When was the paper bag invented?

Paper bags come in a variety of styles, sizes and patterns, which are widely used in people’s lives. But do you know how paper bags were invented?

In fact, the reason is very simple. Where there is demand, there is supply. Paper bags are invented with the needs of people.

Centuries ago, the main means of storing and transporting goods were sacks made of leather, wood, cotton, reeds, jute, canvas and burlap.

These materials are indeed strong and durable, but the production cost is very high, the cost of raw materials is high, and the production process is very time-consuming.

In comparison, paper is much cheaper than them, so handbags made of paper replace the original leather and cotton and linen bags for storing and transporting goods.

Paper bags were commercially produced in Bristol, England, in 1844. In 1852 Francis Wolle of Pennsylvania patented and built a machine for making paper bags, which at that time looked like a large envelope.

Later, Margaret Knight, the founder of Oriental Paper bag Company, created the square-bottomed paper bag.

Charles Stillwell created a paper bag with a side. This kind of SOS paper bag is called self-opening bag. It provides a model for our paper bag style today. This kind of paper bag is more practical and easy to store and access items.

William Purvis improves the paper bag, making serrated cutting at the top of the paper bag for easy opening, while adding a handle to the paper bag for easy carrying.

This kind of paper bag is convenient for customers to bring products or clothes home from the supermarket or store. So this kind of paper bag is more and more popular.

We would like to thank these great inventors for creating high-quality and inexpensive paper bags for our daily use.

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