What are the printing methods of paper bags?

Now more and more goods are sold on the market, and many goods are equipped with paper bags to load goods. This is not only convenient for customers to use, but also can do publicity for enterprises.

Whether you are a paper bag manufacturer or provide customized paper bag services for your customers, be sure to understand the knowledge of paper bag printing.

Today Wepaperbag will show you how to print paper bags.

1. Offset printing.

What occupies the primary position in paper bag printing is offset printing which is the most mature at present. There is no difference between the picture and text part and the blank part of the printing plate, and they are almost on the same plane. When printing, water is applied to the printing plate first, and then ink is supplied to the printing plate, using the principle of ink exclusion to achieve printing. The plate-making process is simple, the cost is low, the production efficiency is high, the pattern is exquisite and the quality is stable.

2. Flexographic printing process.

Flexo is a way of direct printing with a short ink path. The plate is made of resin with certain elasticity, the picture and text part is raised, the blank part is concave, the ink supply device of scraper and netting roller is used, and the environmentally friendly water-based ink is used for production. Wepaperbag knows that there are two printing methods for paper bags: direct cardboard printing and pre-printing tissue paper and then mounting. Direct printing can be used for joint production, which is widely used in the production of medium and low-grade paper bags.


3. Digital printing technology.

The application of digital printing is another development direction of paper bag printing, it can make the picture and text information directly from the computer to the paper surface, eliminating the intermediate plate making and other links, its printing is digital variable information so that the spread content is different, and even the material can be changed. On-demand, timeliness, and variability are the characteristics of digital printing. But its printing quality is not lower than the traditional printing technology, much higher than the printing technology. The cost of a general digital press is 40% 50% lower than that of traditional offset or flexo printing. Compared with traditional printing, it has a faster printing speed, lower cost, and competitive advantage. Among all kinds of digital printing methods, inkjet digital printing equipment is developing rapidly.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have understood what is the customized paper bag printing method. Nowadays, most of the handheld paper bags used by people are printed by the above three methods.

With the continuous progress of society and the development of everything, the new concept of packaging printing has put forward several new requirements for printing manufacturers. Printing in different periods has different characteristics, reflecting the situation of productive forces at that time and people’s consumption concept. From its development and changes, we can see the progress of civilization and the development of science and technology, because the printing of each period has an extremely distinct brand of the times. Whenever productivity is improved, or the emergence of new printing materials, new products, people have a further aesthetic consciousness, it will promote printing to take a qualitative leap.

Printing is always closely related to people’s lives, for example, for a long time in history, people used local materials to print goods. At first, using relatively large plant leaves, such as plantain and lotus leaves, was the first choice for people to wrap things at that time. When the textile technology has been improved, people often use cloth or satin for packaging according to the occasion of use. With the further development of productive forces, there is a more professional, similar to the current packaging printing factory of some workshops, printing also has a more detailed classification. For example, exquisite boxes for jewelry, boxes for different styles of fat powder, containers for all kinds of wine, and so on. Not only the appearance is different, but the material is also very different.

In modern society, printing has changed with each passing day in order to comply with the trend of the times, which puts forward more and higher requirements for printing companies.

These requirements are:

1. Advocate green environmental protection.

For example, the use of recyclable ecological paper, specific pollution-free pigments, and so on.


2. It is required to highlight the individual characteristics of the goods, resulting in visual impact.


3. Safe transportation.

Nowadays, there are a lot of electronic goods, and e-commerce is also very developed. When printing, we should consider moistureproof, anti-extrusion, anti-impact, and so on. Because of the popularity of e-commerce, the convenience of transportation should also be taken into account in modern society.

4. Anti-counterfeiting design.

The competition of any kind of commodity is strong, so the most important point is the anti-counterfeiting design, which is the top priority in the production of any Yiwu packaging and printing factory.

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