How to store paper bags?

The scope of use of paper bags extends to all fields of society. No matter when in daily life, in the marketing activities of paper bags, or in the promotion of online and offline advertising, paper bags are used more and more frequently and more and more commonly. Advertising slogans or propaganda slogans are printed on paper bags, which is a very common tool in people’s daily life.

The purpose of storing paper bags is to fully protect paper bags and reuse them many times.

I hope you can store your paper bags in an organized way so as not to make the company or home too messy.

There are many ways for factories to store paper bags, retailers to store paper bags in stores with little space, or end consumers to store scattered paper bags. Today I will show you how to store paper bags.

What external environment is needed for paper bag storage?

1.Don’t put paper bags in wet places, such as the basement.

When the paper bag is exposed to moisture, there will be a small amount of mildew on the surface, which can be gently smeared with a 3% formaldehyde aqueous solution. If the paper bag is seriously moldy, it can be fumigated with sulfuryl fluoride (SO2F2).

2. The paper bag should be at a certain distance from the ground, and it is best to put a tray under the paper bag.

The distance between the pallet and the ground is between 15 and 20 inches, and the distance from the wall is about 40cm. The distance between the pallets is maintained at 40cm, leaving a passage for transporting the paper bags on the pallet to any desired location.


3. The place where the paper bags are stored should be well ventilated and kept clean and tidy.

In the rainy season or windy and snowy weather, the outdoor air is very humid, so the warehouse should not be ventilated.

4. Don’t expose the paper bag to the sun.

In the place where the paper bag is stored, do not have too many windows. Install curtains, which can block the sun from exposure to the paper bag. Because exposure to the sun will quickly evaporate the moisture in the paper bag, causing water loss, reducing the toughness of the paper bag, reducing the load-bearing capacity, yellowing and discoloring the paper bag, and easily becoming fragile,  fragile, and torn.

5. Where the paper bags are stored, the indoor temperature is kept at 18-22 ℃ and the humidity is controlled at 60-65%.


6. Flammable and explosive items are not allowed in the place where paper bags are stored.

Do not put chemicals, do not put articles high in moisture and oil. When these items encounter open fire or when the indoor temperature is too high, it is easy to cause a fire.

Paper bags should be sealed and packed.

For paper bags intended for long-term storage, it is best to avoid direct exposure to air.

In this case, it is best to use OPP bags to pack the paper bags, or directly put the paper bags into the cartons, and then seal the cartons with duct tape. Prevent the paper bag from exchanging moisture with the outside air, which can ensure that the paper bag is damp and cause the paper bag to deform.

Paper bag sealed preservation, can also avoid being eaten by small animals and damage, better preservation of paper bags.

What are the common packaging methods?

1. Use OPP bags to pack paper bags.

The main packing bags are OPP bag, Jute Bag, Straw Bag, Cloth Bag, Polyethylene Bag, and Kraft Bag. Among them, OPP bags are mostly used in packaging paper bags.

2. Use Cartons to pack paper bags.

Boxes include Cartons, Wooden Case,  Card Board, Crate, Plywood Box, Willow Case, Veneer, Skeleton Case, and so on. Among them, Carton is the most economical and most commonly used in packaging paper bags.

3. Pack paper bags inboxes.

Packaging boxes can also be customized and printed, packaging boxes are divided into color boxes, card cartons, and corrugated boxes.

The export cartons of packing paper bags are generally 5-layer corrugated boxes, and the corrugated boxes are mainly made of Bhandh C tiles.

Here is a formula for calculating the price of 5-layer corrugated cartons:

Carton price = (carton length cm+ carton width cm+8cm) / 100* (carton width cm+ carton height + 6cm) / 100* unit price per square meter of corrugated paper.


There are mainly Jute Bale, Cloth Bale, Pressed Bale, and so on.


There are mainly Barrel, Keg/Cask, Drum, Hagshead, and so on.

In addition, there are Tin, Can, Bottle, Jar, Cage, Basket, Cylinder, Coil, Roll, Bundle, Ingot, Slab, Cartwheel), Bar (Sheet) and so on.

However, the 3 methods of packaging are not used much, and the paper bag factory will not make this kind of carton to pack the paper bag unless

requested by the customer.

4 and 5 are not suitable for packing paper bags, so they are rarely used on paper bags.

What are the packaging methods of paper bags for different uses?

1.According to the mode of operation of paper bags, it is divided: domestic packaging of paper bags, export packaging of paper bags, and packaging paper bags of special products.

2.According to the function of paper bags in the circulation process, they are divided: single package (one OPP bag for each paper bag), medium packing (6 or 12 paper bags for one OPP bag), and outer packing (carton packing for 120,240,480 paper bags for one OPP bag).

3.According the types of packaging materials are divided: paper products packaging, plastic products packaging, composite packaging, and so on.

4.According to the number of packaging use, it can be divided into disposable packaging, reusable packaging, turnover packaging, and so on.

5.According to the degree of softness and hardness of the packaging container, it can be divided into hard packaging, semi-hard packaging, and soft packaging.

6.According to the function is divided into sales packaging, storage packaging, and transport packaging.

7.According to the packaging structure, it can be divided into portable packaging, pallet packaging, combined packaging, and so on.


What are the functions of paper bag packaging?

1. Improve the added value of products.

The paper bag packaging of the product can not only reflect the commodity value and use-value of the product but also increase the commodity value.

2. Paper bags and packaging of paper bags can protect the goods.

Good packaging can protect goods from sun, rain, pollution, and prevent goods from being contaminated, collided, squeezed, lost, etc.

3. Paper bags are packed for easy circulation.

Good packaging can be very good for storage, transportation, and sale of goods. Such as loading and unloading goods, inventory, base goods, receipt, delivery, transshipment, sales count, and so on.

What are the packaging skills of paper bags?

1. First wrap the paper bag in an OPP bag as the inner packing, and then put the OPP bag into the outer packing carton.


2.Try to choose small cartons for packing.

The packing of cartons that are too big and heavy is laborious and time-consuming to carry.

The inner and outer packaging of the paper bag should be flat and full, to avoid damage and tear caused by a collision in the handling and transportation of the outer box.

If you have any more ideas for packing paper bags, please let me know. We all study together.


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