Wholesale Christmas Gift Paper Bags

1. The origin of Christmas:

Christmas is a traditional festival in western countries. The most direct imagination of Christmas is the image of the Christmas tree and Santa Claus.

christmas paper bag

We can cook a big dinner for the children at Christmas, take the children out to play, and use Christmas gift bags printed with Santa Claus or Christmas tree to wrap presents for the children.

Mothers can explain the origin and customs of Christmas to their children so that their children can understand the meaning of Christmas and know how to share, be grateful and return.

Christmas is a religious holiday, on which people commemorate the birth of Jesus and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

The first Christmas was held in 138 AD at the initiative of St. Clement, Bishop of Rome.

The church records that the first Christmas is AD 336. Because there is no date of birth of Jesus in the Bible, the date of Christmas varies from place to place.

In 440 AD, the Holy see designated December 25 as Christmas.

In 1607, church leaders from all over the world met in Bethlehem and confirmed that December 25 was Christmas.

The night before Christmas is Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, the whole family will sing Christmas songs around the Christmas tree, exchange Christmas gifts and express their congratulations and love to each other. It was the night of the birth of Jesus. The shepherd heard the voice of Jesus coming into the world to be king. On Christmas Eve, the news of the birth of Jesus was spread everywhere. Today, this custom has evolved into the night of Christmas Eve, where many little boys and girls can play guitar with poems in their hands and sing poems from family to family.

2. Christmas gift bags can set off the Christmas atmosphere and help people pack gifts and give them to each other.

(1) Christmas gift bags can help decorate Christmas Day.

When we enter the shopping mall on Christmas Day, we will see a dazzling array of goods in the store. You will also see a lot of beautiful Christmas paper bags. These paper bags will be printed beautifully: some will be printed with kind Santa Claus, red-nosed reindeer Rudolph, Grinch, beautiful Christmas trees, beautiful snowflakes, lovely elk, delicate Christmas bells, and so on. Christmas paper bags are printed with patterns of Christmas atmosphere, which are used to set off the warm atmosphere of Christmas Day and carry the goods purchased.

(2) Christmas gift bags make it easy to wrap holiday gifts.

Beautiful Christmas gift paper bag, which can be easily used by anyone to load goods.

Whether large companies or small businesses, printing their own logo Christmas paper bags for customers to buy products on this day can help their brands to establish a good brand image in the hearts of customers. Beautiful printing and beautiful patterns have affinity, which can attract customers, make them feel happy and have a sense of trust in the brand.

We have specially designed Christmas gift bags, which are suitable for all kinds of large companies and small enterprises as packaging paper bags for their products.

You can contact us (sale01@wepaperbag.com) to get the best quotation, we can provide one-stop service, from helping you design paper bags in line with your brand image, to purchasing the cheapest raw materials paper, handles, packaging paper bags, to delivery, we can help you solve all your worries, you just need to wait at home for receipt.

There are two traditional styles of Christmas paper bags: red and green. You can certainly find a suitable Christmas paper bag.

(2) Exquisite Christmas gift bags can spread the happy atmosphere of the festival.

3. What Christmas gift bags do you have?

The Christmas gift bag contains 210 g Ivory paper, 150 g white Kraft paper bag and 150 g brown Kraft paper bag.

210 g ivory paper bag can be printed with bright colors, such as red or green pattern, and then covered with matt or glossy lamination, can also be processed, such as gold hot stamping, silver hot stamping, 3D decoration and so on. Beautiful printing and luxurious craft decoration will make the paper bag look more high-end.

150 g ivory paper makes it easy to print all kinds of lively and brightly colored patterns, which makes people feel clean and fresh.

150 g brown Kraft paper can also print a variety of colors and patterns, and the paper bags make people feel dignified and vicissitudes.

4. How to wholesale Christmas gift bags?

Wepaperbag (https://www.wepaperbag.com) is an one-stop shop where you can buy Christmas gift packaging. Our designer Christmas packaging paper bags can bring many styles and surprises to your wholeasale Christmas paper bag business. We can also design all kinds of Christmas cards for you, decorated with wrapping paper gift labels, bow ties, elegant curly ribbons, square and round Christmas gift boxes. Our wholesale prices will definitely make you feel good value for money. Contact us immediately to quote for you: Judy sale01@wepaperbag.com.

(1) We can customize Christmas gift wrapping paper bags for you.

After the Christmas gift paper bag has been printed, it can be covered with matt or glossy lamination, and the Kraft paper bag does not need to be covered with film. We can use the beautiful ribbon as the handle of the paper bag, or we can close the top of the paper bag with two additional ropes at the top of the paper bag. This kind of paper bag will look high-end when used as a gift, can be reused many times, is economical and environmentally friendly, and gives people face.

We can reduce it to Christmas shopping paper bags with printed different themes according to your needs. You can print cute Santa Claus in red, big green gloves and boots, exquisite white snowflakes, elegant and lovely Milu deer, and Christmas trees decorated with many small gifts and bells.

(2) Christmas gift paper boxes.

Our Christmas boxes are made of cardboard, and then the outside of the cardboard is mounted with printed coated paper. The cartons made by this process are brightly colored, and the shape and size of the boxes can be freely designed to hold small gifts, such as scarves, chocolates, pens, notebooks, candies and so on. There are some Lafite grass in the gift box, which is used to hold fragile items, such as lovely night lights, beautiful glass furnishings and so on.

Holiday Christmas Present Gift Box Celebration

According to your needs, we can help you design gift boxes with beautiful white snowflakes, candy crutches, Christmas trees, love, small animals and so on.

We can help you design the boxes into rectangles, squares, hearts, polygons, or other shapes.

(3) Christmas wrapping paper.

Christmas wrapping paper is mainly used to decorate gift paper bags.

Solid-color wrapping paper is used to match solid-color gift paper bags, printed wrapping paper with beautiful patterns or other lovely patterns, and used to decorate paper bags and boxes with printed patterns.

With this collocation, it can attract more customers’ attention. When they see such a beautiful package, they can’t help but stop to watch it and then buy it.

I hope our efforts can help you design gift packaging paper bags and boxes that are more popular and liked by customers.

You are also welcome to put forward your own valuable suggestions, which can help us broaden our horizons and design gift packaging paper bags, gift paper packaging boxes, and Christmas wrapping paper that are more in line with your local market taste.

So, when you read this blog, please be sure to contact us (Judy: sale01@wepaperbag.com). We have been specializing in making gift packaging paper bags in China for 10 years, and we have convenient supply of paper raw materials, Heidelberg printing press with excellent printing effect, mature designer team, skilled technical workers, we will ensure quality and quantity, one-stop service will save you a lot of time, so that you do not have to worry about the production process of paper bags, just sit at your office and wait for our paper bags to be delivered to you.


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