Where to buy paper bags?

With the increase of geological disasters and the warming of a marine climate, more and more animals and plants are extinct in this world.

People are aware of the importance of sustainable development of the environment.

Countries have begun to ban the use of plastic bags, so beautiful and cheap paper bags appear in people’s life.

The end consumers of paper bags are people who shop at retail stores and shops. They either use paper bags to hold the goods they bought in stores or supermarkets, or use paper bags to hold gifts to their relatives and friends.

We often see that at weddings or at the Party, beautiful paper bags are filled with gifts given back to relatives and friends.

1. Apart from these end consumers, who else will buy paper bags?

There are also the following people in different purchasing chains who need to buy paper bags:

(1) They buy paper bags from the local paper bag factories and manufacturers.

Paper bag importer, paper bag wholesaler, paper bag distributor, paper bag agent, online sales, stores, a supermarket chain, outlets, warehouse cash-carry, and so on.

Some of these people buy directly from local paper bag manufacturers or factories, while others import from abroad.

(2) Some paper bag importers buy paper bags from abroad, such as in China.

Most of the European and American countries are developed countries, where people have high living standards, high demand for all kinds of products, and high labor costs. As a result, some paper bag wholesalers will consider importing goods from China, Vietnam, or other developing countries.

China and Vietnam are still at the level of developing countries, especially China, with many labor-intensive industries, so labor costs are low. Therefore, many paper bag wholesalers in Europe, America, and Oceania look for paper bag manufacturers from China.

2. How do Chinese paper bag factories cooperate with paper bag buyers in Europe and the United States?

(1) At first, the trade between China and overseas European and American countries began at the exhibition.

(2) Later, buyers or bosses from many European and American countries came directly to China to inspect Chinese paper bag factories, determine their strength and ensure quality, and then place the orders to Chinese factories to help them do OEM or ODM.

(3) With the growth of paper bag factories in China, more and more paper bag factories are set up to produce paper bags. In the case of oversupply, the competition of paper bag factories in China is becoming more and more fierce. Many Chinese factories or traders will participate in international packaging exhibitions, such as the Canton Fair, the Hong Kong Packaging Fair, and the Las Vegas Packaging Fair in the United States, hoping to get to know more paper bag importers and communicate with them. Hope to win-win cooperation.

3. Where do these paper bag buyers usually go to buy paper bags?

(1) By 1688.com

For many paper bag buyers, their first choice is to find a strong paper bag factory on 1688.com, ask for the quotations, and if they think it is appropriate, they may first place a trial order to test the quality and delivery of suppliers. If appropriate, large order will be placed with the supplier later.

(2) By the exhibition

There are also some buyers who will first collect the contact information of paper bag manufacturers through google.com and invite them to meet at the exhibition. Usually, at the exhibition, the quotation will be obtained through inquiry and face-to-face inspection of the quality of the supplier’s paper bags. There are many paper bag factories on the exhibition, paper bag importers will compare, product price, quality, delivery time, and then determine which paper bag factory to cooperate with.

(3) By Google.com

Some paper bag buyers will directly look for Chinese paper bag factories on google, from the inquiry, negotiation, trial order, to long-term cooperation by the Internet. There are also more cautious buyers who will find the local organization of the factory to help check the factory strength, production and product quality on the spot. Some demanding purchasers need to inspect the factory.

(4) Througth the Hong Kong and Taiwan traders

Hong Kong and Taiwan traders do not produce paper bags themselves, but why do buyers prefer to cooperate with Hong Kong and Taiwan traders?

Due to the professionalism of Hong Kong and Taiwan traders, the advantages of English language communication, as well as their long-term cooperation with European and American customers, they can understand the cultural convenience of European and American buyers, which makes the communication cost between European and American buyers and Hong Kong and Taiwan traders very low, and work more efficiently. These are not comparable to paper bag factories or paper bag traders in mainland China.

Some purchasers have been working with the Hong Kong and Taiwan traders for a long time from the very beginning. When they need to carry out a paper bag project, they only need to hand over the project to the Hong Kong and Taiwan traders. On the other hand, traders from Hong Kong and Taiwan will send inquiries to paper bag factories that they have cooperated within history, or look for new paper bag factories in 1688, and there are also paper bag factories introduced by familiar trading companies to inquire, negotiate, and confirm orders with them. Production, delivery, and other processes.

Every paper bag buyer in the trade chain will have a variety of ways to find a paper bag factory. If you need to customize paper bags for your own brand or for your customers, you can contact us (wepaperbag.com). There are countless paper bag factories in China. Why do you have to choose us?

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