How to sell paper bags

Is it a good business to sell paper bags? Certainly. Why? Because all companies will need to pack their goods in paper bags.

Paper bag business is a long-term business, perhaps the profit of each paper bag will not be too high, but we can use a small profit and quick turnover to get a large number of orders and customers, profit and the company’s brand communication.

In this society, all kinds of industries need to use paper bags to pack or carry goods. Different industries require different sizes and appearance of paper bags. Paper bag manufacturers need to improve the production quality of their paper bags in order to quickly seize the market.

So, how to sell paper bags?

Understand the market situation of paper bags.

What methods can be used to find out the market situation in the paper bag market:

1. We can find relevant information about paper bags on Google.

2. Buy paid paper bag market data. Of course, the cost is also relatively high.

3. Check the paper bag data of your country’s import and export from customs data.

Although the data may not be particularly comprehensive, you can get a general idea of the demand for paper bags in your own country.

Through the found data, we can judge whether the demand for paper bags is large enough, and whether the import and export volume of paper bags is increasing in recent years. The increasing trend shows that the paper bag business is profitable and can be developed.

Analyze TOP20 paper bag competitor.

We can search Google for things like “paper bag manufacturer”, “paper bag importer”, or “paper bag wholesaler” to find our competitor or potential customers (paper bag wholesalers, paper bag distributors, and paper bag retailers who may order paper bags from us) and check their websites.

1. Check the blog page on their website.

Check the frequency of blog updates from competitors.

Check their blog content, whether it is technical, product display, or knowledge popularization. We can also imitate them and enrich the blog content on their official website. the most important thing is that they can share the professional knowledge of paper bag production, which can be useful to readers.

2. Check to see if competitors have made videos.

A forward-looking paper bag factory will make a video of the company’s process of producing paper bags, the carrying capacity of paper bags, or the display of paper bags, and put them on the official website.

Useful interesting videos can make web visitor interested in their own website and stay on the site for a longer period of time. Try to get an inquiry.

3. Learn the advantages of the paper bag company website.

The advantages of other paper bag company websites, whether in terms of content, typesetting, picture pixels and the effects presented on the web page, can be used for reference. Strive for their own paper bag enterprises to make a website that can make visitor stay for a long time.

Find the source of good raw materials.

The raw materials needed to produce paper bags include: raw paper, printing ink, glue, handle, cardboard, and so on.

We can find them through the Internet, introduce them to our friends, or take a trip to the raw material market. We need a more detailed understanding of the purchase prices of different raw materials, the increase at different points in time, the loss of raw materials needed to produce paper bags, and so on.

Raw materials and losses are counted as costs, under the premise of controlling the cost of paper bags, it is also necessary to control the quality of raw materials.

Only professional paper bag manufacturers can control the loss of raw materials. If the loss of raw materials is calculated too little, it will result in production, the quantity is not enough to reach the number of paper bags on the contract with the customer.

If the loss of raw materials is calculated too much, it will increase the cost and cause waste. After the production of large goods, the surplus raw materials will be left in the warehouse and occupy warehouse resources as procurement costs, inventory costs, and warehousing costs.

Even if the cost of raw materials for the production of paper bags is very low, the soft couch of paper bags is easy to be damaged, which will not only make customers lodge claims against us, but also damage their own brand image. Seriously, it will lead to the loss of high-quality paper bag customers.

Therefore, if you want to do a good job in the paper bag business, you need to control the price and quality of raw materials, the loss of raw materials, and the delivery time of raw materials. With these controls, the paper bag factory will be able to carry out mass production in accordance with the needs of customers.

Otherwise, because the raw materials are not fully purchased, the delivery time promised to the customer will be extended, which will create the impression of impreciseness and dishonesty to the customer and affect the follow-up order.

Seriously purchase the machines needed to manufacture paper bags: paper bag printing machine, paper bag cutting machine, paper bag indentation machine and so on.

If you are a novice, you can find a mechanic who is familiar with the machine to help you choose, or find a professional friend to help you with your choice.

A machine of good quality will of course produce a paper bag of good quality. Of course, the price of machines with good quality will certainly be higher, and you can choose the machines that are suitable for your development at this stage according to your economic strength.

In the early stage, you can choose machines that are not too high in price, save costs, do business, make more profits and make money, and you can consider purchasing a high-quality machine. In this way, not only the production capacity can be increased, but also the quality of the paper bags produced can be improved.

To the golden age of enterprise development, we can consider purchasing automatic bag-making machine to produce paper bags. This kind of machine has high production capacity and low labor cost, so it is very suitable for large customers to produce large quantities of paper bags.

The maintenance of the machine is also an expense. When the machine is not working, or after shutting down the machine, the machine needs to be maintained and maintained regularly. Whether it is a fully automatic bag-making machine or a semi-automatic bag-making machine, it is necessary to maintain and maintain the machine regularly to check whether the machine components are worn and whether it will affect the production quality of paper bags. Adding lubricating oil to the machine can prolong the service life of the machine.

If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the machine at ordinary times, the cost of repairing and replacing parts will become very high after the machine is worn out and broken down.

Choose a good office location.

Whether you plan to set up a paper bag factory or a paper bag import and export trading company, the lower the rent, the better, but you should also consider the convenience of staff commuting and life. Is it possible to provide accommodation for employees? Whether or not to provide food subsidies, whether to buy social security and commercial insurance for employees, and so on, are all counted as costs.

Set up a dynamic paper bag sales team.

We all know that any company is for sales. The same is true of the paper bag business, it is not enough to have machines and staff to make paper bags, the company needs customers for long-term development, and what it needs is a continuous supply of customers from salesmen to support the daily expenses of the paper bag factory: including the cost of staff, factory rent, paper bag machine wear and tear, water and electricity, and so on.

The sales team can be divided into online and offline parts.

1. The online sales team is responsible for finding potential customers online, getting their phone numbers and email addresses, contact, quotations, negotiating, discussing order details, and trying to establish partnerships.

Looking for customers on the Internet is divided into free and paid methods.

The free way is to search for potential customers and make connections through Google. You can also improve the exposure of your paper bag business through Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, twitter and other social networks, posting articles, short videos, and product displays. Let the brand or company name of the paper bag company be displayed on the social network, so that many potential customers will notice their paper bag company.

The way to pay is to show your paper bag company to accurate customers by placing Google ads or Facebook ads.

2. Offline sales team can send business cards, brochures to supermarkets, physical stores and other stores, contact the relevant paper bag purchasing person in charge, sell their own company’s stock paper bags to them, or customized paper bags for their business.

Hire excellent paper bag designers.

Excellent paper bag designers can help enterprises design paper bags with different holiday themes.

Fashionable and beautiful paper bags can not only attract the attention of consumers, but also attract the attention of businesses who need customized paper bags, and attract potential consumers.

Paper bag designer, according to business needs, can design paper bags with corporate characteristics, making this paper bag brand more attractive among all brands of paper bags.

Recruit technicians to train staff in making paper bags.

Train staff on how to make beautiful and smooth paper bags in the shortest possible time, so as to provide technical guidance and support for the production of exquisite high-quality paper bags.

What are the steps for making custom paper bags?

1.According to the needs of customers, designers produce paper bag patterns and sizes that meet customer requirements. And send the effect map to the customer for confirmation.

2.After the customer has confirmed the size and pattern of the paper bag, the paper bag factory can make knife plates and documents for printing according to the design drawings.

3.According to the customer’s order quantity and paper bag size, the salesman makes the production order and sends it to the production department to arrange the production.

4.The paper bag production department arranges the purchasing department to purchase raw paper, ink, glue, cardboard,rope (for the handle of the paper bag) and so on.

5.The purchased raw paper will be cut to the right size according to the requirements of the order.

6.Put the cut paper on the printing press to print.

7.The printed paper is put on the laminating machine to cover the film.

8.After the film is finished, put the paper on the indentation machine (including punching holes in the handle part of the paper bag to facilitate the handle on the back of the paper bag).

9.Give the indented paper bag to the worker to fold, then seal the edge with glue, fold the bottom, seal the bottom, and flatten the paper bag.

10.Put the paper bag on the assembly line and ask the workers to rope the paper bag and make the handle of the paper bag.

11.The workers packed the paper bags according to the customer’s requirements. (including OPP inner packaging and outer packaging carton box of paper bags)

12.For the outer carton of the paper bags, write or affix shipping marks on the them. Then transport them to the shipping area, wait for loading and pulling to the port for delivery, or load the goods directly to the port by container truck (in the case that the customer’s order quantity needs to be shipped by container truck).

Selling paper bags is not just a matter for the sales department. While the paper bag sales department makes the sales plan, it also needs the joint efforts and cooperation of designers, production departments, purchasing departments, paper bag machine operators, workers and shipping departments in order to carry out the sales task of the paper bag company perfectly.

I hope my article will be helpful to you. We are a paper bag factory in China, we can customize paper bags for you, if you need, you can contact us ( We are always at your service.


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