The Development of Gift Paper bags.

1. How was the gift paper bag born?


We all know that with the invention of paper, paper bags are gradually approaching people’s lives. People hold things in paper bags, and to maintain good interpersonal relations, they wrap the gifts in exquisite paper bags and give them to relatives and friends. As a result, the paper bag used to hold gifts was born.


Gift paper bags are generally brightly colored and come in different sizes, which are suitable for gifts of different shapes and sizes.


People use a wide variety of gifts, such as necklaces, earrings, jewelry, and other ornaments, candy cakes and other food, clothing, shoes, and hats, office stationery, daily necessities, etc., so the styles of matching paper bags emerge in endlessly.


If gift companies want to focus on promoting their own company, they can also print gift shop brand logos on their gift paper bags of different sizes.


Consumers who buy gifts will virtually increase the favor of the brand, which is conducive to the spread of the gift brand and being seen by more people.



2. On what occasions can gift paper bags be used?


Since we all know that gift paper bags can well convey their feelings for friends, what kind of gift paper bags should gift shop owners provide to consumers on different occasions?


  • When attending the weddings of relatives and friends, we can provide dignified and elegant paper bags with gifts to express our best wishes to our friends. Choose paper bags of different colors according to the local conditions and customs. For example, when Chinese people get married, they like big red paper bags that represent festivities. And many other countries will choose simple yellow Kraft paper bags or white Kraft paper bags to give gifts.


  • Participating in children’s first and tenth birthdays can provide lively and lovely small paper bags. Paper bags can be printed with candy, flowers, or animal patterns.


  • For all kinds of holidays, paper bags with different themes can be chosen according to consumers’ preferences.

For example, on Valentine’s Day, we can choose paper bags that print love and express love on paper.


On Thanksgiving paper bags, you can print “trick or treat” sentences, Jack-o’- lanterns, elves, ghosts, and other interesting patterns.

Christmas, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Christmas presents, and other Christmas atmosphere patterns can be printed on paper bags.


(4) When consumers need to send red wine or white wine, they can provide paper bags specially designed for wine, that is, wine bags. Generally speaking, this kind of wine bag is made of Kraft paper without printing or white cardboard printed with grape or wine patterns.


3. Why you should to customize gift paper bags?


Modern people’s pursuit of life is getting higher and higher, more and more pursuit of “ritual”.


When attending parties or group activities, they are willing to take pains to prepare gifts and express their importance to friends and parties.


In order to meet this demand of consumers, gift companies provide consumers with a wide variety of customized paper bags, which not only increase consumers’ goodwill towards their own brands, but also urge consumers to pay for beautiful gifts. At the same time, help the gift companies to improve awareness, expand the status of gift companies in the eyes of consumers.


4. How to help the gift shop customize paper bags?


Gift companies only need to provide their logo, need customized paper bag sizes and ideas, and paper bag factories will let their own designers design a plan.


When the gift company confirms the design, the factory can help the gift company produce according to the size, quantity and printing pattern required by the gift company.


5. What accessories and decorations are needed to make gift paper bags?


  • Paper of different materials: ivory paper, art paper, Kraft paper, laser paper, and specialty paper.


  • Different processes: gold hot stamping, silver hot stamping, glitter, Embossing&Debossing, UV, 3D effects, silk screen, bow, crimped ribbon, wrapping paper,  tissue paper.





(3) Handles of different styles and materials: cotton rope handle, ribbon handle, pp rope handle, flat paper handle, twisted paper handle, Die-cutting handle, etc.


6. What are the benefits of customized gift bags.


(1) Customized paper bags can increase the added value of gifts.


For example, the same gift, one on the roadside stall, one on the boutique with beautiful paper bags, which sells at a higher price? At the boutique gift shop, of course.


Therefore, the gift wrapping paper bag can improve the added value of the gift, so that the final sale price of the gift is greater than the value of the gift.


(2) Improve the brand awareness of the gift shop.


There are many gift companies, but how can you make your brand more visible and more acceptable?


One of the most direct and simple methods used by many marketing masters is to let the gift company carefully design a brand Logo, and then find a reliable paper bag printing factory ( to print their own logo onto the gift paper bag. In this way, no matter where the gift is taken, people can see a brand company printed on the paper bag that wraps the gift, thus deepening the impression of the gift company.



If you want to improve the status of your company and brand in the eyes of consumers in the most cost-effective way, there is a way that you can design a suitable gift paper bag, and print your company information on it, so that everyone who see the paper bag will help you to display and spread your company’s brand.


When the brand printed on the paper bag appears in front of them countless times, they will be very impressed by the brand. If you need to buy gifts, you will go straight to the store of this brand to buy them.



(3) Beautifully packaged gift paper bags can increase the trust and favor of customers.


Modern society is an era of paying attention to packaging. If we dress appropriately, we will be able to win better social popularity, more job opportunities, and more opportunities to be accepted by others.


Gift shop is the same, if you want to be in an invincible position in so many brands, you must do a good job in their own brand image. A positive brand image can help brands win more consumers’ follow and trust. This trust is the intangible asset of the brand, which can ensure the long-term influence and profit space of the brand.


7. How to customize gift paper bags?


Are you running a gift shop? Are you frowning about the bad business? At this time, you should change your way of thinking and try to design a packaging paper bag for your gift brand. Give your brand a good image, let more people know you, know you, and then be willing to accept you. Let your brand, like making friends, be recognized and accepted by more and more people, and finally generate trust to achieve the goal of closing a deal and helping to spread the brand.


If you have a better ideal for customized gift paper bags, please email us and we will be happy to learn from you. We have been studying and learning how to help gift companies improve the added value of their products. If you happen to need to design a beautiful paper bag for your own brand, please contact us (Judy:, we are a Chinese paper bag factory, we can specially help you design paper bags. We provide one-stop service from paper bag design, proofing confirmation, mass production, quality control, the delivery and after-sales. You can do nothing, and we will deliver the paper bags you need to your home or store.


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