Recyclable paper bags with logo

Why customize paper bags with a logo?

Customized paper shopping bags can highlight the brand, create a strong impression on consumers, cultivate customer loyalty and the habit of repeat sales.

1. Can promote and market your business.

2. When customers leave your store or restaurant with custom paper bags, they will have the opportunity to help promote your brand and business.

3. Wepaperbag can customize and produce the paper bags you need within any price range according to your requirements.

4. When selling goods to customers, provide exquisite gift bags printed with their own brand logo, which can improve customer satisfaction and brand recognition, and deepen customers’ impression of their own brand. Don’t bother consumers to buy packaging from other places.

5. Exquisite gift paper bags can help brands establish the brand image of high-quality gift providers.

Up to 83% of consumers share pictures of branded paper bags on social media. We can print our own company logo on the paper bag by customizing the paper bag so that more and more people can help us share the brand with more people we like so that the brand can seize the market at a fission speed.

Recyclable paper bags are made of recycled paper, which is environmentally friendly and can give customers a first impression of environmental protection. Generally, recyclable paper bags are made of 100% recyclable Kraft paper, including brown Kraft paper bags and white Kraft paper bags. 50% of consumers around the world are willing to pay a premium for environmentally friendly paper bags, so brands position themselves as ecologically responsible and enhance brand influence.

So customized recyclable paper bags printed with logo can promote the sustainable development of the company.

At, we provide wholesale and retail services for customized paper gift bags. If you need to do packaging for brands, shopping malls, or grocery stores, stores to wrap gifts or goods sold, and paper bags for restaurant takeout, please contact us (

Wepaperbag is known for its expertise in customizing environmentally friendly and renewable paper bags, and we have the ability to use recycled paper to make customized paper bags that are earth and human-friendly. Contact us for information about our wholesale and retail customized printed paper bags:

Not only us but also everyone will think that packaging will have a great impact on the environment. In order to support the use and promotion of renewable customized logo paper bags, we provide environmentally friendly paper bags made of renewable paper.

Our paper bags are made of 100% recycled materials, and they can be completely recycled or even composted.

Our recycling packaging options include at least one of two kinds of recycled materials: post-consumer recycled materials or post-industrial recycled materials. The recycled material after consumption is any material used and discarded by consumers or enterprises and captured before entering the landfill. The material is then recycled and used in new products. Post-industrial recycled materials are redundant, scrapped, or repaired materials that have been recycled by the factory during and after manufacturing but have not entered the consumer stream.   

How to customize logo print paper bag?

1. You can email us your packing request and we will help you print the information you need on your wrapping paper bag.

2. You can tell us the size, shape, printing color, quantity of your custom paper bag and so on.

  • 3. We can help you print on both sides of the paper bag in up to four colors.

4. Custom paper bags can be equipped with handles of different materials and colors: cotton rope, PP rope, paper twist handle, etc. We use imported glue sticker to wring the hand, it is very strong and safe, you don’t have to worry.

  • 5. Paper bags can also be made without handles.

Here are several ways to customize paper bags:

1. Matching colors between printed and paper bags: White paper bags are suitable for printing dark color logo messages, while brown Kraft paper bags need to be printed in very bright or dark colors.

2. Highlight brand logo and company name: brand logo and company name should be next to each other to facilitate consumers’ memory. At the same time, their font and size should be large enough to be printed in a conspicuous position in the middle of the paper bag.

3. Printed content should add information that is convenient for customers to buy, such as web address, business address, phone number, social media link, etc., to facilitate customer purchase or repurchase.

Where is the logo printed in the paper bag?

Generally, logo is printed on the front and back of the paper bag, and the content can also be printed on both sides of the paper bag.

Paper bag size: we have some paper bags of regular size, and we can also make paper bags according to your required size.

1. Mini paper bags: 8*5*10cm (W*D*H) can pack small items, such as gifts and food.

2. Small paper bag: 13*8*13cm (W*D*H), can pack notebook-sized gifts and so on.

3. Medium gift bag: 13*8*22cm (W*D*H), which can hold items the size of an insulation cup.

4. Wine bag: 14*10*36cm (W*D*H), which is used to pack a single wine bottle.

5. Large paper bag: 26*12*32cm (W*D*H), this size is used more, can pack folders, books and so on.

6. Oversized paper bags: 36*13*25cm (W*D*H), which can hold large retail items such as shoes and clothes.

We are a paper bag manufacturer in China. We can customize paper bags according to your preference. We can customize the demand and delivery date according to your budget.

If you need to confirm the details of the paper bag before producing the bulk goods, we can help you make a sample of the paper bag. The proofing time of the paper bag is usually 3-7 working days. We can send the paper bag to you by international express.

If the quantity is 10,000, it usually takes about 20-30 days to produce goods. It takes about 30 days to arrive in the United States by sea and 50 days to arrive in the United Kingdom.

To customize your own branded paper bag:

1. Send us an email ( and let us know your requirements for customized paper bags.

2. We will help you calculate the price, delivery date, production details and packing according to your budget. And can make suggestions according to your needs.

3. Our designers provide you with artwork or effect drawings for your reference. We participate in the design together, so that your packaging is more in line with the taste of consumers.

4. You formally place an order with us, and then you can wait to receive the customized paper bags we have produced for you.


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