Why are custom paper bags so popular?

1. Customized paper bags can help companies promote their brands and businesses.

The marketing methods of many enterprises, in addition to placing advertisements in google, advertising elevators, and doing SEO, will also use a cheap way to customize the packaging paper bags printed with their own company’s logo. They will print their company name, store address, or web address on the paper bag, which pays a cheap price and increase the popularity of their own brand or company. (If you need mass customization of shopping paper bags, you can contact us at Wepaperbag (sale01@wepaperbag.com).)

We all know that many well-known luxury brands also spread and promote their brands by customizing paper bags. For example, Chanel, Gucci, and many other big brands, already have brand benefits, they still insist on using custom paper bags in order to maintain their long-term presence in the eyes of more people and maintain the continuous exposure of the brand. So more and more small and medium-sized enterprises will follow their example and achieve the goal of spreading and promoting their own brands and companies by printing their brands on paper bags.

Customized paper bags are very free, and we can customize them for you according to the quantity, shape, size, color, pattern, printing effect on the paper bag, the handle of the paper bag, etc.

2. Users take the customized paper bags of the company home, or go to the mall, or travel somewhere, and the brands printed on the paper bags will be taken to the local place to spread and be seen by more people.

 It is equivalent to customers helping us spread our brand for free.

Printing colored patterns on paper bags will give people a lively and lively feeling.

Printing a monochrome design on a paper bag will strongly highlight the brand and achieve the role of promoting and promoting the brand.

3. How are paper bags customized?

(1) Custom paper bags are generally made of 210 g ivory paper, 157 g art paper, 150 g brown Kraft paper and white Kraft paper. Of course, there are also paper bags made of special paper.

(2) Normally, we will cover 210 g ivory paper with Matt lamination, 150 g art paper with Gloss lamination, and no lamination on the brown Kraft paper and white Kraft paper.

(3) The bottom of the paper bag is usually made of 250-350 grams of gray paper, which is used to brush with glue and then affixed to the bottom of the paper bag to carry the items contained in the paper bag.

(4) There are many kinds of paper bag handles. You can choose the rope you need as the handle.

There are different kinds of rope for the paper bag handle:

PP rope, cotton rope, satin belt rope, threaded rope, paper rope, and so on.

(5) We can customize different lamination effects on the paper bag for you.

A. Color Hot Stamping

B. Gold Hot Stamping&Silver Hot Stamping

C. UV Spot

D. Emboss&Deboss

E. Glitter


4. Paper bags have a wide range of applications:

(1) Enterprises use it to print their own logo for promotional activities, or brand promotion.

(2) Supermarkets, shops, stores, etc., are used to hold goods purchased by customers.

(3) Take-out and other fast food restaurants and beverage shops are used custom paper bags to hold their own goods.

(4) Personal parties or Party are used to hold gifts or gifts.

Among them, customized gift paper bags will continue to play a leading role in the field of promotional products.

Paper bags are environmentally friendly and earth-friendly. Because of this environmentally friendly concept, consumers will rely more on enterprises that use environmentally friendly paper bags.

For enterprises that customize shopping paper bags, it is best to use affordable prices to customize paper bags that can improve brand recognition. You can start to learn about customized paper bags from Wepaperbag. We can help you design and produce bright paper bags to help your brand more three-dimensional display among consumers.

You can customize personalized paper bags within the budget you can control so that consumers can help you spread the brand for free and play a role in promoting your company’s products. At the same time, customers, employees, and guests who have seen your custom paper bags will be impressed by these brightly printed, beautiful, and generous companies, logos, and brand names.

If you need to customize paper bags for your company, you can contact us (sale01@wepaperbag.com), we have the source of raw materials, affordable prices, we can give you a good discount.


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