The Development History of Kraft Paper bags

In modern life, Kraft paper appears more and more in life. Kraft paper is used to make paper bags, nut bags, coffee bags, and so on. Because kraft paper is eco-friendly and recyclable, and more and more people have the awareness of environmental protection, so kraft paper bags are used widely.

1. What are the characteristics of Kraft paper?

Kraft paper is made of wood pulp with long wood fibers. The tightness between the long wood fibers is relatively high, which can make the Kraft paper bear greater tension and pressure without tearing it open. On the other hand, the bottom of the paper bag is rectangular in shape, which makes the capacity of the paper bag larger and can hold more items.

2. What is the manufacturing process of Kraft paper?

Kraft paper is made of sawdust. The exposed sawdust is decomposed into solid pulp at high temperature, mild caustic soda, and alkali sulfide chemicals are added to reduce the original strength of the damaged wood fiber, and then the pulp is screened, washed, and bleached to make Kraft paper. After this process, the paper produced is closely combined with the fiber, so that the paper is tough and can withstand a large pulling force to crack continuously. Kraft paper will be very strong and can carry heavier articles.

3. What factors determine how much a paper bag can hold?

(1) The raw material for making Kraft paper bags-Kraft paper.

The length and tightness of the fibers that make Kraft paper determine the firmness of Kraft paper. The longer the length, the greater the tightness, the stronger the paper, and the greater the bearing capacity.

(2) The gram weight of the paper.

The gram weight of paper is an indicator of paper density. For example, 150 grams of yellow Kraft paper means that the weight of one square meter of Kraft paper is 150 grams. The larger the gram weight of the paper, the tighter the paper and the stronger the bearing capacity.

(3) The bottom jam of the paper bag.

After the paper bag is made, add a piece of bottom card paper to the bottom of the paper bag. This kind of base card paper will be smeared with glue and then affixed to the inside of the bottom of the paper bag. This kind of bottom card paper can enhance the load-bearing capacity of the paper bag so that the bottom of the paper bag will not be broken by heavy objects.

(4) Handle of paper bag.

We usually use the twisted kraft paper to be the handle of the bag, and PP rope or cotton rope is also used as the handle of the paper bag.

We twisted the kraft paper into the rope and then glued it to the inside of the paper bag as a handle.

4. What is the scope of application of Kraft paper bags in daily life?

The packaging products contain the initial bamboo baskets, porcelain bowls, linen bags to the present Kraft paper bags, which are relatively low in cost and easy to store and use, which makes the scope of application of Kraft paper bags more extensive and popular. it also makes Kraft paper become the main material for loading goods.

Kraft paper bags are mainly used to hold the goods we buy in stores and supermarkets.

Kraft paper bags are used to hold food and bento.

On Halloween, children wear Kraft paper bags on their heads and take part in trick-or-treating games.

5. What is the history of Kraft paper bags?

(1) In 1800, paper bags were upgraded several times from the original flat design.

(2) In 1852, Francis Wolle invented the first paper bag making machine, which made a paper bag like a large envelope.

(3) Margaret Knight improved the envelope paper bag, designing the bottom of the paper bag into a rectangular bottom, this design increased the capacity of the paper bag, so that the paper bag can hold more goods.

(4) Charles Stillwell designed the hem of the paper bag, which makes the paper bag foldable and easy to store. This design is called SOS bag, or “self-opening bag”.

(5) In 1908, the first real Kraft paper bag was born in the United States. In order to increase the number of things, customers buy each time, the owner of a local grocery store did a lot of experiments on what to use as packaging to carry goods, and finally decided to use Kraft paper to make paper bags to package customers’ purchases.

(6) In 1918, two grocery stores in S ã o Paulo named Lydia and Walter Deubener punched holes in the sides of paper bags and fastened ropes. This kind of rope can be used as a handle to carry articles.

(7) In 2006, McDonald’s stores in China began to use Kraft paper bags instead of plastic bags to pack food. As a result, more and more businesses begin to use environmentally friendly Kraft paper bags instead of plastic bags.

(8) In 2007, China issued restrictions on the production and sale of plastic bags, bringing about the prosperity of Kraft paper bags. Kraft paper bags make a great contribution to protecting the environment and saving national resources.

6. What types of paper bags can Kraft paper be made into?

(1) SOS paper bag

SOS bags designed by Stilwell to stand up are usually brown. The school also uses this kind of bag as a lunch bag.

(2) Paper bags for baked goods

The bottom of the paper bag is sealed and cannot stand, and the opening remains open. It is generally used to hold bread, cakes, chocolates, biscuits, and other food.

(3) Commodity bags

This kind of paper bag is a square-bottomed paper bag that can stand up. Generally, there are yellow Kraft paper bags and white Kraft paper bags, white Kraft paper bags can be printed into monochrome printing. This kind of paper bag is usually used in shops to hold the goods they sell.

(4) European paper bags

Euro paper bags, most companies in order to promote their own brands, customize different printing patterns and handles. The general design is more luxurious and is suitable to be given as a gift or to buy items from a brand store.

This kind of paper bag will print all kinds of beautiful patterns, and some will also add bronzing, silver ironing, UV spot, Silk Screen, Glitter, and other processes.

Euro paper bag handles can also choose different handles according to the needs of brand promotion.

In addition, in addition to white Kraft paper and brown Kraft paper can be made into luxury European paper bags, white card paper, and coated paper can also be made into personalized brand paper bags to contribute to the company’s dissemination and promotion of its own brand.

(5) Party paper bags

Party paper bags are usually small and delicate and are used to hold candy, souvenirs, or small toys. It is mainly used in birthday parties, weddings, family gatherings, and other places to load gifts given back to relatives and friends.

(6) Mail paper bag

Kraft paper is used to make envelopes, mailbags, loading documents, or small items for express delivery or logistics companies to transport.


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