Paper bag UV process

UV process is mainly to brighten and increase the three-dimensional feel of paper bags, mostly used in the company’s logo.

When the high-grade paper bag is doing the UV process, what if the image is too dark?

UV process is too dark, directly affecting the experience of consumers, but also making consumers doubt the ability of their own brand.

1. The UV pattern on the top of the high-end paper bag darkens, mainly because the ink is very important. 

There is a significant difference in effect between high-quality ink and poor-quality ink.

All the colors in the world are made up of red, yellow, and blue. All printing colors are made up of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The manufacturers who produce printing ink are not unified and standardized, so the four colors are different in dose, resulting in the light and shade difference of high-grade paper bag UV printing.

To solve the problem that the UV printing effect of high-grade paper bags is too dark, it is necessary to ask the ink manufacturer to provide ink-related information. Before the paper bag manufacturer produces the bulk goods, it is best to proofing to the customer to confirm the printing effect and UV effect.

2. The data setting of UV press: the amount of ink, Pass value, and conversion degree, determine the effect of UV printing.

In printing, the dimensions of each parameter should be adjusted reasonably to ensure a good UV printing effect. Can make the paper bag get the ideal brightness and color saturation.

3. If the printing material is different, the printing effect of paper bag UV is also different.

The printing material of UV process is actually a special kind of water. The degree of fusion of this kind of water and ink is different, the final result of UV printing is different.

Theoretically, white material is better than black material, and hard material is better than soft material.

UV printing has good printability for most substrates.

UV printing is clear, smooth, and consistent. The curing process of UV is a process of photochemical reaction. The ink layer and light oil layer have strong adhesion, strong durability, chemical corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and aging resistance.

The UV process on the paper bag is a kind of screen printing in the paper bag printing. This kind of screen printing is simple and cheap, the cost is low, and the printing effect is very good.

UV printing is the printing of templates with text, images, or patterns attached to the screen.

There are two types of UV printing.

1. UV ultraviolet printing.

UV is a kind of imitating metal etching printing, in which a layer of rugged translucent ink is printed on the substrate with metal mirror luster, and then cured by ultraviolet light to produce an effect similar to that of bright metal surface etched or frosted.

The substrate is usually gold paper, silver paper, or composite materials, using 70 mesh / cm-100 mesh / inside the screen.

2. UV wrinkle pattern ink printing.

UV wrinkle pattern ink printing is printed with UV wrinkle ink on the substrate surface, after UV curing, to form a special wrinkle pattern decoration effect. This printing method uses 40 mesh / cm ~ 60 mesh / cm screen, and the ink film thickness is 20 μ ~ 30 μ. The effect is better when the thickness is larger.

3. Ice flower effect printing.

Ice flower effect printing is on the surface of the substrate with a metallic luster, and the ice flower ink is printed on it by screen printing. After UV curing, it shows the shape of ice flower. The substrate of this printing method is gold and silver paper jam, using 60 mesh/ cm ~ 100 mesh/ cm screen.

4. Foam printing.

Foaming printing is the use of microsphere foaming ink, screen printing on paper or other substrates, picture and text uplift, which is widely used in bookbinding, Braille, map, packaging, and decoration printing. This printing method uses 30 mesh/ cm ~ 50 mesh/ cm screen. The screen can also be used for fragrant ink screen printing, pearlescent ink screen printing, liquid crystal ink screen printing, phosphorescence ink screen printing, fluorescent ink screen printing, crystal gloss screen printing, and so on.

UV printing is suitable for the production of packaging paper bags with a small drop of the plane, curved surface, or curved surface.

The paper bags printed by the UV process are elegant and luxurious, suitable for packaging high-grade products, and used as gifts.

How does UV printing improve the quality of paper bags?

UV printing is a commonly used packaging printing process, the effect is close to the effect of the peritoneum, oiling, braille, and so on. Suitable for exquisite printed matter, such as color box requires to highlight the product or other parts, using the whole surface to cover the subfile. Then use screen printing to UV the part of the place that needs to be lit again. Through this finishing process, the production of paper bags looks high-end. There will also be a three-dimensional sense. Others use sharp convexity, which looks like a strong three-dimensional feeling and feels like a touch. According to the needs of product glazing, local glazing coating should be carried out on the prominent parts of trademarks and packaging printed matter. There is a great contrast between glossy and non-glossy parts of partial glazing products. A unique style can produce a unique artistic effect.

How can exquisite paper bags help your company do business?

Whether you order a paper bag to increase brand awareness, attract consumer attention, or play a promotional role in business activities, it can be achieved by creating a beautifully made paper bag.

We do not make paper bags to highlight paper bags but to use paper bags to load and set off gifts, good gifts refer to will not dominate, but better set off their own brand products, promote their own brand image. To a certain extent, it can improve the success rate of business activities.

1. The exquisite gift paper bag can carry on the second promotion for the business activities of the brand company.

After the business event is over, your customers are carrying exquisite paper bags to make. Wherever they go, people will see this mobile advertisement, a low-cost advertisement. What about customized paper bags for fun?

2. Paper bag making will let customers give you extra points.

Although the practical stationery and electronic products in the production of commercial paper bags are printed with advertisements, the intimate preparation will not be resisted but will leave a deep impression on customers. Doesn’t brand-building start with these subtle details?

3. The exquisite paper bag production reflects the strength of the enterprise.

A low-grade paper bag production, customers will always have a variety of disgust, which is related to the strength of the enterprise, accurate customers will also leave because of these shoddy packaging products. On the contrary, a high-end, exquisite paper bag production, let customers feel that you pay attention to the pursuit of quality, to believe you, become your real customer.


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