How to Custom Paper Bags with Logo?

Paper bags are used more and more in daily life. People go shopping in shopping malls and buy gifts for friends and relatives with paper bags.

As a result, more and more businesses want to enhance their brand image in the hearts of consumers through brand influence, so as to increase their profits.

Custom paper bags can make consumers believe in the strength of the brand and trust the brand more.

There is no doubt that the commodity premium that brands bring to enterprises is unparalleled.
The same glass of water, different brands, its value in people’s hearts is different.

People will be willing to pay for good brands.

So how to customize the paper bag?

Custom paper bag from confirming the design of logo, to choose a different type of paper, paper bag size, Matt lamination or Gloss Lamination, whether to add hot stamping or UV spot lamination, select paper bag handle, choose the cardboard at the bottom of the paper bag, etc., you will be able to design the paper bag that customers like.

Whether you have your own brand now, or plan to build your own brand in the future, don’t forget to ask us to custom logo for your own brand, and let your brand be printed on paper bags, so that consumers can help you spread and expand your influence.

Use Wepaperbag ( to provide the best custom gift paper bag packaging to bring customers back.

Where are paper bags used:

Paper bags are used in a wide range of applications, physical stores, where there is a transaction, there are paper bags to pack your goods to customers. Beautiful paper bags printed with the brand logo will impress your customers.

Paper bags are generally used in shopping and gift packaging places such as shopping malls, cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, gift shops, etc., to facilitate customers to load and carry goods.

What are the benefits of custom paper bags?

(1) Low price and personal style.

(2)Custom paper bags and advertising for one’s own brand can make the brand stand out in many competitions.

(3)We do custom advertisements for your business on your paper bag, which brings a lot of exposure opportunities for the enterprise and increases business and profits.

(4)Personalized brand trademarks attract customers’ attention:

Paper bag logo printing can be printed in a variety of colors (up to 8 colors can be printed on a paper bag), or a variety of beautiful processes (gold hot stamping, silver hot stamping, silk screen, UV Spot, Emboss&Deboss) can be used to make customers feel special about the goods they buy.

(5)Beautiful paper bags give customers a relaxed and happy way of shopping.

(6)The low order quantity can meet the custom needs of your advertising paper bags of all sizes.

(7)Develop advertising paper bags that suit your budget and surpass competitors in cost.

How to custom paper bags?

(1)Common paper types for making paper bags:

210 grams of Ivory paper, 157 grams of Art paper, 150 grams of Brown Kraft paper and 150 grams of White Kraft paper.

(2)Custom the size of the paper bag:

you can custom the size of the paper bag according to your requirements, so as to adapt to the loading of your goods.

(3)Film Lamination:

you can cover the paper bag according to your own needs, with Matt Lamination and Gloss Lamination. Both of them on Ivory paper and Art paper are very beautiful. The Matt Lamination will make the paper bag look more high-end. General Kraft paper does not need to be covered with Matt or Gloss Lamination.

(4)Custom handles:

paper bags can have a variety of handles to choose from. There are cotton rope, pp rope, ribbon, twisted paper handle and so on.

(5)Customize various processes to make the paper bag more outstanding.

We can make various sizes and styles of paper bags for you.

Individuals or companies are welcome to contact us. Please email us:

We will quote you within 2 hours of receiving the email and give you the perfect price and packing plan.

The MOQ of custom paper bags: 1,000Pcs

We know that many companies want to control their budgets in terms of cost. In the case of a certain rate of return on investment, the lower the cost, the less the risk of running a business and the greater the likelihood of success.

People are always worried about whether the custom price will be too high, after all, paper bag printing costs.

We are a Chinese paper bag manufacturer, experienced designers, advanced printing equipment, mature printing experience, skilled workers, safe and waterproof packaging, we can save at least 38% of the cost compared with 20 years ago.

It also help you to start with a small business durning a low cost.

Our company also started from a small project, so in order to help many friends like us, we only need the minimum quantity of 1,000Pcs to order paper bags from us.

We have our own long-term cooperation forwarders, which can help you save a lot of procedures and costs for importing Chinese custom-made paper bags.

If you have not imported from China, we also support door-to-door service. This can save you a lot of local import clearance and help you devote more time and energy to your business.

Price of custom paper bags:

The following table is my FOB (Ningbo) price for three different kinds of paper in different purchase quantities, for reference only. I hope it will be useful to you.

(1)L: Size:26*12*32cm(W*D*H)

Paper Type Size(cm)
PcsPackagingCarton Size
210g Ivory Paper26*12*32cm$0.4761,00010pcs/Opp bag,250Pcs/Ctn54*34*5025.325.8
210g Ivory Paper26*12*32cm$0.4143,00010pcs/Opp bag,250Pcs/Ctn54*34*5025.325.8
210g Ivory Paper26*12*32cm$0.39210,00010pcs/Opp bag,250Pcs/Ctn54*34*5025.325.8
157g Art Paper26*12*32cm$0.4191,00010pcs/Opp bag,250Pcs/Ctn54*34*3219.620.1
157g Art Paper26*12*32cm$0.3563,00010pcs/Opp bag,250Pcs/Ctn54*34*3219.620.1
157g Art Paper26*12*32cm$0.33410,00010pcs/Opp bag,250Pcs/Ctn54*34*3219.620.1
150g Brown Kraft Paper26*12*32cm$0.3421,00010pcs/Opp bag,250Pcs/Ctn54*47*3218.8519.35
150g Brown Kraft Paper26*12*32cm$0.2793,00010pcs/Opp bag,250Pcs/Ctn54*47*3218.8519.35
150g Brown Kraft Paper26*12*32cm$0.25710,00010pcs/Opp bag,250Pcs/Ctn54*47*3218.8519.35

(2)M: Size:20*8*20cm(W*D*H)

Paper Type Size(cm)
PcsPackagingCarton Size
210g Ivory Paper20*8*20cm$0.4911,00010Pcs/Opp bag,500Pcs/Ctn42*42*5021.421.9
210g Ivory Paper20*8*20cm$0.4053,00010Pcs/Opp bag,500Pcs/Ctn42*42*5021.421.9
210g Ivory Paper20*8*20cm$0.37510,00010Pcs/Opp bag,500Pcs/Ctn42*42*5021.421.9
157g Art Paper20*8*20cm$0.4371,00010Pcs/Opp bag,500Pcs/Ctn42*42*3216.717.2
157g Art Paper20*8*20cm$0.3503,00010Pcs/Opp bag,500Pcs/Ctn42*42*3216.717.2
157g Art Paper20*8*20cm$0.32010,00010Pcs/Opp bag,500Pcs/Ctn42*42*3216.717.2
150g Brown Kraft Paper20*8*20cm$0.3331,00010Pcs/Opp bag,500Pcs/Ctn42*64*3216.116.6
150g Brown Kraft Paper20*8*20cm$0.2463,00010Pcs/Opp bag,500Pcs/Ctn42*64*3216.116.6
150g Brown Kraft Paper20*8*20cm$0.21610,00010Pcs/Opp bag,500Pcs/Ctn42*64*3216.116.6

Due to the increase in the price of paper raw materials and fluctuations in the exchange rate, if you need a real-time quotation, please send an email to this email:


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