How to design packaging paper bags for red wine?

1. How to make personalized paper bag packaging for red wine?

Choosing wrapping paper to make paper bags for red wine needs to be customized according to the characteristics of the red wine brand and the size of red wine.

How big is your bottle? Most of the time, red wine brands will choose Kraft paper as the wrapping paper bag of red wine.

In general, red wine branders would like to print attractive red wine or grapes on paper bags to encourage consumers to buy their brand wine.

There are also red wine brands that choose not to print anything on yellow Kraft paper. Yellow Kraft paper is close to the earth color, clean, simple, pure natural, used to package red wine, it can reflect the environmental protection, purity, pure natural characteristics, and selling points of red wine, and help them sell their red wine.

2. Which kind of paper should I choose for the red wine wrapping paper bag? White card paper, coated paper, or Kraft paper?

Kraft paper is a high-end atmosphere, environmentally friendly, and easy to recycle, so it is a good choice to print bags designed into red wine.

Some red wine brands will choose to use 210 grams of white cardboard, which will be printed with sub-film and then folded into paper bags. The white cardboard has good stiffness, high whiteness, bright and three-dimensional printing colors, and the molded paper bag looks high-end and high-grade.

3. What material is usually used for the label paper of red wine bottles?

(1) what material is the crane worn on the red wine paper bag?

In order to strengthen the formality of their brands and attach importance to their brands, some red wine brands will design cranes for red wine when designing paper bags.

If you need a crane for your wine paper bag, our designer will design the crane for your reference when designing the paper bag documents for you.

These cranes will be punched and worn on the handle of the red wine paper bag.

(2) what are the types of red wine cranes?

Coated paper:

Material characteristics: not waterproof, not oil-proof, can be torn, there are matte surface, general light, bright light.

Optional materials: Gracindi coated paper, yellow-bottomed coated paper, imported coated paper (all Gracindi).

Thermal paper:

Material characteristics: not waterproof, not oil-proof, can be torn.

Optional materials: imported thermal paper, domestic thermal paper, the effect of thermal paper produced by many manufacturers in China is also very good.

Hanging tag / Paper Jam:

Material characteristics: non-waterproof, non-oil-proof, tearable scope of application: clothing, footwear, supermarkets, and shopping malls’ price plates.

Optional materials: 210 g tag, 250 g tag, 300 g tag, 350 g tag, 500 g tag (Kodu produces according to customer’s actual demand).

PET/PVC/ synthetic paper:

Material characteristics: waterproof, oil-proof, non-tearing, high-temperature resistance, friction resistance, matte surface, general light, bright light (different materials have different temperature resistance, oil resistance, and water resistance).

Scope of application: electronics, home appliances, automotive, chemical, and other industries.

PET: strong toughness, crisp and hard, suitable for marking items with a smooth surface.

PVC: poor toughness, soft and adhesive, suitable for marking items on a non-smooth surface.

Synthetic paper: toughness is between the two, suitable for marking items on the surface of bottles and cans.

Applicable ribbon: all need to use full resin ribbon (subdivided and matched with ribbon model according to label material).

Wash watermark:

Also known as “washing cloth” material characteristics: can be washed repeatedly, oil-proof.

Scope of application: clothing, shoes, hats, leather goods, and other industries suitable for ribbon: all need to use full resin ribbons, and the stability of all resin ribbons is higher.

4. What type of paper is better for packing cartons and handbags? Can I do the post-printing process in the printing shop?

Paper bags generally use 210 grams of ivory paper or Kraft paper. If you want to make good quality, you can use higher grams of paper.

5. What kind of paper should be used to pack the wine box?

Wine box packaging materials are generally used: cardboard, gray board, Dutch board, density board. General high-grade red wine with PVC wooden box, mid-range with a gray board, Dutch board, and density board.

6. What kind of wine box is good?

Among all kinds of material packaging red wine boxes, the best one is a red wine leather box, followed by a wooden box, carton, and cloth bag.

7. What kind of material can be used for red wine packaging?

The packaging of red wine can be divided into inner packaging and outer packaging.

The red wine is packed with glass bottles, oak barrels, paper packaging (Tetra Pak), cans and so on.

The outer packaging of red wine bottle can use paper bag, wooden box, inflatable cushion and so on.

8. What kind of paper is used for red wine labels?

Look at the needs of customers, generally red wine standard customers have their own design company, the materials are specified.

Generally, you can choose to use white cardboard, coated paper, Kraft paper, or specialty paper. The price of special paper will be higher.

9. What kind of paper is used to wrap the bottle of red wine? What’s the use?

The body of the red wine bottle is generally wrapped in cling paper, mainly to prevent damage to the printing paper affixed to the red wine bottle.

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