Is paper bag manufacturing a good business?

In other words, is the paper bag manufacturing business profitable?

The paper bag manufacturing business is definitely profitable. Whether you are a paper bag wholesaler, a paper bag dealer or a paper bag retailer, you can increase your or your customer’s sales by selling or selling paper bags.

Your customer may be a jeweller, but they need beautifully printed gift bags to wrap their beautiful jewelry, and they will ask you to help them print their brand logo on paper bags to spread their brand and embody the charm of their jewelry brand. Jewellers are so profitable that they are willing to pay you more for their paper bags, as long as you can help them design them beautifully and help them increase jewelry sales. It seems that beautifully made paper bags can help jewellers sell more jewelry, and at the same time, their jewelry also need beautiful high-end gift paper bags to match them.

Not only can you profit from customized paper bags for your customers, but you can also help them increase jewelry sales by improving packaging, which is really a great thing.

Whether your customers are jewellers, opticians, baker, grocery shopkeeper, restaurant owner, dessert shopkeeper, takeaway shopkeeper, clothing shopkeeper, etc., as long as they are selling tangible items, then there is a good chance that they will need paper bags to pack and carry the goods in their store. If they don’t need to print logo on paper bags, they can choose whatever paper bags they want on your website. If they need to customize different quantities of paper bags and print the brand logo on them, you can quote them a beautiful price according to the quantity and delivery date. If you are not professional about paper bags and do not know how to quote, if you are just an importer, you can also find us Wepaperbag ( We are a paper bag processing factory in China, which can help you and your customers to get orders at the best price and easily ship paper bags to your designated receiving address.

What is the future of the paper bag business?

The future of paper bag business is bright, because paper bag packaging can be used in any place where physical goods are sold, and people also like to use beautiful paper bags to carry the goods they buy, go on vacation, travel, take part in business activities and so on.

My previous blog introduced the development history of packaging bags, you can click on this link to have a look. At first, people loaded things with gourds, shells, leaves, etc., and later developed into fur weaving, Reed weaving, metal, pottery, cloth bags, plastic bags, and then today’s paper bags. It has been found that plastic bags and paper bags are the most economical packaging methods, because plastic bags and paper bags are cheap and easy to customize and carry. However, the burning of plastic bags is easy to produce toxic gases that can cause cancer, affecting the survival and reproduction of life on earth. While buried plastic bags occupy a large area of land for a long time, plastic bags buried underground for a long time can not be degraded, affecting the sustainable development of the land and occupying people’s

living space.

Thus it can be seen that whether burning or burying plastic bags will affect the sustainable development of the environment. As a result, many countries began to ban the use of plastic bags or reduce the use of plastic bags.

The paper for making paper bags is made from the wood pulp of trees, although it will consume some forest resources, but because the paper is environmentally friendly, recyclable, biodegradable, high utilization rate and convenient to make paper bags, so many paper bag manufacturers and wholesalers, dealers, retailers are willing to use paper bags to develop their own packaging business.

How much does the paper bag business cost?

The cost of the paper bag business depends on what kind of international trade division you are engaged in:

If you are a paper bag manufacturer, you need part of the money to buy paper bag printing machines, laminating machines, indentation machines, rent a suitable factory for production, recruit some workers to engage in production, and pay water and electricity bills and raw materials such as base paper. the purchase cost of pigments and so on. It is also important to find a good designer who can help you design packaging designs of any pattern according to the customer’s requirements. The cost of the machine varies according to its performance. The factory can be rented in a more suburban location, so the rent will be much cheaper. If at the beginning, there is no performance, we can recruit fewer workers, each machine with a captain, two or three employees who make paper bags, if the volume of business increases, we can recruit a large number of workers. If you do not have any experience in opening a paper bag factory, it is recommended that you go to work in the paper bag factory for a month, roughly familiar with the whole paper bag production process, machine capacity, raw material consumption and other information, and then it is not too late to start by yourself.

If you just want to be a trader or importer or wholesaler, you need to develop your own customers. You need to have part of the money on hand, go to the factory to buy custom-made paper bags, and you need to know some knowledge about international trade.

If you want to be a distributor or retailer, you need to have your own end customer base and only need less money. Buy paper bags from trader, importer and or wholesaler and sell them in your own physical store or online store.

What raw materials are needed to make paper bags?

The main raw materials for making paper bags are paper, which can be Kraft paper (Kraft paper is also divided into yellow Kraft paper and white Kraft paper), 210g ivory paper and 157g art paper,special paper, and so on.

The raw materials for making paper bags also include:

Inks for printing paper bags.

Handles of paper bags:

handles of paper bags can be customized according to customer requirements:


Cotton rope.

Pp rope.

Twisted paper handle.

Flat paper handle.


Some customers will also ask to put corns on the small holes in the handle of the paper bag to make the paper bag look more high-end and increase the load-bearing capacity of the paper bag at the same time.

The bottom board at the bottom of the paper bag.

The wepaperbag of our company mainly uses 250g cadrboard, and the bottom plate is pasted on the bottom of the paper bag, which can increase the load-bearing capacity of the paper bag.


workers fold the processed flat paper into the shape of a paper bag, and then apply glue to make a finished paper bag. Wepaperbag uses imported glue to stick paper bags more firmly.

Lifting card

Some customers need to wear the customized enterprise logo crane on the handle of the paper bag, which will be punched to facilitate the operation of workers.

Opp bag:

Opp bag, as the inner packaging of paper bag, is used to pack folded paper bag. Some customers need 6 paper bags for one OPP bag, while others require 12 paper bags for one OPP bag. The factory will purchase different sizes of opp bags to pack paper bags according to customer requirements.


The factory will purchase cartons of different sizes according to the packing requirements of customer orders. For example, if a customer needs 240 paper bags to pack a carton, the factory needs to calculate the size of the carton according to the size and quantity of the carton bag, and customize the carton to the carton factory. Sometimes the shipping marks on the cartons must be made according to the requirements of the customers.

To sum up, paper bag manufacturing is a business that can be operated for a long time. We can start from understanding the paper bag production process, to set up a paper bag sales team, master paper bag sales skills, develop customers with demand for paper bags, and gradually improve the paper bag management process.

I hope this article will be useful to you. If you have any questions about paper bags, please contact me ( and we will try our best to answer all your questions.


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