Paper bag load test

Paper bags play an important role in the sustainable development of the environment, as shown in the following aspect

Paper bags can be reused, recycled, degradable, renewable, and can provide protection for products.

As paper bags are good for environmental protection, so printing brands on paper bags can make consumers think that the brand is friendly to the environment and human beings.

At the same time, research shows that 85% of passers-by will notice the printed content on the paper bag. 80% of users think that printing the brand on the paper bag makes them like the brand. Compared with plastic bags, non-woven bags, woven bags, etc., 86% of people prefer to use paper bags. 79% of users think that carrying paper bags is more comfortable and convenient.

Since people trust paper bags so much, manufacturers also have requirements on the quality of paper bags in order to make them more widely used in daily life.

Some of the paper bags will be marked with the weight and volume that can be carried.

But most paper bags follow the European test standard EN13590:2003, which is used to test the durability of paper bags. The test method is to put something in the paper bag, and then lift the paper bag repeatedly to see if the bag can hold the weight.

The larger the size and volume of the paper bag, the greater its load-bearing capacity. Only in this way can we meet the shopping needs of consumers.

How do you test the quality of paper bags?

The paper bag quality test includes:

1. Burst strength test.
The bursting strength test can measure how much weight a paper bag can bear without being torn.

2. Stripping quality test.
The peeling quality test can test the weight that the paper bag can bear.

3. Cobb measurement test.
Cobb measurement test, you can calculate the paper bag contains how much moisture, if the test out of the paper bag contains more moisture, it means that the paper bag is not suitable to hold heavier objects.

4.Tearing quality test.
The tearing quality test is whether a paper bag that has been torn will continue to be torn. This kind of test is used less. People still prefer to use the burst strength test to test the load-bearing capacity of paper bags.

In international trade, wholesalers need paper bag manufacturers to do some load-bearing tests on paper bags in order that the paper bags they sell can meet the needs of customers.

Generally speaking, when people hear that they want to test the load of the paper bag, they will think that they should take the heavier items, such as stone bricks or dumbbells, and put them in the paper bag, and then see if the paper bag can bear it. As long as the paper bag is not damaged, such as the handle will not break, the bottom of the paper bag will not be torn, it is generally believed that the paper bag has passed the load-bearing test.

The process of making a paper bag is relatively simple. A folded paper bag will finally be glued firmly with glue.

The quality of paper bags is generally determined by the strength and durability of the paper. It is shown in the following aspects:

1. The strength of a single fiber in raw paper.

2. The average length of the fiber.

3. The strength of the bonding force between the fibers formed in the beating process.

The fiber of base paper comes from the fiber of wood, which is usually cut down coniferous trees such as pine or spruce. Recycled paper, the fiber will be shorter, not as strong as the paper made of new wood pulp. Because the paper made of new wood pulp, its fiber is longer, and the combination between the fibers is also very strong. Paper can be recycled about 5-7 times. Therefore, in the process of paper recycling, new wood pulp must be added to make the fiber stronger and the paper bearing capacity better.

Most paper needs to have a minimum strength bearing capacity so that it can be used normally in daily life.

The strength of the paper bag must be strong enough to bear the weight of the object inside.

Therefore, different items need to choose the size of the paper bag and the gram weight of the paper.

For example, European paper bags are usually made of 210g Ivory paper.The quality of the Ivory paper paper is very good,we can printed on the paper with customer logo or brand pattern, and then film, will enhance the carrying capacity of the paper bag.

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The paper bag is covered with film, including Matt and Glossy film. The matt film looks more dignified and high-end than the glossy film.

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