Shopping with a paper bag

Both shopkeepers and consumers need paper shopping bags.

Shopkeepers load the products sold in their stores through shopping paper bags, and consumers pack and take away the goods they buy through shopping paper bags. Shopkeepers provide customers with shopping bags either paid or free, without the need for customers to carry their own shopping bags, which can improve customers’ shopping experience. Nowadays, most stores provide free shopping paper bags.

Paper bags can be used to hold clothing, shoes, hats, jewelry, hardware stores, daily household items, pastries, cooked food, etc., and are also widely used in the takeout business. Strong and durable paper bags are very important to the brand. When consumers walk on the road, they will also be attracted by attractive brand paper bags and subconsciously remember the brand, which is much more cost-effective than being a billboard on the street.

There are many kinds of shopping bags, paper bags, plastic bags, non-woven bags. In comparison, customized paper bags are more beautiful and high-end, paper materials, handle style, printing patterns, paper bag size can be flexibly customized, easier to highlight and spread the brand.

Paper bags are also made of many different kinds of paper, of which 157 grams of art paper, 210 grams of ivory paper, 150 grams of brown Kraft paper, and 150 grams of white Kraft paper are the most commonly used in paper bags.

The paper made of paper bags is made of biodegradable and renewable paper, so it is more economical and environmentally friendly, which is more in line with people’s desire for environmental protection and the national determination to develop green earth sustainably.

The foldable paper bag makes it easy to store when the paper bag is folded, and it can stand up smoothly when the paper bag is opened.

We can customize paper bags for your brand in a variety of styles and sizes, upgrade product packaging, and customize colors with more harmonious colors and sizes.

We are pleased to provide you with high-quality and inexpensive retail and wholesale paper bags. We focus on the production and customization of complex printing and process paper bags, which can be customized according to your requirements.

We can provide you with a variety of processes for your reference:

1. Handle:

(1) Paper bag handle: pp rope, cotton rope, flat paper rope, paper twist handle.

(2) pp rope handle.

(3) Cotton rope handle.

2. Degradable mulch: Matt film and Gloss film.

3. Gold hot stamping, silver hot stamping, color hot stamping, etc.

4.UV process.


In Wepaperbag, we choose and buy environmentally friendly paper raw materials, save materials, environmentally friendly glue, environmentally friendly public welfare, and conscientiously fulfill the requirements of environmental protection.

The use of shopping paper bags is conducive to continuous exposure of your brand. Many customers are active on social networks, for example, they will put paper bags to take photos or videos on platforms such as Youtube, so that more people can see and spread, paper bags and the brand logo above can get free display opportunities.

In the takeout catering industry, brand takeout paper bags can expand brand marketing:

1. Remind customers who their food suppliers are and remind consumers to pay attention to them.

2. Foodies share their takeout photos or videos on social platforms, and their fans and other food lovers can see brand information on paper bags. It is equivalent to increasing the exposure of suppliers.

Retail stores, restaurants, food enterprises, and other stores can expand the scope of the sale of the brand and enhance the positive image of the brand by customizing shopping paper bags.

When you use Wepaperbag custom design shopping paper bags, we can provide you with a lot of choices. We can provide you with various types of paper, we can provide you with the simplest design, we can also provide you with complex design, we can provide you with simple monochrome printing, we can also provide you with multi-color design. We can provide you with printing anywhere in the paper bag, or in the inside and bottom of the paper bag.

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