What do we talk about when we talk about internet marketing

What are we talking about when we are talking about Internet Marketing?

As a Murakami fan, please allow me to copy his title as “what I talk about when I talk about running” title as the title of this article.

Today we will discuss foreign trade network marketing ahead of a warning early warning content is very long need patience reading. Today’s online marketing whether domestic or foreign marketing people talk about this topic, actually all talk about a concept:Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing

Content marketing,Its specific definition allows me to extend the definition of Content Marketing Institute:

A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Please pay particular attention to the coarse section: content marketing is strategic marketing through the continuous creation of valuable relevant content to attract targeted customers and guide customers to take purchase actions.

So we say that the core of network marketing or content marketing is how to create high-value content that does not concern operational skills level everything must go deep into essence depth to the source. We don’t talk about SEO but talk about content marketing, but we know content marketing is part of SEO, and we’re talking more about SEO when we talk about SEO.

We know that SEO is divided into station optimization and outside optimization content marketing is a really bad classification you want to say belong to the optimization of the station after all we need outreach promotion content belong to outside optimization but content still on our own website content update belongs to the station. We compare SEO to a rocket where high-quality content belongs to fuel and the outer chain belongs to the propeller. This metaphor may not be appropriate but we need to know that quality content is the foundation of all marketing.

What are the forms of content marketing?

1. Blog articles. 

Nothing else says that I am writing this article is a form of content marketing, of course, I write this article without carrying cash purposes merely to share. If you create blogs on your Web site for some companies post quality articles are constantly being created and then drained via Outreach methods such as Guest blog Linkedin group marketing etc.

Meanwhile, the layout long-tail keyword in the blog is SEO’s strategy of hitting noodles point by point, when many people search long-tail keyword enter your website, don’t ignore these traffic value. Customers who enter websites with long-tail keywords tend to be high-quality customers.

2.Infographics information map.

This approach seems to be less popular than domestic marketing but marketing circles abroad are a very popular strategy. Brian Dean inserts infographics in each article. So what exactly does Infographics look like below? this is a pattern that shows some core content and information as diagrams.

Another important feature of Infographics is that if you create some authoritative data references on your own chart many people refer to your chart outside chains and add weights to your site. As for how this chart is made recommend going to freelancers to outsource outsourcing.

3. Successful case analysis.

If you have successful case sharing, users have no doubt about your ability to solve problems, such as how an article I shared previously used Linkedin groups to obtain web inquiries as a successful case sharing.

4. Video content.

Youtube video marketing has been important for me more than once, video users get the world, more specific should be Youtube people to be the world. Future marketing content carrier video accounts for nearly 70% more than anything else what do you want to move forward? When you layout video marketing, you can do it in several ways.

Youtube Internet celebrity Cooperation

Build a Youtube channel.

Facebook star co-product evaluation video broadcast lives before co-operation a Facebook group star gave us video broadcast day traffic was a very high day.

Instagram Red co-video streaming video, Instagram really cannot ignore a platform.

Don’t ignore the power of small video, even my favorite Zhihu and foreign versions of Zhihu Quora now join small video, video time generally 30 seconds within, planning well spread power.

How to start.

First, clear implementation strategy.

Our article begins by saying that content marketing is a strategic marketing activity so-called strategy begins with clear goals execution strategies step programs then use tools to monitor execution results constantly and adjust content marketing strategies according to feedback results.

1. Set a goal: what are your goals for content marketing? powder? Improve website traffic? Out? Collect mailboxes? These are all set up at first.

2. Learn about your user groups: race age gender educational background favorite internet devices what are their concerns or where their pain points are? these are also what you need to know clearly.

3. Keyword investigation: through the investigation of keywords, discover which search quantity is the bigger keyword, from keyword we also can understand most user interest points where collect these keywords can also be used as our SEO keyword layout basis.

4. Theme Marketing: establishing topics for content marketing topics like an outline with outlines you know how to write the next concrete content.

5. We have target groups, have keyword research, have content marketing topic and outline, we begin to produce high-value content, content around customer pain point, do not have any suspected ads, must be built on data support, sentence fluency, language humor, logic, content profound and interesting basis.

6. Promote your content: Outreach your content, find blog influencer in guest blog format, or go to SNS.


SEO is a slow activity but we cannot give up this anything to say what is constantly producing quality content based on external chain factors to find suitable outside chain resources must be patient adhere to.

PPC paid to advertise.

For some people who feel slow SEO effect, slow content marketing means PPC advertisement create a Landing page that attracts customers filtering traffic through the landing page guide customer to carry out the next step.


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