Paper bag embossing process

In order to keep up with the increasingly progressive social development, paper bag companies are also constantly improving their technology and skills, while meeting the daily needs of paper bag wholesalers, paper bag retailers, and paper bag importers, they also provide customized help to help all paper bag demanders meet the needs of attracting consumers’ attention and cultivating consumers’ sense of trust and loyalty to the brand.

In order to produce an aesthetic that is more in line with modern consumers, we have a professional development team to collect materials about fashion and trends in many parts of the world, and then give them to our designers, who innovate and develop on this basis. design a unique pattern. We will buy a lot of paper bags with innovative technology, as samples, combined with the current process skills of our paper bag factory, and strive to make more Jinmei paper bags and bring them to our customers for them to choose from. Help them better provide interesting packaging paper bags for consumers. Our paper bag factory does not want to be the knockout of the times, on the contrary, our team is young and passionate, we are bold and innovative, willing to learn and think, hoping to provide a continuous stream of inspiration and innovation for your paper bag packaging.

Companies that specialize in making paper bags should all know the embossing process of paper bags, because paper bag embossing technology is a printing process that can make paper bags look high-end, which can improve the advanced sense of the brand and make people feel high-end and worthy of newcomers.

What is the embossing process of paper bags?

The paper bag embossing process is to press very fine lines on the surface of the paper with the pressure of the pressure plate in the pattern and text part of the paper. This embossing process is used in many high-value goods, such as perfumes, watches, jewelry boxes and paper bags. This process can improve the added value of the goods, make the brand appear high-end, the goods appear high-end and have a sense of science and technology.

The commonly used process of embossing paper bag printing is the use of concave-convex die and pressure to make the alternative paper surface pressed with patterns and characters, which is used for paper surface processing.

What are the advantages of making paper bag embossing process?

The embossing process for the paper bag can make the printing pattern on the paper bag three-dimensional, so that the whole paper bag has an advanced texture and three-dimensional feeling.

We have a paper bag and customers need to customize and find a special paper pattern for their new products, mainly because the texture of the special paper is very close to their products, but the output and cost of the special paper they need exceeds them. At that time, it was suggested that they use coated paper plus full-page embossing. Embossing patterns can be provided by them, which solves their questions in terms of cost and usage.

In fact, embossing technology is not only used in the production process of hand-held paper bags, but also a large number of other handicrafts will use embossing technology, but in portable paper bag printing, embossing technology is generally used in clothing paper bags and gift paper bags packaging.

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What aspects should be paid attention to in the embossing process?

1.When making the embossing process of the paper bag, when printing light colors, the color blending should be reduced by 10%. When printing dark colors, color blending should increase the chromaticity by 15%, and then start printing.

2.The effect of embossing process is different when the color of the paper is different.

There are three kinds of embossing methods:

1. Ordinary embossing.

2. Indentation and embossing are carried out at the same time.

3. Bronzing and embossing at the same time.

When the graphics or text that need to be indented is very small, if you want to press out the pattern of 0.5cm, you need to pay attention to “focus”.

This is because the size of the printed matter is too small, so even if there is a 1mm error, there will be a very obvious deviation between the pattern and the embossing line. If the pattern or text is 80% of the full plate printing, the effect of printing error is even more obvious.

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