[paper afternoon News, August 12] I know all about the paper industry in 1 minute.

Paper afternoon report date: August 12, 2020, all the paper industry messages you may miss are here. 

1. Banning non-degradable plastic bags requires comprehensive force.

“he who does not seek the overall situation is not enough to seek a domain.” Although the non-degradable plastic bag is small, it tests the great wisdom of governance. In view of the unsatisfactory implementation effect of the previous ban on plastic pollution, in order to achieve the phased objectives of plastic pollution control by the end of 2020 on schedule, and finally effectively control plastic pollution, we should introduce comprehensive management thinking from the aspects of innovative regulatory methods, the introduction of market forces, and the promotion of consumers’ awareness of environmental protection. In this way, the ban on non-degradable plastic bags will not fail in the implementation, and really release the power to help the protection of the ecological environment. 

2. CEO: of the New York Times predicts that print newspapers will disappear in 20 years. 

Mark Thompson, outgoing chief executive of the New York Times, expects print newspapers to disappear in 20 years. “I’m sure the New York Times will print it for another 10 years, maybe even another 15 years,” Thompson said in an interview. I would be very surprised if it was still in print in the next 20 years. ” “I doubt whether print advertising can return to 2019 levels,” Thompson said. The decline has been going on for many years, and I think the decline may be inevitable. ” 

3. Sun Paper held a product introduction and customer thank-you meeting in Luyu District. 

On August 11, “accompany you so far more than paper”-Sun Paper (Luyu District) product promotion and customer appreciation meeting was warmly held in Shandong Shengde International Hotel. Li Na, vice chairman of the company, Liu Zehua, deputy general manager, and more than 100 high-quality customers of cultural paper in Luyu District attended the meeting. Li Na, vice chairman of Sun Paper, introduced the development of the company. She said that Sun Paper will always uphold the development mission of “bearing trust and writing about the sun of happiness”, adhere to the market concept of “market-oriented, customer-centered, sales-oriented”, and strive to create greater value for customers. adhere to build a “community with a shared future” with customers to watch and help each other. 

4. The integration of socialist core values and corporate culture helps overseas Chinese enterprises coruscate their vitality. 

Asia-Pacific Sambo’s people-oriented corporate culture, strengthen the integration of values, advocate democratic participation in the process of cultivating and implementing socialist core values, and always adhere to the construction of “people-oriented” harmonious corporate culture in management. The company pays attention to the construction of a talent training system and carries out the “Apollo Talent Action”, which not only encourages employees to innovate, but also pays attention to cultivating employees’ sense of ownership and actively implementing socialist core values. Asia-Pacific Sambo Company strengthens the pursuit of service quality based on the dimension of responsibility in the construction of corporate culture, which helps to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. First of all, attach importance to the responsibility system, build a customer evaluation system, and the first inquiry responsibility system, in order to improve the sense of responsibility of employees. Secondly, every link of the business inside and outside the enterprise should be strictly monitored and the business behavior of the enterprise should be standardized. 

5. Chenming Paper received a government subsidy of 767 million in half a year, with an asset-liability ratio of 73.49% at the end of the period. 

Chenming Paper released its semi-annual report for 2020. During the reporting period, Chenming Paper achieved an operating income of 13.6 billion yuan, an increase of 1.88% over the same period last year, and a net profit of 516 million yuan, a steady increase over the same period last year. It is worth noting that Chenming Paper’s non-net profit fell sharply by 77.61% in the first half of the year compared with the same period last year, from 300 million yuan in the same period last year to 67.88 million yuan this year. Among the non-recurrent profit and loss items, the government subsidy alone is as high as 767 million yuan. On June 30, 2020, Chenming Paper had a current ratio of 82.81%, a quick ratio of 72.80%, and an asset-liability ratio of 73.49%.

6. The price of the packaging paper is reduced by 100-200 yuan. Liwen, Jingxing, and Golden Phoenix all fell in 7 provinces.

In August, the price of corrugated paper first fell, and since last Friday, containerboard has also joined the ranks of the decline. With Liwen, Jingxing, Golden Phoenix and other leading paper mills finished paper price reduction, the current round of price decline has spread to 7 provinces! And it is difficult to continue to raise the price of waste paper. Since August 10, the waste paper market has been downgraded by individual paper mills, and the number of paper mills has continued to increase on the 11th. Recently, the sales of finished paper in some small and medium-sized paper mills are less than expected, and the inventory pressure is greater, so we should be on guard against the risk of a large area.

7. Zhang Yin of Nine Dragons Paper: the total investment of the Jingzhou project is 13.5 billion and strives to start construction in September.

On August 11, the meeting of the all-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and well-known private enterprises to help revive poverty alleviation in Hubei Province was held. Zhang Yin, chairman of Nine Dragons Paper, said that the Jiulong Jingzhou project has a total investment of about 13.5 billion yuan, and plans to build a production line with an annual production capacity of 600000 tons of bamboo pulp and 2.4 million tons of high-grade packaging paper. after the completion of the project, the total annual output value is expected to reach 14.5 billion yuan, the annual tax amount is about 1 billion yuan, and more than 3000 local jobs have been created at the same time. Jiulong will cooperate fully with the government to promote the progress of the project and strive to start construction in September and start production within two years.

8. 20 sets of data that can not be ignored in the production of watermark cartons.

Watermark carton is a popular packaging product in the paper packaging industry at present, which is widely used in many fields, such as food, electronics, agricultural and sideline products, and so on. Ink printing slotting machine when starting the air pressure is generally between 6-8Kgf/cm2. When the ink printing slotting machine adjusts the position of the paper feeder, the gap between the front door and the rear bezel is 1-2mm larger than the width of the cardboard, so that the cardboard can be stacked neatly and fall freely. When the ink printing slotting machine adjusts the position of the paper feeder, the distance between the left and right baffles is slightly larger than the length of the production cardboard by 2-3mm.

9. Jiangsu Province has achieved the goal of “two hundred” in advance of the registration rate of pollutant discharge permits and the rate of issuing permits.

Since the beginning of this year, ecological and environmental departments at all levels in Jiangsu Province have made every effort to promote the work related to pollution discharge permits. at present, 13 districts and cities in the province have investigated and cleaned up one by one the 327000 enterprises that have been included in the scope of clean-up and rectification, comprehensively completed the tasks of issuing licenses, registering, and cleaning up, and achieved the goal of “two hundred” pollution discharge permit registration rate and license issuance rate ahead of schedule, and basically achieved full coverage of pollution discharge permit management. On the basis of completing the certification of 26000 enterprises in 2019, the province completed the first stage clean-up task by the end of April this year, with 47000 classified enterprises; the second stage clean-up task was completed in early August, with 254000 classified enterprises, and the classified disposal of 327000 enterprises within the scope of clean-up and rectification was successfully completed.

10. Information on the purchase price of waste paper from paper mills on August 12, 2020.

North China: Changli Xingchang Paper Co., Ltd., Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, reduced by 30 yuan/ton. Hebei Baoding Dingtai Paper Co., Ltd., reduced by 30 yuan/ton. Inner Mongolia Zhaoxuan Paper Co., Ltd. (formerly Tianhao), waste paper price adjustment. Central China: Henan Taikang Longyuan Paper Co., Ltd., reduced by 30 yuan/ton. The old industrial and trade paper industry in Xuchang, Henan Province, was reduced by 30 yuan per ton. Mountain Eagle Jingzhou Public Security Mountain Eagle Huazhong Paper Co., Ltd., reduced by 30 yuan/ton. Xiangxing Paper Co., Ltd., Jingzhou, Hubei Province, reduced by 30 yuan/ton. East China: Shandong Weifang Huisheng Paper Co., Ltd., COCC11#C reduced by 30 yuan/ton. Jiangsu Huaian Lianshui Yongfeng Paper Co., Ltd., the yellow board reduced by 30 yuan/ton.


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