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square paper bag

The Development of Gift Paper bags.

1. How was the gift paper bag born?   We all know that with the invention of paper, paper bags are gradually approaching people’s lives. People hold things in paper bags, and to maintain good interpersonal relations, they wrap the gifts in

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Paper bag UV process

Paper bag UV process

UV process is mainly to brighten and increase the three-dimensional feel of paper bags, mostly used in the company’s logo. When the high-grade paper bag is doing the UV process, what if the image is too dark? UV process is too dark, directly af

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polishing process

Paper bag polishing process

We often see some items with varnish technology in our daily life. The main thing we share today is to varnish the paper bags. What is the varnish process on paper bags? Varnish is a kind of paper bag surface decoration processing technology, it is c

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Paper bag embossing process

In order to keep up with the increasingly progressive social development, paper bag companies are also constantly improving their technology and skills, while meeting the daily needs of paper bag wholesalers, paper bag retailers, and paper bag import

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Paper bag indentation

Paper bag indentation process.

What is the indentation of a paper bag? Indentation is the use of a wire pressing knife or die to press a line mark on the sheet metal through pressure, or a wire roller is used to roll a line mark on the sheet metal, so that the sheet metal can be b

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hot stamping machine

Gold hot stamping of paper bag

Why did you choose the the hot stamping lamination? With the improvement of the economic level of the whole world, the skills of the printing industry have been improved, and the printing and process of paper bags tend to be high-grade, environmental

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