How to print on paper bags?

Many of my other articles introduce the wide range of uses of paper bags in modern society.  Today, we will tell you how to print colors and patterns on paper bags.

According to the purpose, paper bags can be divided into hand-held paper bags (shopping bags and gift bags for clothing, jewelry, and other daily necessities), file bags, envelopes, food bags, etc.

Today we will mainly introduce paper handbags for shopping and gifts.

According to the material, paper handbags can be divided into Kraft paper bags (white Kraft paper and black Kraft paper), white cardboard paper bags (210g white cardboard), coated paper bags (157g or 128g coated paper), black cardboard paper bags and the special paper bags.

What are the characteristics of these four different kinds of paper in printing?

The white cardboard is solid, durable, smooth, the color printed out is rich and full, the printing effect is good, and it is used most by people.

Although the whiteness and glossiness of coated paper are good, the printing effect is three-dimensional, but because it is not as solid as white cardboard, it is used less frequently.

Kraft paper has high toughness and firmness, so it is not easy to tear, but it is only suitable for printing monochrome or bicolor on paper bags.

The black cardboard is solid and durable, but because the paper is black, it cannot be printed in color, but it can be gilded and silver, making the paper bag look very high-end. Suitable for goods or luxury goods with high unit prices.

The size of the paper bag can be customized according to your needs, and we will type it on positive paper or large paper according to your required size. Accord to the size of the paper bag, print one paper bag, 2 paper bags, 4 paper bags, 6 paper bags, or 8 paper bags on a large piece of paper.

What are the processes of paper bag printing?

1. We will make the design of the paper bag according to your request.

2. After you confirm the design, we use the design to make a film, and then put the film on the printer.

3. After making the film, you can make an indentation version.

4. Order the paper required by the customer, and then cut it on the paper cutter according to the printing size required by the bag size.

When cutting paper, you should pay attention to the loss, and it is best to set aside about 2% of the loss to avoid insufficient paper when printing.

5. Before printing, the printing captain needs to clean the printing drum on the printing press, then put the printing plate on the printing press, and then put the ink to be printed in the printing press.

6. Before formal printing, the printing press captain will check whether the paper to be printed is qualified.

7. The captain adjusts the color according to the printing color you specify. Color blending is a difficult technical task, which requires experienced printing captains and production managers to personally participate in color blending.

If you have a very high demand for the color of the paper bag printing, we will also invite the factory director to come and participate in the color adjustment, and strive to make a beautiful color, so that you are satisfied with your paper bag.

8. After the color is adjusted, you can officially turn on the printing machine. In the course of printing, the printing captain can not relax for a moment, he needs to always pay attention to the operation of the printing press and the printing effect, add ink if the ink is less, and adjust the color in real-time if the color is wrong in the printing process.

9. After printing, rest the paper and wait for the ink to dry. According to the paper, air humidity, and ink absorption, the need to rest for a different time, ink generally need 1-2 days to dry.

10. Kraft paper bags and specialty paper bags do not need to be coated.

White card paper bags and coated paper bags need to be coated after the printing ink has dried. Film mulching is also divided into sub-film and bright film. The main purpose of film mulching is to strengthen the bearing capacity of the paper bag and prevent the color fading and wear on the paper bag.

After covering the film, it also needs to be placed for 1-2 days before the next process, and the purpose of placing it for a few days is to make the film and paper bags more ironing.

After the paper bag is covered with film, if there are embossing, ironing, silver ironing, Emboss, or Deboss and other processes, do the process according to the sequence.

After the paper bag is covered with film, the indentation can be carried out.

It is convenient for workers to fold the tiled paper into the shape of a paper bag, making the paper bag look smooth and beautiful.

If the paper bag is a relatively thin yellow Kraft paper bag or white Kraft paper bag, you need to use an automatic paper bag pasting machine.


If the paper bag is white cardboard, coated paper, black jam, or specialty paper, workers paste glue on the side of the bag and at the bottom of the bag to make the bag finally take shape.

The glue should be in the right amount and smeared evenly. Too much glue, the excess glue left on the paper bag will affect the appearance, and make the paper bags stick together, affecting the use. If there is too little glue, the paper bag is not firmly pasted, which is not convenient for customers to use.

Put rope on the paper bag according to the customer’s request. The small hole in the rope in the paper bag is punched during the indentation of the paper.

In general, we will provide pp rope, ribbon rope, and ribbon and twisted paper rope for your paper bag to do handle. If your paper bag is large, we can also add rivets to the small hole in the rope to strengthen the paper bag and improve the pulling force of the paper bag handle.

Some customers will need to install the crane on the rope of the paper bag, which requires workers to wear the crane on the rope while wearing the rope.


In fact, the process of making paper bags is not complicated. to sum up, it is to make paper bag design drawings, film, print and indentation plates, machine printing, film coating, indentation, manual folding paper bags, paste paper bags, paper bags folding molding, rope-piercing, and packaging.

The printing link of the paper bag is particularly important, and the printing effect directly affects the beauty of the paper bag. The fine craftsmanship and skilled operation of printing technicians are important for the printing of paper bags.

1. The size and dispersion of pigment particles.

The quality of printing ink also plays a very important role in the printing effect. The better the quality of the ink, the smaller the pigment particles in their dispersed state, and the smoother the capillaries of the ink film, so the printing gloss of the paper bag is also very good.

2. Viscosity of binder and content of pigment.

The capillary network structure formed between ink pigment particles is an important aspect to determine the gloss of printed matter. At the moment of imprinting, the ink is pressed into the larger pores of the paper as a whole; after imprinting, the binder begins to separate from the ink and seep into the smaller pores of the paper. Therefore, the size of the ink film capillary determines the amount of separation of the connecting material. The function of the capillary to retain the connecting material is much greater than that of the printing pressure pressing the connecting material into the paper pores.

3. Drying time of ink.

The rapid drying of the ink film on the paper surface can reduce the amount of bonding material infiltrating into the paper pores, thus improving the glossiness and smoothness of the ink film. The high glossiness of the ink film means that the specular reflection of the surface is relatively high so that in most cases, the human eye can see much less white light reflected on the surface than the low glossiness ink film, making the color more saturated. Therefore, the printing with high gloss looks more bright and full. Most of the printing ink layer of spot color ink is translucent or opaque. When choosing the ink formula, we should also consider the influence of the light transmittance of the ink layer on spot color printing according to the actual situation.

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