How to custom the Wholesale paper bags?

Will you customize wholesale paper bags with logos for your own business? You’ve come to the right place. No matter what kind of paper bag you need to customize, you can come to us ( We can help you customize logo print paper bags in small and mass quantities, and we can customize paper bags with different printed content for your different promotions.

According to the type, a paper handbag can be divided into advertising handbag, shopping handbag, packing handbag, and gift handbag.

How to custom the wholesale logo print paper bags?

1. We can help you choose the paper type.

We will add 150-350g cardboard to the bottom of the paper bag to reinforce the paper bag and help customers load more goods.

The four main types of paper for making paper bags are:210g Ivory paper,157g Art paper, and 150g brown kraft paper, and 150g white paper.

2. We can help you customize the design style and the color.

We have our own designers, and we can also provide you with a good color scheme. Our customized paper bags are suitable for paper bag wholesalers, paper bag retailers, paper bag distributors, and paper bag importers. These paper bags can be used in retail stores, restaurants, event sites, and gift bags to help store owners load customer purchases or gifts.

3. We can help you customize different printing effects.

The paper bag can be covered with Matt lamination and gloss lamination.

After the lamination, you can choose different process effects, such as gold hot stamping, silver hot stamping, silk-screen, glitter, Emboss&Deboss, according to your budget.

After printing the paper to be made into a paper bag, cover it with the matt lamination. The texture of the matt lamination makes the paper bag look more upscale and softer.

After the paper bag is covered with matt or gloss lamination, various processes are done, such as gold hot stamping, silver hot stamping, color hot stamping, silk-screen, glitter, enboss&Deboss, etc., which make the paper bag look very luxurious.

Enterprises generally use 120 g or 150 g brown Kraft paper bags&white Kraft paper bags as their own promotional paper bags. Among them, the bright colors of blue, yellow, and green can quickly attract customers’ attention and promote customers to buy their goods.

Seasonal promotional paper bags usually print small animals, squares, dots, stripes, snowmen, snowflakes, and so on. For example, at Christmas, most of the promotional paper bags in shopping malls or paper bags used to hold goods will be printed with Santa Claus, snowman, Milu deer, snowflakes, and so on, to set off the warm festive atmosphere of Christmas.

4. We can customize different paper bag handles for you.

PP rope handle, cotton handle, thread handle, ribbon handle, nylon handle, twisted paper rope, and flat paper rope.

We can also customize the tag for you and hang it on the handle of the bag. We can print your company logo on the tag, the tag will make the bag looks professional and beautiful, and also helps you promote your company’s brand.

5. We can help you customize paper bags of different shapes.

The unfolding of a paper bag is actually a piece of paper, then printed, cut, and processed, made the paper to be a bag. Due to the limitation of the overall width of the paper, the size of the paper bag determines the degree of waste of the paper, because the leftover bits and pieces of a piece of paper can no longer be used and can only be sold as garbage in the form of waste paper, so when we design, we can try to rely on some standard sizes according to our needs, because these dimensions are calculated by us and fit the paper best. Maximizing the use of paper and avoiding waste is also saving you money.

6. We can choose the most suitable paper for the size of the paper bag you need.

According to the size of the paper bag, we can choose 3-open, 4-open, or split paper, and then cut, print, film, do the process effect on the paper bag, fold the paper bag into shape, put a handheld rope on the paper bag, and finally make it to be a paper bag.

Paper is generally divided into large paper (A0:889*1194mm) and positive paper (B1:787*1092mm):

You can choose to customize paper bags of different sizes and shapes according to the size of the goods you sell. The standard size of the exhibition handbag is 400*280*80mm (W*D*H).

The size of the paper bag should be designed first. The size of the packing gift bag depends on the size of the packaging product. There is no fixed standard for other shopping paper bags.

7. Paper bags can be made into horizontal bags, vertical bags, square bags, special-shaped paper bags.

(1) The normal sizes of horizontal paper bags are as follows:








(2) The normal sizes of vertical paper bags are:









(3) The normal sizes of square bags are as follows:











You can also tell us( the paper bag size you need, and we will choose the best solution for you to help you save paper raw materials.

Many big brands, retail stores, and merchandise supermarkets will order paper bags for their own brands. They will print the company logo, store name, address, and website information on the paper bags.

Kraft paper belongs to recycled paper, which is a selling point for many enterprises to promote their environmental friendliness. Customers who have special requirements for environmental protection will tend to use Kraft paper to customize the printing company’s logo paper bags to help the company spread the brand and promotion.

Most wholesalers will choose 210 g Ivory paper customized European shopping paper bags to hold high-end goods.

It seems that high-end paper bags can better reflect the charm of the brand, making the brand easier to be liked by consumers. Therefore, many high-end places and high-end boutiques attach great importance to designing charming and impressive gift paper bags, and they reflect the high-end positioning of their brands by customizing high-end paper bags.

A flat paper bag without a handle, used mainly for storing books and cards.

paper bags wholesale are ideal for packing gifts, especially for corporate gifting.

No matter what requirements you have for the design of paper bags, we can help you do it, and because we have the advantage of producing raw materials, we can provide you with high-quality and inexpensive paper bags. When you place an order for purchase in bulk, we can give you a big discount. Contact us( now and get the best quotation for wholesale paper bags.


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