What are the good and innovative ideas in paper bag marketing?

In this world, many enterprises sell all kinds of goods. When consumers buy these goods, they need to be packed in paper bags. From this point of view, the market potential of packaging tape is very great. In order to promote their own brand, some enterprises print their own brand logo on paper bags. In this way, more people can see and understand their own enterprises, and achieve the purpose of promoting brands and selling goods.

Why do enterprises want to do network promotion?

In today’s Internet era, if enterprises want to make a profit, they must increase their exposure. The greater the amount of traffic that enterprises get on the network platform, the greater the exposure. With the popularity of mobile phones, everyone has the opportunity to see all kinds of advertisements that companies put on the Internet. Advertisements are generally displayed and spread in the form of text, podcast, video and so on. These carriers, which carry corporate advertising, will be scattered in people’s fragmented time.

Of course, paper bags are no exception. Whether you are a paper bag factory, paper bag importer,wholesaler, distributor, retailer, or a terminal retail store, you need to invest a certain amount of time and money in online promotion, so that your potential customers can find themselves and close a deal.

Google, as the mainstream search engine, occupies a dominant position. When business owners put ads on Google’s advertising platform, they can make more people see them. When users who browse ads need customized paper bags now or in the future, they usually click on links to learn more, and sometimes send inquiries, which may give them a chance to do the paper bag business.

In addition to Google, the main search engine tool, there are the following search engines (ranked in no particular order, for reference only):

LookSmart (http://www.looksmart.com/).
Alta Vista (http://www.altavista.com/).
Accoona (http://cn.accoona.com/).
Kellysearch (http://www.kellysearch.com).
Lycos (http://www.lycos.com/).
Infospace (http://infospace.com/).
HotBot (https://www.hotbot.com/).
Yandex (www.yandex.com).
Rambler (https://www.rambler.ru/).
Fireball (https://fireball.com/).
Wlw (http://www.wlw.de/).
AskJot (http://askjot.com/).
Placement India (http://www.placementindia.com/).
Pincode.net.in (http://www.pincode.net.in/).
SearchGov.com (http://www.searchgov.com/).
Sputtr (http://www.sputtr.com).
Answers (http://www.answers.com/).
BT (https://www.bturl.net/).
Ciao (http://www.ciao.es/).
Excite (http://www.excite.com/).
Ceek (http://www.ceek.jp).
Cari! (https://www.cari.com.my/).
Bing (www.bing.com).
Yahoo (www.search.yahoo.com).
Baidu (www.baidu.com).
Ask (www.ask.com).
WebCrawler (www.webcrawler.com).
Aol (www.search.aol.com).
DuckDuckGo (www.duckduckgo.com).
WolframAlpha (www.wolframalpha.com).
Naver (https://www.naver.com/).

Good network promotion can enable enterprises to show a good image to consumers and reach every corner of users’ daily life.

What innovative ideas will companies use when promoting their brands with paper bags?

Do a good job in enterprise planning.

Good brand planning can make consumers remember the enterprise quickly and deeply. At the same time, it can also enhance the added value of the product. The greater the brand awareness, the higher the price, the greater the sales volume. Although most people want to get better quality paper bags with less money. But the price of paper bags is not the lower the better, the price is too low, customers will suspect poor quality. However, if brand is used to assign value to paper bags, even if the price is slightly higher than other unbranded paper bags, people will tend to choose brand paper bags to load their own goods.

Take the sale of paper bags as an example, whether you are selling paper bags in bulk or retail paper bags, you first need to make a good brand positioning.

Do you want to take the inexpensive route or the high-end route? That is to say, do you want to make simple brown Kraft paper bags and white Kraft paper bags, or ordinary monochrome printed shopping paper bags, or customized beautifully printed brand paper bags for customers, or high-end paper bags that specialize in inventory? What is your historical consumer’s gender, age, preference, repurchase rate, and how do you evaluate the product? In the future, it will always be a customer group at this level, or it will derive more categories and attract more customers.

Secondly, we need to do a good job of market research. Through return visits to regular customers, questionnaires, or other ways, we can gain an in-depth understanding of what problems paper bags can solve for consumers, what use value paper bags can bring to consumers, and whether they can design paper bags for them. bring customers a sense of trust, achievement, and happiness.

Finally, design an easy-to-remember slogan for your paper bag brand. This slogan had better highlight one of the biggest advantages of the brand and facilitate dissemination.

Set up an official website.

Enterprises set up their own marketing-oriented official website, on the website with color to show the characteristics and theme of their products. You can describe the background and vision of the company on the website, the business scope of paper bags and the history of bag production, display various series of paper bag products, write blogs, facilitate Google to include, and achieve content marketing to drive the growth of commodity sales. Paper bag companies can display their core positioning of paper bags, target users, and a variety of keywords related to paper bags on the website. The key word can be shopping paper bag,gift paper bag,take-away paper bag,packing paper bag,kraft paper bag,and so on. At the same time, you can put detailed contact information (including phone numbers, mailboxes, social software links, and a map of the company’s business address, etc.) on the corporate website, so that potential customers can contact the paper bag manufacturer in the first place.

You can buy data tools for the company’s website that can understand and analyze user behavior, such as luckyorange (www.luckyorange.com) and so on. This tool can collect a large amount of user information in the early stage, such as which pages and clicks have been visited and clicked by users who come to the website that sells paper bags, and adjust the content and style of the site according to their behavior. make the site more in line with users’ tastes. This method can enhance users’ interest in the paper bags displayed on the website and improve the conversion rate of paper bag sales.

The products displayed on the official website must be representative. For example, we can put paper bags with different holiday characteristics in a product catalog according to the classification of festivals. Subcategories can be: Valentine’s Day paper bag, International Children’s Day paper bag, Father’s Day paper bag, Halloween paper bag, Christmas paper bag, New year’s paper bag and so on. You can also put wedding paper bags, birthday paper bags, candy paper bags, party paper bags and other categories as well as paper bag product drawings on the website.

In the blog section of the website, it can be classified into company news and provide knowledge that is helpful to customers. This kind of articles about paper bags published on websites and social networks (facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram, pinterest, and so on) is a free advertising method.

The news page of the company can show the elegant demeanour of the team of the paper bag company, the scene of the designer working hard, the scene where the technicians discuss how to improve the quality of the paper bag, the equipment maintenance staff of the paper bag press, the scene of repairing the printing press, the photo taken by the salesman and the customer, negotiation, and interesting daily activities, etc. All these can get closer to the customer and make the customer feel that he is not only looking at a cold website, but through the website, he can see a group of real and interesting people behind the website that provides the production and sale of paper bags. A website with affinity can make people trust, create a sense of home, and psychologically, it can promote customer transactions.

In terms of knowledge, we can popularize the purchasing and storage knowledge of paper bags for customers, the production process of paper bags, the details of each step in the production process, and how to operate the technicians to make the paper bags produced. The printing effect is better. After years of accumulated skills of folding paper bags, workers can help make finished paper bags more durable and beautiful.

Put in advertisements.

Advertising is also divided into many ways, mainly traditional media advertising (such as newspapers, magazines and other print media) and new media (social network advertising such as google Adwords,facebook advertising, as well as radio and television advertising).

Google advertising is to spend money to buy traffic, to be able to write a better advertising copy, can save money at the same time, produce better advertising results.

Facebook ads can be targeted according to the crowd’s interest, age, location and position.

To sum up, we can first locate the brand tone of our paper bags, formulate a matching business plan, combine the official website to do the content marketing of enterprise display and free advertising, and invest in appropriate online paid advertising. Lock in accurate people, get traffic, and then convert traffic to get paper bag orders.

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