What is a CE certificate?

The full name of “CE” is Conformite Europeenne. “CE” certificate is a compulsory symbol of product qualification, safety, health, and environmental protection certification. CE certification is neither an organization recognition nor a quality mark. Any country that wants to export products to EU countries and the European Free Trade area needs to affix the CE logo on the products. This indicates that the product meets the requirements of the EU countries'”New methods of Technical Coordination and Standardization” directive. Products exported to EU countries must be affixed with the “CE” logo. As long as the product is affixed with the “CE” logo, the goods can be sold in the member countries of the European Union without fully meeting all the standards of each member state of the European Union.

The European Union has 27 member states, namely, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, and Sweden.

The CE logo proves that the product meets the EU safety standard, which is the safety commitment of the enterprise that sells the product to the consumer and increases the trust of the consumer in the product. Therefore, products with CE certification can increase product sales and improve the image of enterprises in the eyes of consumers.

CE certification can reduce the sales risk of products in the EU market:

(1) The risk of being detained and punished by the Customs.

(2) The risk of being punished by the market supervision agency.

(3) The risk of being maliciously accused by competitors.

What are the benefits of applying for CE certification?

(1)in order to reduce violations of EU laws, the legal provisions and norms of EU countries are numerous and complex. Applying for CE certification can reduce the operating risk of the enterprise and help the enterprise adapt to the production and management norms.

(2) To obtain the CE certification of EU designated agencies can gain the trust of market regulators and consumers.

(3) It can prevent malicious accusations from peers.

(4) In the face of malicious accusations, CE certificates can become legally valid evidence to help enterprises win the case.

(5) If an enterprise has CE certification, but is still punished by EU countries, the certification body that helps to do CE certification will share the risk with the enterprise and reduce the risk of the enterprise to a certain extent.

Which products need to apply for CE certification? Can the CE logo be affixed to the product casually?

Not all products require CE certification. Some products are required to be affixed with the CE logo. The CE logo is usually affixed to the nameplate or product packaging.

The CE logo must be affixed to the parameter sign of the product or package. It should be posted in a conspicuous position, clearly visible, and not easy to smear off. CE certification must be posted before it leaves the factory.

The products that need to be affixed with CE certification are:

(1) Products of machinery and equipment.

(2) Electrical products.

(3) Building materials products.

(4) personal protection products.

(5) pressure equipment products.

(6) Wireless communication products.

(7) Medical device products.

(8) Toys.

(9) Elevators and safety components.

(10) other simple products

Which products do not need to be affixed with the CE logo?

(1) Chemicals.

(2) Pharmaceuticals.

(3) Cosmetics.

(4) ingredients.

Even if some products are affixed with the CE logo, they will not be recognized as safety products by the European Union or other authorities. Specific products should be analyzed in detail.

Of course, the import and export of paper bags don’t need to apply for a CE certificate. For the import and export of paper bags, you need a production license, an ISO certification certificate, a printing license, a bag inspection report, and an entry and exit record.


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