademark paper is used for packaging after printing. Ordinary packaging paper is mostly used for general commodity packaging, and the quality requirements are not strict.

Packaging paper can be divided into ordinary packaging paper, special packaging paper, trademark packaging paper, oil-proof paper, moisture-proof paper, and so on.

kraft paper bag
kraft paper bag

Ordinary packaging paper is strong and tough, so it can be used for general packaging, such as Kraft paper, Kraft paper, and so on.

The special packaging paper is named according to the purpose, and its properties are also different, such as the fruit packaging paper is thin and soft, the photosensitive protective paper is black and opaque, and the cement bag paper is tough and not easy to break.

Trademark wrapping paper is used for packaging after printing, such as candy wrapping paper.

The oil-proof paper has the properties of preventing oil penetration, such as plant parchment, butter paper, and so on. Moisture-proof paper is moisture-proof, such as asphalt paper, oil paper, aluminum foil, and so on.

Main application.

Packaging paper (packing paper, wrapping paper), is a general term for a class of paper mainly used for packaging purposes. It usually has high strength and toughness, can withstand pressure and folding, and its quality requirement is simpler than that of cultural printing paper. There are many kinds of subdivision paper, each of which has different properties and uses. For example, the paper used for food packaging is also required to be sanitary, aseptic, and pollution-free. Electronic, daily chemical, food, beverage, and other industries have a great demand for packaging paper.

Main classification.

According to the functional use can be divided into ordinary packaging paper, special packaging paper, food packaging paper, commodity printing-packaging paper, and so on.


General packaging function of the packaging with base paper and paperboard usually made into cartons, separators, paper bags, and cartons, there are paper bags, Kraft paper, striped Kraft paper, Kraft cardboard, lining paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, honeycomb board and so on.


For a variety of environments with special functions of packaging paper, there are oil-proof packaging paper, moisture-proof packaging paper, rust-proof paper, and so on.


Food, beverage, and other fields of “packaging” packaging paper, there are food parchment, candy packaging base paper, and so on.  

Commodity printing.

gift paper bag
gift paper bag

Cardboard with lining and core layer and surface layer with fillers and glue is printed with a trademark and then made into cartons and other paper for packaging. There are whiteboards, white cardboard, etc.

Food packaging.

Since the advent of human society, food packaging has been with it. As early as in primitive society, in order to store food and water, various pottery made of clay, bags sewn with animal skins, and baskets woven with vines were the earliest forms of food packaging. Modern food packaging refers to the use of appropriate packaging materials, containers and packaging technology to wrap up the food in order to maintain its value and original state in the process of transportation and storage. Food packaging is a systematic project with food as the core, which involves a series of problems such as food science, food packaging materials, packaging containers, packaging technology, standard rules, and quality control.

Food is a special commodity in our daily life, its nutrition and hygiene are extremely important, but it is very easy to deteriorate, so the main purpose of food packaging is to ensure the hygienic quality, quality, and flavor of food as a commodity in the process of storage, transportation and circulation. As an addition to the product, food packaging has become an integral part of the commodity, which is inseparable from the commodity, and occupies a prominent position in the modern market strategy. At the same time, as the main means of market competition, it can improve the added value of goods, it has become an important part of enterprise marketing strategy, it has played the role of the silent salesperson in the supermarket.

In addition, the introduction of a large number of foreign food not only enriches the domestic market but also puts forward a new topic for our packaging designers, that is, we should pay more attention to design and make the commodity structure more reasonable. so that people can fully enjoy the comfort and convenience brought by high technology.

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