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1. Why do people use Kraft paper bags more and more?

(1) This is because Kraft paper bags are cheap and environmentally friendly, can be recycled, reused and composted, and can be reused. This kind of renewable paper is the main reason why people choose Kraft paper. People’s friendliness to nature makes our society develop more harmoniously and continuously.

(2) Using environmentally friendly Kraft paper bags instead of plastic bags that cause environmental pollution, you can also establish your own brand as an environmentally friendly image to your customers, carry out brand promotion, and attract more customers to buy and repurchase their own products.

(3) Printing custom brand logo on the Kraft paper bag can establish the image of one’s own brand in the customer’s heart.

(4) Kraft paper bags are easy to fold and store, because they are light and easy to carry products.

2. What can Kraft paper bags be used for?

Kraft paper bags are mainly used for shopping, retail (such as bakeries, grocery store shopping bags, party decoration bags, candy biscuit bags), school lunches, food packaging, jewelry store packaging and gift packaging, gifts, etc.

3. On what occasions are Kraft paper bags used?

Kraft paper bags can be used in baby baptism, birthdays, graduation gifts, bar mitzvahs, weddings (engagement and marriage), New year’s Day, Easter, April Fool’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, National Day, International Labour Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, send peer-to-peer anniversary.

4. In what fields are Kraft paper bags used?

Kraft paper bags are widely used in department stores, fashion stores, food stores, direct sales stores and retailers. These handbags are efficient and load-bearing, providing an excellent advertising opportunity to promote your brand and convey the correct environmental message.

5. Specification information of Kraft paper bags:

(1) Kraft paper made into paper bags is divided into web paper and flat paper:

Web Paper:  

Web paper is a web-shaped cylindrical paper with a large volume with a paper core in the middle. The width of the web (1575mm, 1092mm, 880mm, 787mm) is available in several specifications, unlimited in length. (the vast majority of newspapers are printed on web.)

The Flat Paper:

The flat paper is cut into flat sheets by roll paper, and it is printed one by one. Flat paper is mainly divided into “positive paper 787*1092mm” and “large paper 889*1194mm”.

(2) The gram weight of Kraft paper bags:

It is the weight of one square meter of Kraft paper (also known as paper grams). For example, 150g/ brown kraft paper is usually represented by 150g brown kraft paper. Internationally, it is normal to allow paper to float around 5g, that is, ±5g/ float. The weight of the paper is different and the thickness of the paper is different. Kraft paper has the lowest gram weight and the highest 500g/ weight. Kraft paper generally uses 120g, 150g, 180g and 200g paper to make paper bags. Generally speaking, the smaller paper bags will choose 100g or 120g Kraft paper, these two grams of weight bearing is not a problem, but the stiffness is not very good. If you have high requirements for paper bags, you can choose 180g and 200g Kraft paper to customize shopping paper bags.

(3) The thickness of Kraft paper:

  The lowest thickness of Kraft paper is 0.04mm (4silk) and the thickest is 0.6mm (60silk). 1mm=100silk

(4) The size of Kraft paper bags:

large paper bags are used for household items such as toys, clothing, shoes, and hats, and small paper bags are used for decorations or small cakes such as food.

The size of a paper bag is usually expressed in W*D*H, and the size is usually expressed in centimeters or inches.

W is width, it represents the bag measurement from side to side.

D is depth, it represents the depth of the gusset (sides) of the bag

H is height, it represents the height of the bag

The size of a regular Kraft paper bag is:

S: size / length 18 x width 7 x height 27cm.

M: size / length 22 x width 8 x height 30cm.

L: size / length 27 × width 10 × height 38cm

If you need to customize your own size Kraft paper bag, please contact us: (Judy)

6. Classification of Kraft paper bags:

Kraft paper bags are mainly divided into natural kraft paper bag and white Kraft paper bag, and coated Kraft paper.

Natural Kraft Paper:

Natural kraft paper bags are more commonly used than white Kraft paper bags because the price of natural Kraft paper is slightly cheaper. The paperweight of natural kraft paper bags is generally less than or equal to 150 grams.

White Kraft Paper:

White Kraft paper bags are sometimes used to print corporate logo to highlight brands, or directly print one color in all white Kraft paper bags (for example, more than ten beautiful colors such as blue, red, yellow, green and so on).

Coated Kraft Paper:

Coated Kraft paper is also a kind of natural kraft paper, the weight of the paper is more than 150g.

7. Printing:

Kraft paper bags can be printed in up to 8 colors using Flexographic Printing.

We provide a variety of Kraft paper bags customized logo services, if your business has not yet started or just started, we can also help you design your satisfactory brand logo.

 If you need to import Kraft paper bags, find us ( to help you design beautiful and cheap brand paper bags to make your business bigger and bigger and more and more profitable.

8. What kind of handles are there in Kraft paper bags:

Twisted Paper Handle:

Paper is often used to twist hands, and there are many colors: White, black, yellow, red, blue. The most commonly used paper is yellow and white paper.

White kraft twisted paper handle: white Kraft paper has a uniform thickness, smooth surface, good tensile strength, strong explosion resistance, and good stiffness. Using it to make a paper rope handle is not easy to tear and is more comfortable. Use it to make White kraft twisted paper handle is not easy to tear and is more comfortable


Flat Paper Handle:

The flat paper handle is convenient and comfortable to use, and can hold food and heavier goods.

PP Rope Handle:

PP rope has many beautiful colors and different thickness, which can decorate the paper bag more beautifully.

Rivet fixing handle:

Four silver metal rivets fix the handle to make the paper bag look more upscale and sturdy.

Without Handle:

Some Kraft paper bags without handles are generally used to hold lighter things.

9. Kraft paper bag load-bearing:

Kraft paper bags are the same as other kinds of paper bags (210g Ivory paper, 157g art paper),  add a 350g cardboard to the bottom of the paper bag. We paste the bottom with imported glue to make the Kraft paper bag bear better load.

Kraft paper bags can withstand the weight of 5 / 8 kg (10 / 18 lbs).

10. Custom Kraft Paper Bag:

(1) The MOQ of Kraft Paper Bag:1,000pcs.

(2) Production time: 100,000 paper bags per month

(3) Kraft paper bag proofing is about 3-7 working days.

(4) Packing:

 we usually pack 10 paper bags into one OPP bag, and then 20 OPP bags into one corrugated carton.

We can also pack your customized logo paper bags according to your packaging requirements.

(5) Proofing:

If you need proofing, on the premise of excluding very complicated processes, we charge a sample fee of $20 per model, which is only for the purchase of raw materials such as paper and printing. If you place an order, the sample fee can be refunded to you.

(6) Send you the samples:

Whether you want to receive our stock kraft paper bag samples, or want proofing samples, you can select one of international express delivery(such as UPS, TNT, Fedex, DHL and so on), it will take about 7-10 days.

We are in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China, if you need samples, please contact (Judy)

If you need more information about our paper bags, you can go to the blog on our website:


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