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Every product enterprise must choose a powerful paper bag factory. So, how to choose a strong packaging printing factory? Or what kind of packaging factory has a perfect sense of service?

We know that the primary purpose of packaging is to protect the role of goods, and the second is to promote the safety of goods. From the performance of its packaging, packaging design has two parts, one is internal, the other is external. The inherent requirement of packaging design is to ensure the safety of goods and to achieve the technical requirements of quality and quantity. On the other hand, the external requirements require convenient storage, easy to take, easy to put, easy to pile, easy to transport and to protect the goods from damage when they are affected by external forces in the process of transportation. Therefore, packaging design should take into account the particularity of the commodity itself in an all-around way. This requires that every packaging printing plant not only has the design ability but also has a perfect and technically strong printing production process.

In order to design suitable paper bags for goods, we also need to pay attention to the safety requirements of goods, including health safety, handling safety, and use safety. The packaging design shall not contain substances harmful to the human body, and the safety and convenience of the transportation loading and unloading process should also be taken into account in the shape design and materials, especially in the safety of consumption, purchase, and use. whether it is convenient to carry, extract, eat, and other problems, but also to ensure the safety of food after opening and eating.

In addition to the most basic requirements mentioned above, the most important requirement for the design of packaging paper bags is its marketing function.

In addition to the requirements of commodity packaging design to meet his most basic protection function, the most important thing is the final marketing and sales stage, and in this link, the most important thing is the promotion function of goods. Paper bag packaging design is also an important part of marketing. So what are the requirements of the paper bag packaging design with promotional function, that is, the good packaging design we call it?

The promotion function of commodity packaging design must reflect the characteristics of the product itself, as well as the method of use, nutrients, and the effect on the human body, which can be publicized on the paper bag packaging of food. The packaging design with promotion function must also contain the necessary promotion information, the shape of the paper bag should be vivid, distinct and unique, the appetite of color, the rationality of structure setting, and so on.

In short, packaging printing in line with consumer science is successful, and only successful design will make the product win forever. Therefore, when carrying out packaging printing, manufacturers need to fully consider the strength of the design company, the understanding, and grasp of consumers and consumer groups.

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