What kind of team does the printing factory need in a new era?

In recent years, people’s demand for printing quality is getting higher and higher, which also urges Chinese paper bag printing mills to constantly upgrade their technology and introduce current printing production equipment. In the printing industry, more and more paper bag printing enterprises try digital printing.

Folding carton packaging printing is a new opportunity for digital printing. Brand holders hope to improve the printing process of paper bags and ask paper bag printers to provide them with new solutions. They want to reduce time wastage, shorten the launch cycle of new products and minimize inventory through supply chain management.

The fully automatic paper bag packaging solution needs the help of the paper bag printing company engaged in digital printing. It is a fully automatic digital system that can provide users with a variety of personalized packaging. Automatic paper bag printing can go through one process after another from base paper, quickly switch from one step to the next, and can meet the urgent needs of the global market for paper bag printing flexibility.

Automatic packaging of paper bags includes printing press, Epic CTi-635 on-line coating unit, Stora Enso Gallop buffer stacker, and Stora Enso Gallop DC58 die-cutting machine. It can be integrated with any existing workflow and can be used with the entire digital workflow of paper bag printing.

Installed capacity of digital equipment.

Digital packaging is still in the initial stage of development, and there are few packaging processing plants that choose this technology. At present, only some brand holders who want to develop new security products will pay attention to digital technology, so many digital printing service providers want to take advantage of this opportunity to enter new markets with higher profits.

Xerox has now achieved success in the photo market. As the largest photo supplier in Europe, Germany’s CeWeColor and Spain’s Hoffman have installed Xerox iGen4 digital printing presses. At the same time, Germany’s Fuji Film Company has also introduced two iGen4 for the production of photo albums. Although the Swiss company Ifolor has bought several Xerox iGen3 presses before, it has introduced the iGen4 press this time.

This is not to say that Xerox was not competitive in the photo market before the launch of iGen4. In fact, they have many iGen3 book presses that produce photo album products, and 57 iGen presses have been installed in the European photo market alone.

When Xerox launched the iGen4 digital printing press on Drupa, they claimed that the device was about 30 percent more productive than iGen3 because it had more automation features and, at the same time, it was able to achieve higher printing quality of books and periodicals.

A user of the Xerox iGen4 press once compared it with iGen3 in terms of productivity, color accuracy and stability, and found that the former was slightly more productive than the latter in the production of conventional live parts that did not require many colors.

When producing high-quality products, the productivity of the former is more than 30% higher than that of the latter. But interestingly, when people compare the color difference between iGen3 and iGen4, they find that the difference between them is only 1 E, while the color difference between offset presses is usually 3 to 5 E.

From the accuracy of color alone, we can understand why Xerox can find opportunities in the market of photo products and packaging printers. in the field of packaging, brand holders are most interested in accurate, predictable, and stable colors.

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