In 2019, the national production and sales of paper products will increase by about 30% year-on-year, and food paper may become the new highland of the paper industry!

I. Classification of paper products and related policies

China’s paper products packaging industry after nearly 30 years of development, has now come to the middle stage of industrialization, large-scale, intensive development has taken shape. In recent years, with the gradual receding of the financial crisis, the foreign paper products packaging market rebounded; at the same time, some of China’s paper products packaging export enterprises from the export to domestic sales transformation, domestic policy to vigorously support the paper products packaging industry, China’s paper products packaging industry thriving development situation.

Paper products packaging industry, numerous products, mainly corrugated paper, honeycomb paper and convex paper three categories, derived from the three categories of paper packaging and include cartons, paper boxes, paper bags, paper cans, pulp moldings, etc., of which cartons, paper boxes and paper cups is the industry’s product market sales of large scale products.

The use of paper packaging is very wide, the use of all kinds of paper packaging in all aspects of human life and production. With the deepening of the application of paper packaging in the consumer field, consumer behavior in the downstream industry for the sales object, originally did not attach importance to product marketing of paper products industry put forward new requirements, paper packaging product performance design and decoration design have become the direction of product development industry, a variety of new equipment, new technology, new technology was developed to design a strong resistance to folding pressure, printing effect is good, varieties of paper packaging to meet consumer demand. China’s paper products packaging production enterprises are in the stage of large-scale development, the scale of the enterprise also promotes the further upgrading of the industry. But can not be ignored, the paper industry, environmental issues have become a particularly important aspect of the state, paper products packaging production enterprises in terms of emissions reduction costs are bound to increase; On the other hand, the international paper products packaging enterprises in China continue to increase investment, to take alliances, mergers and other strategies, making the domestic paper products packaging enterprises are further facing development pressure. In general, the paper products packaging industry development opportunities and challenges co-exist, the domestic paper products packaging production enterprises need to pay particular attention to the establishment of brand advantages and technical equipment to update the forward, in order to obtain the ability to participate in international competition and advantage.

The country has introduced a series of policies to vigorously support the industry, for the development of industrial policy planning constantly out, for the sustainable development of the industry provides a good policy environment.

Analysis of the development status of China’s paper products industry

 (1) Analysis of production and consumption of paper products

With the supply reform and industrial structure adjustment, the structural problems of the production capacity of some products will be further improved. At the same time, with the refinement of environmental protection policies and the adjustment of industrial structure in some regions, some changes in the market structure will bring business opportunities and development opportunities for some enterprises。

(2)According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2018, there were 4,003 paper product manufacturers above designated size and 4,119 paper product manufacturers above designated size in 2019, up 2.9% year-on-year.

After the financial crisis, the paper industry’s performance under the stimulus of four trillion yuan rebounded significantly, the prices of major paper types have stabilized and rebounded, and the sales revenue of products of enterprises above this stage grew at a faster rate. Affected by the macro economy and the rapid development of the logistics industry and other factors, paper and paperboard production rose significantly, industry operating income and profitability have rebounded, but the overall demand growth is still relatively weak.In 2018, the total production and consumption of the domestic pulp, paper and paper products industry will still increase, and the overall industrial production and operation will continue to remain stable.

In 2018, the national production of paper products above a size of 55.78 million tons, an increase of -17.98% over the previous year; in 2019, the national production of paper products above a size of 72.19 million tons, an increase of 29.42% over the previous year.

(3)National consumption of paper products 52.73 million tons in 2018, up -19.04% over the previous year; national consumption of paper products 68.86 million tons in 2019, up 30.59% over the previous year.

The current demand for paper products in China is quite large in the market, and paper products are used in a wide range of applications such as wrapping paper, household paper, packing paper, and so on. In recent years, due to the influence of relevant policies and other factors, the paper products industry has experienced considerable fluctuations.From 2010 to 2019, the average annual growth rate of production of paper products was 4.53%, and the average annual growth rate of consumption was 4.49%.

2. Import and export analysis of paper products.

In 2018, the import volume of the country’s paper products was 180,000 tons, down 5.26% from the previous year; the export volume was 3.23 million tons, up 5.21% from the previous year.In 2019, the import volume of the country’s paper products was 120,000 tons, down 60,000 tons, down 33.33% from the previous year; the export volume was 3.45 million tons, up 220,000 tons, up 6.81% from the previous year.The import volume of the country’s paper products in 2019 was 120,000 tons, down 60,000 tons, down 33.33% from the previous year; the export volume was 3.45 million tons, up 220,000 tons, up 6.81% from the previous year.

3. top 30 key paper-making enterprises in terms of output in 2019

The paper industry occupies an important position in China’s national economy, and in 2019, in the face of the complex and changing economic situation at home and abroad, the paper industry overcame a marked rise in risks and challenges, and the overall production and operation of the paper industry remained basically stable.

4.. The development trend of paper products industry: food paper or will become a new highland of paper industry.

At present, China has entered the ranks of the world’s papermaking powers, the future of domestic pulp, paper and paper products industry production and consumption will continue the current development trend.

Food consumption affected by the epidemic has changed, dine-in change takeaway, not only promote the development of independent fast food diet market, but also food packaging industry into a new period of development.

In fact, due to the paper-based products made of renewable natural materials, whether recycling or sustainable development, have certain advantages, therefore, paper products as the representative of the green packaging has become the mainstream of the future of food packaging, takeaway meal boxes are no exception.

It is understood that in recent years, in the implementation of national environmental protection concept, the food packaging industry experienced an early foam lunch box, PP plastic tableware, and finally the development of biodegradable and environmentally friendly lunch boxes dominate the mainstream. And because China’s environmental protection lunch box development is still in the early stages, to bamboo pulp and food grade white card as raw materials, biodegradable paper lunch box has become the main choice of many businesses. Data predicted that in 2020, the takeaway industry required meal boxes up to 63.45 billion, will bring 3.5 million tons of food grade white card demand, demand increased by nearly 30%, to each white card carton 0.4 yuan unit price to calculate, only the takeaway industry will bring the paper industry more than 25 billion yuan of revenue.

5. At the same time, it is worth noting that, in the face of the huge market demand, many enterprises have also developed out of more food paper to meet the use of different food bagging, such as in March 2019, Qingdao Rongxin Industry and Trade Co. and German chemical giant BASF developed a water-based polymer coated food grease-proof paper, has been applied in the previous KFC launched the crawfish series of fast food packaging.

2019 In November, Stora Enso released a food grade uncoated cattle card, the main sustainable, dedicated to food and beverage packaging production of high quality, high-strength cardboard, can be applied to the noodle bowl, Chinese and Western lunch boxes, paper cups, etc.; Japan has also developed a number of edible sterilization paper, used for marinated food for a long time to preserve the use. In this regard, some industry insiders predict that under the influence of the epidemic, more consumers will form an independent fast food dining habits, the demand for disposable meal paper containers will be greater, which provides opportunities for the development of food paper industry, and with the increase in research and development technology, cup paper, food card, liquid packets of paper and other food paper or will become the new darling of the paper industry.


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