What is color box packaging?

Color box packaging refers to folding cartons and colored fine corrugated boxes made of plastic, cardboard, and fine corrugated board. It has the characteristics of lightweight, portability, wide source of raw materials, environmental protection, and exquisite printing. At present, the definition of “color box packaging” is very clear in the world, especially in developed countries, including food, alcohol, medicine, daily use/cosmetics, tobacco, electronic products, etc., all belong to the category of “color box packaging”.

Appearance requirement.

The color box packaging surface is clean and smooth, with no wrinkle damage, no stain impurities. Fonts and patterns should be clear and correct, with no misprinting, missing printing, and no ink pollution.

Process requirements.

  1. The size meets the specifications, the deviation is within the allowable range, and the color boxes that need to be filled with pit paper should be qualified for the trial installation.

2. The bonding place of the color box should be tight and firm, without loosening.

3. The material and structure of the color box are consistent with the template or drawing.

The advantages of a color box.

  1. Advantages of environmental protection: not only can be reused but also waste paper packaging products can be used to make fertilizer.

2. Technical advantages: paper packaging materials have small flexibility, are not affected by heat and light, and have better stability; the opacity of paper can provide hidden isolation so that some products can not be seen from the outside of the packaging, which meets the packaging needs of some products; paper packaging materials are easy to be processed and shaped and are easy to be cut and made by packaging machines. Because the paper has slight static electricity, it is suitable for packaging flour products and high-speed online packaging; the paper packaging material also has good air permeability, softness, strength, and controllable tearing performance; the paper has good elasticity and toughness, it can provide good protection to the packaging, and the paper also has the characteristics of lightweight and variety.

3. Compared with other packaging materials, the paper packaging cardboard has good printability, can absorb ink well, fix well on the cardboard, and can print exquisite patterns.

4, its processing performance is good, it can easily carry on the additional treatment of cardboard such as surface processing and decoration, such as film coating, glazing, hot stamping, and so on; because of the characteristics of the material itself, it is also easy to carry out molding processing such as planting, molding and so on.

5. the cost is low, and it is easier to obtain materials.

6. Paper packaging materials are light in weight, easy to produce, and easy to transport. It also reduces the convenient cost of manpower and so on.


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