Wholesale custom Kraft paper bags

Wepaperbag provides you with Kraft paper bags of all sizes and colors. You can mass customize the Kraft paper bags that match the size of your store products according to your actual needs, and you can also propose what kind of information you need to print on the kraft paper bags to help you better publicize the information of your company. let more people see it.

Many wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and importers will buy Kraft paper bags, because Kraft paper bags are cheap, environmentally friendly, and recyclable, and you can add any ideas you need to Kraft paper bags. Be able to express your company’s environmentally friendly image to your customers.

Kraft paper bags have a wide range of applications. Because Kraft paper bags look high-end, environmentally friendly, dignified, and generous, they can make people who twist them feel proud, happy, and high-end. We can help you design a good-looking Kraft paper bag, and it can also help your company to increase the sales of handbags and the goods packed in them.

In what areas are Kraft paper bags suitable for use?

Kraft paper bags are available with and without handles.

Kraft paper bags without handles are mainly used to hold food, such as bread, biscuits, cakes, doughnuts, popcorn, and other desserts.

Kraft paper bags with handles, suitable for shopping, packaging, retail, parties (birthday parties, wedding parties, bachelor parties), holiday gifts (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.), weddings, baby gifts, graduation, business, commodity bags, and handicrafts paper bags.

According to the color of the raw paper, Kraft paper bags are divided into white Kraft paper bags, yellow Kraft paper bags, and colored Kraft paper bags. Kraft paper bags are usually accompanied by twisted kraft paper rope and flat kraft paper rope.

The handle made of Kraft paper is very strong and can be easily carried by customers who buy products from your store, or transport paper bags, which feel comfortable and easy to transport. Kraft paper bags have strong tear resistance and strong load-bearing capacity, which can help customers buy more of your store’s products without having to worry about not being able to hold them. Kraft paper is clean, hygienic, and non-toxic, which meets the ecological needs of people to attach importance to environmental protection. The characteristics of these Kraft paper bags can help your store sell more goods and indirectly help you increase sales.

Customized Kraft paper bags will be a very favorable choice for your customers to buy packaging paper bags. Because the Kraft paper bag has a very high-end appearance, you can print your customers’ brand information and help them do free advertising, you and your customers can improve your customers’ brand awareness by printing logo on the Kraft paper bags, you can advertise for your customers’ business, help implement your customers’ company promotion plans, and help your customers expose the company’s sales information. So please don’t miss the opportunity to do free advertising for your business.

For example, if you are a cosmetics store, you can print your logo, the address of your store, the name of the store, the telephone number of the store, the website of the store, etc., by customizing small and exquisite Kraft paper bags. This information allows your customers to find you again, when they need to reorder or introduce you to friends and family, the Kraft paper bag printed on the information, makes it easy for your potential customers to find you again, greatly increase your sales.

Maybe your customers will run deli, milk tea store, support take-out delivery, glasses store, cosmetics store, clothing store, grocery store, grocery store, and many other different types of stores. These stores, as long as they sell physical goods, then they must need to customize an eye-catching kraft paper bag. On the one hand, you can help their customers load the goods they buy, and on the other hand, you can ask your customers to help you spread your company and brand.

Kraft paper bags are very suitable for loading goods, gifts and are used as handicrafts. Wholesale Kraft paper bags can help you sell goods in grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and grocery stores to customers. Customers in your store will be very happy to use the free paper bags you provide to carry the daily necessities, clothing, accessories, small gifts, food, drinks, drinks, and so on they bought in your store. Kraft paper is used to make Kraft paper bags, the fiber structure of the raw paper is very tight, wear-resistant, and durable, not easy to tear, therefore, the articles packed in Kraft paper bags can be well protected, not easy to be broken, and damaged.

Kraft paper bags purchased in bulk, due to the large quantity, the printing cost, knife plate cost, and document cost will be reduced, which can help your company to save money.

If you need a customized paper bag of the same size as our existing size, we can also save you a knife plate fee, although the knife plate cost is not high (the size of the 26*32*12cm paper bag, the knife plate fee is about 20 USD), and we are also trying to save you as much money as possible.

The length, width, and height of Kraft paper bags are determined by knife plates. There are many sizes of knife plates in our paper bag factory, all of which we left behind by making paper bags for our paper bag wholesalers and importers in Europe and the United States. We will label each blade with a number, and then classify it and put it away. If the size of the paper bag you need is in line with our existing blade size, we will be happy to provide it to you free of charge, which will help you save the cost of the knife plate.

Kraft paper bags can be folded for easy storage. Even if you have a small stall around the corner selling cheap jewelry, you can easily store these beautifully printed Kraft paper bags. Convenient and good-looking Kraft paper bags can also encourage your customers to buy your goods and use these beautiful paper bags to take those jewelry home. The corners of the Kraft paper bag can protect the items purchased by customers from bending or curling the corners of these items.

Contact us today (sale01@wepaperbag.com) to order cheap and beautiful Kraft paper bags for your retail store. We (Wepaperbag) focus on recyclable paper bags for 10 years. There is no glue scattered everywhere in the paper bags made by our factory. At the bottom of the paper bags, we will add a paper card to reinforce the paper bags. The solid bottom can help the Kraft paper bags better carry the products inside.

Kraft paper bags are in line with food safety, you can customize the size you need. You can choose renewable, reusable yellow Kraft paper, white Kraft paper, colored Kraft paper, printed monochrome, or color patterns to help your store, company, and brand attract more customers, get more exposure, and make more profits.


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